NBA Draft Lottery Forecast (Part 2)

By Eric G. Satterwhite, BASN Contributor
Updated: June 23, 2009

NBA Draft NEW YORK — Yesterday, we took a look at the first seven picks of the 2009 NBA Draft. Today, we’ll dissect the remaining seven picks (eight through 14) of the lottery teams.

8. New York Knicks: Stephen Curry 6-6 Davidson SG.

Curry’s games resides in a alternative basketball dimension. Curry occupies a space time contiuum shooter reality that is a holographic to oncoming defenders. His perception of warps in time is why most defenders wonder if that relentless twine-twinkling long range release was an illusion or repetitive visual anomaly from a cybernetic basketball twilight zone.

Curry effortlessly glides through basketball wormholes with the finishing touches netting/swishing/resulting in other words 3D’ing a Spalding planetary orb thru Madison Square Garden atmospheric pressure resulting in a rim trapped white webbing causing compensatory NBA referee stoppage of play to free the hoop loop mesmerized by another Curry hotshot.

Geneticists have documented through the human genome project that one’s culture is found in one’s DNA. Since at best DNA is microscopic Curry’s shooting star genes are infinitesimally located in his physical archives as a result of his father’s shooting success as a long time former NBA lights out shooter named Dell Curry. Visually do not let Curry be surmised physically Broadway will appreciate the basketball excellence Curry provides usually perceived/tallied in a box score.

9. Toronto Raptors: Earl Clark 6-9 Louisville F.

Clark has experimented successfully with four positions while performing at Louisville. He’s played substantial minutes and videotape divulges the Earl of Louisville has capered researchable minutes at every position except point guard offensively/defensively. His celluloid playing biography chronicles a Louisville basketball thoroughbred with an unbridled magnitude for NBA stardom. The glitch with Clark is his inventiveness to master a multitude of skill methodologies without being great in anyone capacity. Clark’s highly developed depth of deft trade techniques renders Clark an intriguing prospect .

The well balanced game of Clark has not remotely neared his Supernova potential and should Raptors coach Jay Triano assign Clark a specific position to master such as small forward Clark with proper tutelage has greatness in his immediate horizon. Raptor All Star forward Chris Bosh, who’s leaning towards an NBA job locale in the Continental U.S., makes the drafting of Clark — an alumnus of Rahway (N.J) High School — an easy decision for President of Basketball Operations, Bryan Colangelo.

10. Milwaukee Bucks: Brandon Jennings 6-1 Lottomatica Roma PG.

Jennings will be the fastest Bucks point guard from opposite top of the keys in Milwaukee’s 42-year history. Coach Scott Skiles watched his Bucks team 2008-09 regular season highlight film scantily recording any easy buckets off quick hitting fast breaks for his viewing pleasure. Jennings would remedy Skiles uncontested layup lack discomfort with the quickness and provide the semi-foot speed slow Doe boys a deer like quickening.

Jennings arrives in Milwaukee as a seasoned pro and more maturity than 95% of 2009 draft eligible candidates.Jennings who elected to skip college and has braved brazen criticism of his life path now laughs at reasonings his Italian basketball decision was out of control like a class-5 Hurricane. Switching gears Jennings pronounced speed and his European experience has encrypted half court playmaking nuances on his mental acuity like MS-Dos.

11. New Jersey Nets: Tyler Hansbrough 6-9 North Carolina PF.

Excuse Hansbrough for catapulting his “hands Bro” for receiving Laimbeer like rebuffs from Draft timber parodies that can not accommodate Top 14 credence to the ACC’s all time leading scorer’s professional merits. Hansbrough ponders why he the possessor of a coal miner’s work ethic, the undisputed centerpiece of a NCAA national champion, a personal trophy case carrier exhibiting both ACC and National player of the year brass, and a proven personalized chemistry component compromised to robustly/routinely perform audaciously on four years worth of Tar Heel teams stockpiled with NBA prospects can’t get any draft groupie love.

Swim on Carolina retired jersey No. 50, you will descend upon Association top soil known as The Meadowlands and your grind will end for an NBA bust it baby. UNC Coach Roy Williams has reminded Psycho T — which is Hansbrough’s nickname — to let no one “psych you out to a tee” especially the lactose laden handspun “over a bowl of fruit loops” milk dribbled draft mockeries. Tyler, throw up your hands, bro when Nets GM Kiki Vandeweghe weighs you with a meshed New Jersey jersey with rear alphabetized stitching reading Hansbrough .

