Coming To A Ring Near You

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 21, 2009

Boxing IOWA CITY (BASN) — Next week, HBO will have a big fight weekend that will have effect down the road in two division. Rocky Juarez will get yet another shot at a title as he challenges the best featherweight in the world, Chris Johns.

In their last fight, Juarez escape with a draw in a fight that he could easily have lost as Johns out boxed and out maneuvered the young Texan. Juarez is one of those very good fighters who had the bad luck of fighting Hall of Fame fighters and Johns is one of those fighters who may see his bust in Canasota as well.

Johns has spent most of his career fighting in his home country, Indonesia before making his first trip to the United States and fighting Juarez the last time. Johns has one victory over Juan Manuel Marquez, and as he showed in his last fight with Juarez that he is a great boxer.

For Juarez, this may be his last chance to win a title as he has come close on numerous occasions but always coming up short. He’s been one of those fighters who much have expected and while he has never fulfilled his potential; he has had a solid career. For Johns, a win over Juarez could set up big money fighters with other U.S. pugilist.

On the same card, two junior welterweights prospects Victor Ortiz and Marcos Rene Maidana as they fight for a “interim WBA junior welterweight championship” which is just another way of the WBA to collect sanctioning fees from fighters but it is also a chance for two young fighters to see where they are in the pecking orders.

Both fighters have some good wins on their resumes, Maidana defeated another prospects Miguel Callist before losing a close decision to Andrly Kotelnik. As for Ortiz, his only lost was a disqualification when the referee ruled that he delivered a illegal blow after clinch against Corey Alarcon.

Since then, he scored KO wins over former champ Carlos Maussa and contender Mike Arnaoutis. This will be great card.

Other fights include Floyd Mayweather’s comeback in the ring when he recovers from injuries against Juan Manuel Marquez, as well as Paul Malignaggi challenging Juan Diaz in a battle of very good fighters who have yet to crack the elite status.

What may intrigue fans are the fights that folks are talking about but have yet to be finalized. Miguel Cotto challenging Manny Pacquiao in November is looking as a real possibility. For Pacquiao, he is not going to wait for Mayweather and Cotto is a fighter who can bring seats to an arena and fans to pay 50 dollars for PPV.

For many fans, there are some great fights coming but this upcoming weekend battle may be best of the summer as two young fighters will determine what their fate will be over the next year and veteran Juarez will be fighting a desperation battle for his career against a world class fighter.

Next weekend has one thing going for it — desperation. Desperation since million of dollars and future status within their respective divisions are at stake. The one fighter with the most to lose will be Rocky Juarez.

The one thing that confuses fans is who is the champion and with many pundits looking for Ring Magazine for guidance, Ring Magazine is following down on their side of equation.

It only took a few years for Ring Magazine to recognize what should have been obvious to any pundit; the best fighters have the last name of Klitschko. Ring Magazine will not recognize any championship bout as a championship bout in which the number one contender fights either the second or third rank.

When Mosley defeated Margarito, he was ranked only number five and Ring magazine did not give him the recognition as the best welterweight. Mosley is the champion and it is time for Ring Magazine to recognize that fact.

There are many divisions in which there are many good fighters vying but there is a point that if Ring Magazine has to make a decision. Should Chad Dawson be the man in the light heavyweight, especially in lieu of the fact he has defeated two of the best light heavyweights over his last three fights in Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver whereas the No. 1 contender Bernard Hopkins have been avoiding top light heavyweight contenders since his lost to Joe Calzaghe.

In my estimation, Dawson is the man in the division and if Ring Magazine wants to force leading fighters to fight each other, they might begin with recognizing one of them.

As for Dawson, he owns victories over the current Cruiserweight champions Tomasz Adamek as well as two victories over Tarver and one over Glen Johnson. His body of work over the past year has been the most impressive and he should be rewarded for this.