Maidana wins his big fight

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 28, 2009

Boxing Ring IOWA CITY (BASN) — Victor Ortiz and Marcos Rene Maidana were two young fighters, looking for their big break on HBO’s Boxing after Dark. Fighting for an interim title, which gives a sanctioning body a fee to promote a fight for a title that has absolutely no meaning.

This fight was not about a title, real or imagined, but it was about two young fighters fighting for recognition as future stars. For Golden Boy Promotion, Victor Ortiz was part of a master plan to replace the aging stars of the Golden Boy stable.

Ortiz, a popular and crowd-pleasing, was challenging the rugged Maidana, a tough and raw fighter whose idea of defense was bring on the offense. This strategy showed up in the first round as Maidana, whose original strategy was to be more defensive matter, but this lasted 30 seconds as Maidana decided to go aggressive and attack.

He simply acted like his normal self and the fight was on.

Ortiz with his quicker hands, pot shot his opponent and a right hand hook sent Maidana down. He jumped up quickly and as Ortiz attacked with the idea of ending the fight, Maidana struck back.

As Ortiz attempted to hook one more time, Maidana sent flying a perfectly short right hand and sent Ortiz down. From this point, both fighters exchanged punches with Maidana getting the better of it over the last thirty seconds.

In the second round, Ortiz’s quick hands and power caught the Argentinean flatfooted. With 30 seconds, he ended a dominant round with a knockdown that sent Maidana reeling.

Shaken, Maidana found himself under an Ortiz onslaught and went down one more time as he hit the canvas with ten seconds left. The bell saved him. There are moments when a fighter has another fighter in a trouble and doesn’t finish him off; it could come back to haunt them.

This was that fight.

In the third round, Ortiz out boxed his opponent but near the end of the round, two solid Maidana rights may have captured the round for him but in the fourth round, Ortiz once again out boxed Maidana and appeared to have a solid lead going into the fifth round.

In the fifth round, Maidana showed resilient as a left hook open up a cut over Ortiz’s right eye. Maidana nailed him with several solid rights and while Ortiz threw more accurate punches; those punches failed to show the same impact.

Maidana’s punches not only slowed Ortiz down but they also cut his face. In Ortiz’s corner, his corner men exhorted their man and told him to fight the way they trained him. They made it clear another punishing round like the fifth, the fight would be stopped.

Ortiz was fighting Maidana’s fight.

In the opening minute of the sixth round, Ortiz looked exhausted and Maidana looked refreshed as he smelled blood in the ring. He saw the blood flowing from his opponent in the previous round and now he wanted to finish his opponent.

He jumped on Ortiz and landed big shots. Ortiz retreated from the charging Maidana and went down as he felled to the canvas. He looked fatigued and the fighting spirit that were present early in the fight, disappeared.

The referee, looking at the blood, allowed the doctor to look at Ortiz’s eyes. This gave Ortiz his out and the fight ended but as HBO’s Max Kellerman noted, this was one of those moments that will defined both fighters.

In this fight, Maidana showed heart as he not only got off the canvas but he found a way to win the fight. As for Ortiz, this fight saw a fighter not sure what he truly has. In the fifth round, he went from dominating the fight to dealing with an opponent who wouldn’t quit.

Ortiz succumbed to Maidana’s pressure and that was the difference. He did not give up and Ortiz couldn’t defeat a more determined opponent. However, it is the want of pundits to give up on a prospect after a damaging lost.

Ortiz has talent and good promotion team and many fighters have recovered from big losses to win championships. This is not the end of Ortiz’s career and as for Maidana, he has shown that he is a contender.


In Germany, the IBF Middleweight champion Arthur Abraham won a tough fight against Mahir Oral. In the early rounds, Oral out hustled the champion but at the end of the fourth round, a left hook from Abraham sent him down.

From that point, it became Abraham’s fight and after knocking down Oral three times in the tenth, Abraham won when Oral’s corner ended the fight. Abraham showed that he is serious threat to Pavlik’s title and with this fight broadcast on Showtime, he gave American viewers another look at him.

Pavlik’s people don’t appear to be in any hurry to fight Abraham and there is problem of where to stage the fight; America or Germany. A Abraham-Pavlik fight could be one of those great fights and it is the fight that will determine who is the best Middleweight in the world.