No. 5 Gives Back

By Lloyd Vance, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 11, 2009

PHILADELPHIA (BASN) – In an era where it seems the NFL’s player personal conduct policy is broken on a weekly basis, there was a “good” National Football League story that took place at the Eagles NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia this past Saturday.

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb along with this father Sam held their seventh-annual All-Star Kids Clinic for a little over 300 children from around the Delaware Valley. McNabb and about twelve other fellow volunteering Eagles players and coaches like TE Cornelius Ingram, WR Jeremy Maclin, and WR Jason Avant treated the youngsters to over two hours of fun filled football instruction.

The clinic participants were also got the opportunity receive leadership talks from Eagles head coach Andy Reid and Governor Ed Rendell, who also presented Donovan with a special award.

The clinic was just one of several events this weekend aimed at making charitable dollars by McNabb’s Foundation to benefit families suffering from diabetes. The events of McNabb’s charitable weekend are special, because it gives the public a glimpse of who their star quarterback really is and what he stands for.

The event also served as a way for media members including myself to finally talk to McNabb other than his blog after an offseason where the five-time Pro Bowl quarterback has not been saying much.

After learning about his possible contract extension – has two years remaining from his 2002 contract of 12 year, $115 million dollars w/ $20.5 million guaranteed — earlier in the week, everyone wanted to know when the deal would be done.

Though McNabb focused most of his six-minute impromptu press conference on the kids clinic, he did say about his contract situation, “That will take care of itself.”

On the subject of running back Brian Westbrook’s recent ankle surgery that could keep him out of training camp Donovan added, “I think Brian will be fine, obviously we want him to be healthy and ready to go, and I think he’ll be able to do that.”

McNabb also talked about whether the franchise had given him any assurances about his standing with the organization by quipping, “I’m standing here right in front of you guys. I think I’m standing balanced.”

McNabb closed his presser by talking about how long he would like to play by saying, “I’m not getting closer to the end of my career, it’s just 10 years. I believe [Clay] Matthews played almost 20 and Darrell Green played 20. Not that I want to play 20.”

Overall the event was a true success and the participating kids got to experience NFL players upfront and personal plus find out how football equates to leadership on the field and in life. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and the interaction with the players and kids was awesome.