12. Charlotte Bobcats: James Johnson 6-9 Wake Forest Power Forward.

Bob Johnson’s ownership of Charlotte’s NBA franchise team 2 (Charlotte team 1 is currently the New Orleans Hornets who originated in North Carolina) is looking for a buyer to buy out his majority ownership. Johnson, the BET network founder, paid $300 million for the team in 2003 and Forbes Magazine recently documented Bob’s Cats value at $284 million. Do not expect Michael Jordan to jeap from the free throw line take total Cat control since Charlotte suffers from having no regional sports network, extremely lackluster sponsorship, and poor attendance.

Jordan who purchased a minority share from Johnson acquisitioning basketball operations ascendancy in a form of “get in where you buy in.” MJ23 hired Larry Brown to coach the Cats last season as Charlotte exhibited at least aesthetically an improved season. Brown needs a forward that can limelight between shooting and power slots therefore Johnson can provide the orangle clad Bobbie’s the king of rangy front line role player with panache currently in lack for Brown’s finicky 12.

13. Indiana Pacers: DeJuan Blair 6-7 Pittsburgh PF.

Pacers GM Larry Bird is a native of Terre Haute, Indiana. The Indianapolis Star recently called Terre Haute a “model of stagnation.” Despite his birth home’s backup Bird is using his current gig to shake Pacer basketball rigidity and yearns to open high frequency portals to the team he coached to an NBA finals runner-up finish in 1997-98. Bird, the only player in NBA history to win MVP and Coach of the Year honors, has some excellent young players in the Indy mix anchored by All Star forward Danny Granger.

Bird understands successful roster building. Larry Legend, who has street cred in every hood in the USA’s inner city. knows he needs that in the trenches certfied banger which is Pittsburgh’s DeJuan Blair. Wide body Blair is nimble as a dancing kodiak joyously smiling during hoop contests while severing the heads of his opponents. The 6-7Blair is more Tractor Traylor than Charles Barkley, yet his game niche is simply built on a foundation of third eye b-ball smarts cemented by Blair’s sophisticated maximization of instincts. Blair with a steel minded back to the basket game enjoys the gritty world of the under the backboard baseline battle pits as exemplified by his Big East hard hat work at Pitt. Blair also has a flair for big plays and much like his Pittsburgh neighborhood Negro League forebearer, Josh Gibson, Blair has made an impact somewhat under the radar that resonates with Bird instantly. Gritty backgrounds recognizes gritty backgrounds.

14. Phoenix Suns: Jrue Holiday 6-4 UCLA PG.

Suns GM Steve Kerr has shown a glass jaw taking knockout worthy shots executed by Kerr’s own executive decisions. He gutted the fun/run/gun system of then Coach MikeD’Antoni’s by trading Shawn Marion for Shaquille O’Neal during a successful Sun season several years ago and then finesse fired D’Antoni by allowing him to pursue interviews while still under a Phoenix contract. Stressing more defense and a more programmed half court attack Kerr hired Terry Porter to take Phoenix back to antiquated half court offensive disciplines on a roster built for relaying batons with Usain Bolt.

Coach Porter despite a semi-comfortably above .500 record at the All Star break while transitioning a playing approach akin to Kerr’s conceptual roundball designs than his own private ideology was fired in Phoenix during All Star festivities for basically playing a wayward game of follow the leader. Suns All Star forward tattooed with the acronym STAT (translation: Standing Tall And Talented) Amare Stoudemire was zealously being shopped by Kerr during All star weekend on Phoenix for bargain basement bartering. Word on the NBA streets suggest that Suns owner Robert Sarver can no longer savor contracts robbing his coiffures of green liquidity.

While Kerr failed on decimalizing STAT from Sarver’s financial ledger Shaquille O’Neal laid “in the cut” phantom-like and then scaled the stage towards season end QVC style. Shaq proclaimed his desire to go Southwest to a Cuban owned Dallas basketball veranda. Cuban leadership exhibited financial Fidel-ity and passed on the “Big Cigar”. The “Big Cigar” has now puffed his intentions Cavalierly as Kerr tries to ferry O’Neal to Cleveland. Kerr has been fully shattered into the fickle world of NBA managem