Some fights I want to see

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 29, 2009

Boxing IOWA CITY (BASN) — Here are fights that I want to see. First, Kelly Pavlik versus Arthur Abraham for the Middleweight championship is the first fight I want to see.

There is one golden rule in boxing, when it comes to big fights; show the promoters the money. It is that simple. Team Pavlik looks at Abraham as a high risk, low reward fight.

Abraham is the number one challenger to Pavlik for the title as the best Middleweight but Abraham has spent most of his career fighting in Europe. His only big fight stateside was his second fight with Edison Miranda.

In the Middleweight division, there are not any big challengers that will bring in the big money for Team Pavlik; which is why they chose to fight Bernard Hopkins in a non-title fight.

Showtime did show Abraham on television and there is one fact to consider. Abraham is a fan pleasing fighter, who just keep coming forward and against Kelly Pavlik, this would be one exciting fight.

When I think of these fighters, I think of their fights against Edison Miranda. Both of these fighters took on the strong, hard punching Colombian and found themselves tested.

Abraham had to survive a broken jaw to win and Pavlik used his victory over Miranda as his first big step to the elites of the division. Pavlik showed vulnerability against boxers but that is not a problem he will deal with against Abraham.

He’ll will be within Pavlik’s reach but he will find a determined opponent who won’t quit regardless. This will be one of those fights that will have salivating. And great fights sells. Who knows, this has the potential of being a series.

Shane Mosley versus Miguel Cotto is another on the top of my list. Of course, Mosley versus Pacquaio also has the potential of being a great fight. Mosley versus Mayweather is yet another that has the potential of being a great fight. Notice the pattern?

Mosley may be closer to 40 than 30 but after his demolition of Antonio Margarito, he showed that he still has the good. Against Cotto the first time around, he nearly defeated the young Puerto Rican and he could easily have been declared the winner.

The Mosley that destroyed Margarito could beat Cotto in a rematch and this one could be as good as the first one. And it would sell out since Cotto has shown that he can put fannies in the seat; in particular in New York Madison Square Garden.

Then there is the Pac Man. If Pacquiao beats Cotto, then he’ll be looking for another big money fight and who knows, Mosley might just fit the bill. Team Pacquiao will love to fight Floyd Mayweather but there is one reality.

Pacquiao is the man who will bring the fans to a major PPV, not Mayweather or Mosley but Mosley has the skills to defeat Pacquiao and the power to derail the Philippine fighter.

Then there is Mayweather. He’s a great counter puncher and fast hands but Mosley does have the hand speed to compete with Mayweather, and he can pressure Mayweather, plus he has enough power to hurt Mayweather.

Mosley is the odd man out but who knows, he certainly has the skills left at this stage in his career to beat any of these three fighters and he will make any of these fights worth seeing. They could be classic, if they are made.

The reality is that Mosley has to wait until 2010 before any of these fights open up and the first fight to be made will most likely be Mosley versus the loser of Cotto-Pacquiao, or the loser will be the only fight remaining.

Beyond that, there are very few big names left in the Welterweight division left.

David Haye versus either of the Klitschko Brothers may be the only heavyweight fight that will make big money and how do we know? Well for one, Haye versus Wladimir sold 60,000 tickets and I suspect that a Haye-Klitcshko might sell 100,000 now.

Haye’s taunting of the brothers will only add fuel to the fire and we will see two angry brothers when one of them step in the ring. And can you image if David Haye beat Wladimir first or Vitali first?

Wladimir made it clear that he did not appreciate Haye not showing up for the first fight and all but stated, Haye can wait in line. That line may end up with Vitali. Haye has power and skills but we don’t know if he is good enough to beat an elite heavyweight or if the power he showed as a Cruiserweight stay with him when he fights one of the Klitschko brothers.

There will be a Klitschko-Haye, we just don’t know if it will be Vitali or Wladimir. Haye is the mouth that roared and there will be enough interest if the skills in the ring match the mouth; this will be a great fight.

And if Haye finds a way to beat one Klitschko, then there will be even more money for a fight with the remaining brother.

In the junior Middleweight division, Sergio Martinez challenging Cory Spinks for Spinks title would actually be an interesting fight. Spinks is a light punching boxer but he can produce interesting fights with the right fighter.

Martinez is a good skill boxer who throws a lot of punches and he will force Spinks to fight. He should have been given a decision over Kermit Cintron in their recent fight but he did show that he is not afraid to throw punches.

And if you stick this fight in Saint Louis, the hometown Spinks will bring the crowd and the excitement. This fight should bring excitement to the junior Middleweight division that is presently overshadowed.

Of these fights, only Haye-Klitschko has a chance to be made in 2009; only we just do know which brother. Spinks-Martinez certainly can be made and while Cory Spinks wants a big money fight; he will have to be satisfied with fighting one of his junior Middleweight opponent.

There are no other fights for him and Martinez should at least have a shot at one of the Junior Middleweight titles. He earned that shot after his fight with Cintron, even if the judges didn’t agree.

Pavlik-Abraham is one fight that could be made tomorrow if team Pavlik or team Abraham wants it. The biggest obstacles are twofold; the first being money and the second, location.

Pavlik will not travel to Europe and Abraham would prefer the fight occur in Europe. Abraham has already been stateside and I have the feeling if the money was right; Abraham would come stateside if the recognized Middleweight title is the line.

This is a fight that needs to be made, and there are obstacles that can be overcome.