NBA Draft Lottery Forecast (Part 1)

By Eric G. Satterwhite, BASN Contributor
Updated: June 22, 2009

NBA Draft NEW YORK (BASN)– After months of reviewing archival individual basketball mix tapes, countless on site skill/drill maneuvers, background checks that make the FBI flinch, hours of highly caffeinated discussions amongst various NBA front office personnel the draft selection process is upon the NBA at a crucial time for the Association’s future fiscal fortune.

Last season, the NBA requested/received a stimulus package loan of $200 million in Benjamin’s to provide bailout dough that 15 teams (half the league inventory) accessed to help with operating expenses.

Therefore, the draft is the first fresh face option teams will have to employ the business intellect of taking prudent and precautionary measures.

For example, Spain’s Ricky Rubio the alleged Pete Maravich incarnation has financial issues attributed to his current playing contract in Spain that would give a financial failing grade to any NBA team that seals his name in a postage free oversized envelope hand carried by NBA Commissioner David Stern to the proclamation podium.

Whichever team chooses Spanish guard Ricky Rubio in the upcoming NBA Draft the Rubio taker will have to buy out Rubio’s contract from Hacienda-Spain’s which is the equivalent of the U.S. dreaded depending on which side of the ledger you’re on.

Rubio is supposedly a guaranteed top five pick in this month’s NBA Draft. He has been rated as highly as the number two player in 2009 by the smorgasboard world of NBA draft boards.

The reality remains, Rubio’s contract calls for a buyout of over $6 million dollars which 6 million dollar man architect Oscar Goldman would have to pass on rebuilding an NBA franchise with a product less bionic parts.

By NBA rules, no team can contribute more than $550,000 (55% of a milly) towards buying any player out of his current contract. That means every peso of Rubio’s potential NBA contract would have to go towards his Spanish basketball club for the buyout.

To keep the facts aligned Rubio’s team, DKV Jovetnut, finds itself in serious financial trouble with the Spanish government over back taxes. In fact, the team just signed away its complete buyout rights to Rubio’s contract to the Spanish IRS as part of a “make it right” settlement.

That’s correct, son — Ricky Rubio’s contract now belongs to the government of Spain, and their version of the IRS. Therefore any deal struck by a potential NBA club that drafts Rubio has no leverage the deal has to be negotiated through Hacienda again Spain’s ruling government tax body.

If the 18-year-old Rubio was a US citizen, he would have recently submitted his eligibility with United States selective service. Therefore Rubio will not be included in the 14-player lottery analysis that follows this intro.

The reason why…you just read it and has zero parallel to Rubio’s exquisite basketball ability. Before we move to the final stanza (the Lottery picks) I find it necessary to thank my global readership who have “googled”, “yahooed”, “msn’ed”, and search engined yours truly exact pen name abundantly to hits exceeding multi-millions.

I am overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised with the documented search analytics yet gratuitously appreciate YOUR research and will reciprocate in the digital ink flow style you welcome in your browser.

Additionally, to the bounty of you from all points of the globe that have recognized Madison Avenue’s mimicry of the phrases composed in various articles I have penned throughout the worldwide web I appreciate the written responses but know this….”

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Here’s the BASN Draft Lottery Forecast

1. Los Angeles Clippers: Blake Griffin 6-9 Oklahoma PF

Los Angeles professional basketball is presently the apex of the Basketball galaxy. The Los Angeles Lakers lately landed Lawrence O’Brien trophy No. 15 and there Staples Center sidekicks the Clippers are the numero uno top-drawer of the Griffin sweepstakes. Car conscious Southern California caught the vapors fuming from Griffin’s Oklahoma tank top as dexterously as Clipper management started to smoke like an exhaust pipe inhaling delight in grasping Griffin for a Santa Monica freeway ride of anticipative NBA success.

The bronco busting Griffin who approaches fiberglass backboards kindred to a bull in a China shop is the worthy overall global number 1 stunner for 2009. Griffin a native of Oklahoma, State of the rodeo will saddle up his heaping hoop horsepower impressing Clippers fans from Van Nuys Blvd to Rodeo Drive with a Blake stagecoach of on the road “O” for LAC (Los Angeles Clippers).

2. Memphis Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet 7-3 UConn C

The beat goes on with whispers that the 7-3 Thabeet will be instantaneously inserted as a defensive Memphis man mountain for the typically teethless Grizzly Bear baseline. No need to tangle/twist and scream since Hasheem offensive attributes are not Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, hitherto his physical ramrod straight physical presence will provide presents in a future tense correlative to Olajuwon.

The hoop heartbeat that Thabeet can pump life into Coach Lionel Hollins team’s defensive circulatory system is primed on Thabeet’s NBA ready Ebony Redwood low post presence symbolizing a Memphis temple protect the rim obelisk. Grizz GM Chris Wallace is not pondering the year 2009 age old draft question “Thabeet or not Thabeet ?” when Wallace has the gateway to draft the only prospect that no one can coach to three inches and 7 feet.

3. Oklahoma Thunder: James Harden 6-4 Arizona State SG

Thunder GM Sam Presti is in year three of his Thunder basketball operation directorship and has endured a Seattle Supersonics Great Northwest mutiny, a PJ Carlesimo coaching placement, and 121 losses out of 184 contests. Where Presti has been most effective is utilizing his job appointments via high lottery selections to foundation the Thunder franchise with a bounty of youthful game-changers.

