Boosting Their Reputation

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: June 21, 2009

X Sports JAMAICA — Jamaica’s reputation as an exotic surfing destination is in line for a big boost with a Brazilian team of pro surfers on the island shooting local surf and lifestyle imagery for publication in top Brazilian lifestyle magazine “TRIP” and campaign video footage for cutting edge surf brand “LOST”.

Fernando MairaThe six man team which is on the island for 15 days consists of surfers Fernando Maira (MCD, Globe, Ogio, Freestyle), Igor Morais (Lost, Evoke, GU energy gel), and Youri Castro Zini (Lost, Freestyle, Evoke, Ark, True Ames Fins, OAM), Photographer Moises Tupinamba, Journalist Caio Ferretti and Videographer Pablo Aguiar who will also be capturing video footage for his own independent surf movie.

Journalist Caio Ferretti said that Jamaica was chosen as a destination because of its exotic nature and the sponsors prefer to make trips to locations “off surfing’s’ beaten path”.

Still photographer Moises Tupinamba said “… everywhere I point my camera I feel I have to press the trigger. The images are just jumping out at me… there is just so much great texture to everything…”

YouriThe pros are having a ball in Jamaica as they perform all the latest maneuvers much to the delight of the local youngsters who are studying their every move. “The kids are great and everyone is very friendly…” said Youri “…the food is great and there is music everywhere…”

Top local surfers will also be in the running for some quality “on screen time” which will undoubtedly be well received by their own sponsors. “This is exactly the type of exposure our local surfing needs at this time, we just need the sea to cooperate and send in some epic surf…” said JSA President Billy Wilmot “…

There are thousands of surfers in Brazil and these features at such a high profile level will catapult Jamaica onto the scene in South America as the surfers being featured on this trip are the top sponsored pros in Brazil and will attract major attention.

With the JSA’s Makka Pro Surf Contest also coming up on the weekend of July 4-5, Jamaica continues to establish its name as a legitimate regional surfing nation.