NBA Draft Preview: New York Knicks

By Jerald LeVon Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 20, 2009

NBA Draft NEW YORK (BASN) — No, they’re not from the West Indies. One Curry is named Eddy, he’s from Chicago and the other is Stephen and he’s from Charlotte. One is largely considered too big. The other is thought of to be a little too small in weight by NBA standards.

One does his work on the inside and the other has sonar range from the outside. One is in college and has his daddy’s NBA genes and seems to love basketball. The other — with his NBA salary — owns several pair of loose fitting blue jeans and basketball seems to be merely, ‘something to do’ to pass time away.

Such is the state of the New York Knicks’ franchise as the NBA Draft vastly approaches. With only one real sure fire pick and that is the LA Clippers (wow, how can they be so unlucky – they have more Number 1 picks than anybody in NBA history) picking of University of Oklahoma stud forward Blake Griffin there’s a mad scramble of who’s left out of some 12 or so players that are on the same level playing field.

The Knicks (who as of press time own the eighth overall pick) no doubt can use a point guard that can penetrate and command respect on defense. That’s certainly not Stephen’s game or rep; that’s more of the UCLA product freshman, Jrue Holiday’s claim to fame who is 6-foot-4 and still growing.

But, he can shoot the lights out with the best of them. He seems to have his daddy Dell’s range and some as he can also put the ball on the floor and appears to be more athletic; just not defensive minded. If the Knicks draft him, it would appear the Nate Robison era would be over in New York.

Eddy has shown signs of life in that he’s been at a weight loss and conditioning clinic in Michigan this off season and by accounts is said to look great. The Knicks however are a year too late in this regard as they should’ve demanded Eddy gone last year as soon as Mike D’Antoni was hired as coach.

Instead they meet and greet in Las Vegas during their Summer League play and leave Eddy to his own vices until training camp started in October.

Eddy, if he has any pride in himself as a professional athlete getting paid major bucks should look at what Orlando’s Dwight Howard is doing. No he would never become the rebounder or shot blocker that Howard is but he can still be a force with his girth and nimbleness.

And you can make an argument that Eddy (as has been shown in the Playoffs) is a far superior low dock talent than Howard who lacks footwork and passing out of double-teams acumen.

Howard is a dunker while Eddy dunks ferociously at times; he has moves around the basket that make your jaws drop. The problem is fans and Knick officials alike spend more time grinding their teeth.