This year Presti is on board to draft James Harden a lefty point a minute NBA two-guard who can ravage the stability of opponent’s defensive nervous systems with his resourcefulness to bomb before the 24 second ticker detonates. Harden is an outstanding complement to former Pac Ten collegiate rival the former UCLA alum Russell Westbrook. Harden riding shotgun to Westbrook provides the fervent Oklahoma City fan base a bonanza of beaming backcourt bonafides brightly breaking brick shooting tendencies of previous Sonic/Thunder posses that were ‘gangs that could not shoot straight”. Presti’s thunderclap culling of Harden makes Presti’s year 3 draft dib moniker, “Three the Harden Way.”

4. Sacramento Kings: Tyreke Evans 6-6 Memphis PG

Geoff Petrie, the Kings architect of California’s Capitol City most successful scintillating days of yore is in the zone. Sacramento despite positive ping pong percentiles for the overall top choice leading towards lottery madness can still add /imprint immediate improvement for a stateside impressive lead impresario and as importantly without being taxed costly player import tariffs. Sacramento a onenewspaper town has had plenty of propaganda in support of drafting ripening Ricky Rubio.

Yet, Rubio’s Rubik cube of a puzzle (see above) concerning current complex contract controversy is simply to tricky even for a master of working thru tricknowledgy that is Petrie to sort. The surefire pick for Sacramento is Tyreke Evans a professional prospect who one year removed from high school replaced reigning NBA rookie of the year Derrick Rose at Memphis and was simply superlative.

New Kings Coach Paul Westphal understands proper point play and Evans with his rangy athletic fast twist NBA explosion experiences embedded in a mastermind like playing calm will upgrade Sac immediately. Evans is not the trendy passing fancy just the perfect Petrie pick since Tyreke is assured to immediately wreak Western Conference havoc. Evans after an on site Sacramento audition twittered Petrie to share his zeal for donning Kings purple and black.

Sacramento with the selection of Evans can guarantee a NBA ready player to make the first day of training camp and summer league. The drafting of Rubio as we earthlings currently residing on a planet fast breaking to a 5th dimension would leave the Kings with a guaranteed “one less bell to answer”… This is simply a lullaby Kings fans refuse to karaoke. Geoff Petrie will draft in the best interest of the Kings and not cower to the dixie cup deep world of pop culture. To quote Petrie “His mind is not a library that you can check out when you want to.” Cheers!

5. Washington Wizards: Jordan Hill 6-9 Arizona PW

Flipping in Washington, D.C. is a political maneuver in the act humdrum just as unfulfilled affairs of state casually called campaign covenants are common. The promise the Wizards seemingly have made to their Mid-Atlantic fan base is add to payroll Head Coach Flip Saunders will flip the Wiz playbook from a sauntering unfulfilled 2008-09 season to step up Saunders seasons in the Sun. Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld opting Jordan Hill off the draft eligibility list for Capitol Hill’s NBA representative makes the most sense for Grunfeld’s immediate Homeland Security.

Hill’s basketball intellect yoked with a 4 position physical manifestation synthesizing the Smithsonian’s computerized database composition for archetypal power forward fruition in the Association. Flip must flip the Wizards woeful winning script and with Hill the chances are the aforementioned Flip will be flipping flush flashes and not flipped out with Washington’s latest version of a ace basketball player named Jordan.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves: Johnny Flynn 6-4 Syracuse PG

For the first time in 15 years someone named McHale will not be included in Timberwolves draft day discussions. Long time Wolve executive Kevin McHale leaves Minnesota basketball having had virtual total longtidunal North, East, West, and South control of the Great Lakes State NBA franchise. Whatever basketball compass direction the current Minnesota ‘state of the franchise” dwelleth companion to a team of Alaskan huskies mushing through the outback Lone Wolf McHale was the clear tall Timber guide.

David Kahn has beenselected to weave the Wolves out of the losing forest and a point guard with leadership skills of Flynn is the right move for Kahn’s OJT. Kahn can upgrade his rudderless team (Minnesota is without a head coach) by selecting the universally appealing Flynn a pre draft workout marvel in a unanimus consensus by NBA talent evaluators. The Timberwolves wrath of Kahn understands the strength of the pack is the lead Wolf and the lead wolf is the strength of the pack. Flynn fly’n as the T-Wolves forerunner defrosts the win column for frigid Minnesota professional basketball.

7. Golden State Warriors: DeMar Derozan 6-8 USC S/W

Several seasons ago the Warriors were the toast of Northern California. Basketball supporters both seasoned and novices ranging from East Bay communities to the endless grape vineyards of Napa County gold clad Warriors fans donning gold clad tee’s high fived and exclamated the term “Believe!”. Golden State is now on the fringe of a devalued Golden State standard and need swingman Derozan to bolster their frontline fortune with forward riches. Derozan who conforms to Coach Don Nelson’s versatile skill-set asset check list can be a Warrior code cracker by penetrating the safety lock defense mechanisms Nelson seems to lockdown rookies with in terms of playing time.

Derozan has a bevy of game changing playmaking open court capabilities and a crowd pleasing knack Warrior fans fiend on. Golden State did not handle the success of beating Dallas the defending Western Conference champs in the 1st round several seasons ago and have been shutout of the Western Conference playoffs since that surprise series on the Mavericks. Nelson is nearing retirement and does want his second stint legacy in Oakland to be centered around that one and done playoff run. Derozan is a natural swingman segment magnetized to the Nellie-ball approach. Double ‘D” can provide high density altitude play with a natural aptitude for NBA fast break principles which is easier written than performed.

NEXT: A look at picks eight through 14.