Raising Arizona??

By Jerald LeVon Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 28, 2009

Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill

NEW YORK (BASN) — The 2009 NBA Draft wasn’t dominated with a lot of the bigger sexier names as in times past (i.e, the ’03 Draft with, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh). That was a once in a lifetime type of draft admittedly so but, there’s always some sort of intrigue if you look for it.

Take the New York Knicks for instance. They were watching the board closely along with the throng of fans that packed the Wamu Theater to see the picks come and go and when the seventh pick which belonged to the Golden State Warriors was plucked, Davidson sharpshooter Stephen Curry, boos rained down.

The Knicks and their fans wanted him badly.

New York picked eighth overall and took Arizona big man, Jordan Hill, the 6-foot-10 thoroughbred with a jump shot and shot blocking ability. He has a skill that was sorely lacking with the Knicks last season.

And no, Chris Wilcox did not provide that and besides he’s generously listed at 6-foot-10, he’s more like 6-foot-8 and doesn’t play with a great deal of intensity or passion unless he’s dunking off of a missed shot while securing a rare rebound. But to Wilcox’s credit, he wasn’t in the team’s long term plans anyway.

However, Stephen Curry was indeed in the plan as a starting point guard, but since former Knicks coach Don Nelson pulled a fast one, the Knicks went big and took Hill who was booed but may very well end up being this years save for the injury, Danillo Gallinari. Hill is a quality big man.

The Knicks also had the 29th pick and selected Florida State guard Toney Douglas who is a combo guard with exception defensive ability. He was no slouch on the scoring end either as he average over 21 points per game while being named the Defensive Player of the Year in the ACC.

The point guard spot is far from settled at this point in time. Although they love Chris Duhon for his overall professionalism and pass first mentality the Knicks know they can go but only so far with virtually one pure point guard on the team.

Thus the Ricky Rubio conspiracy theory comes into play.

The Minnesota Timberwolves for some odd reason only known unto them tabbed a slew of point guards in the first round — three to be exact — although they did trade North Carolina’s Ty Lawson to the Denver Nuggets for a future first round pick.

The gist of it makes little sense even in the face of trade bait, for one they didn’t have to acquire the pick in the first place and another; you could have just drafted per their team needs.

And no team needs three starting quality point guards at one time on their roster.

Rubio and his camp without question want to become Knicks next year. Now it’s just a matter of whether the T-Wolves are going to play nice in the sandbox. Newly appointed T-wolves General Manager David Kahn worked under and was tutored by Knicks President Donnie Walsh and the two remain great friends.

That may just be enough to give the two teams a real reason for a friendly exchange of players. Goodness knows had the former GMs had still been around — Isiah Thomas and Kevin McHale — there wouldn’t be so much as a glance in each other’s direction let alone a trade to make each other’s team better.