It’s Finally Happened

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 18, 2009

CONNECTICUT (BASN) — Women’s basketball has arrived. It’s no longer the little kid on the block. An underclassman has left early. Epiphanny Prince of Rutgers has declared that she will forgo her senior season to play in Europe and probably Turkey.

It was bound to happen.

Prince would be a First Team All-American next year. The 5-foot-9 native of Brooklyn was a Third-Team All-American last season. She was the third best player in the Big East and likely would have been the second best after UConn’s Maya Moore this year.

Prince is going for the money and few can blame her. She wants to buy her mother a house and with an endorsement contract and a WNBA contract in 2010, it’s estimated that she can make $450,000.

Prince did all that she could at Rutgers. She played on three NCAA teams and was on a team that made it to the National Championship Game,only to lose to Tennessee. She had a very frustrating junior season on a team that underachieved.

The even better news is that Prince is taking 10 credits this summer at Rutgers in a double major and has vowed that she will graduate. Where does that leave Rutgers and what if any role did being at Rutgers play in her decision to leave?

The Lady Scarlet Knights have gone from a probable Sweet 16 team to a team that will likely be one and done in the NCAA’s.The ball will be turned over to Khadijah Rushdan to score. Head coach C. Vivian Stringer has few other scoring options.

Prince would have been the featured player in the Rutgers offense, but it might not have been in a role that would enhance her abilities to play a team concept in the pros. Too often she was the offense for Rutgers.

That frustration was seen on her face after a difficult triple overtime loss to Louisville in the Big East semis at Hartford in March. Unfortunately, Prince could not play in the WNBA this summer because her class does not graduate college until 2010.

That rule must change to comform with the NBA. Women should not be treated differently from men and should have an equal opportunity to earn a living playing professional basketball.

Good luck to Prince. She is an exceptional talent.