Straight No Chaser: No Sense, No Feeling

By Desi Cortez
Updated: May 19, 2009

DENVER – I ask you, what type of man wants to win, win anything . . . on a technicality? Dan Snyder does.

Dig this; the owner of the Washington Redskins, Mr. Snyder, who when he became the owner of that NFL franchise, with it came a law suit leveled by Authentic Americans, who believe U.S. Sports teams are, as have so many other organizations and businesses pimping and exploiting various images and aspects of their culture . . . and these real Americans want it to cease.

Snyder won this latest round of a slugfest which has been going-on for 17 years . . . on a technicality, which I’ll get into in a second, but nonetheless the insipid little Lord Fauntory’s mouth-piece, one attorney Bob Raskopf said – millions have been spent on the Redskins brand and the team would have suffered great economic loss if they lost the trademark registrations.

“It’s a great day for the Redskins and their fans and their owner Dan Snyder,” he said.

This particular debate focused on the issue of time, rather then the appropriateness of Native American imagery for team names.” The seven American Natives waited too long to challenge the trademarks . . . . according to Raskopf.

OK, so I understand this controversy is centered in part on legalities which apply and must be adhered to, but, one would think, for this segment of US society, American Natives, who without debate, didn’t land at Plymouth Rock . . . .the were already here when the rock landed on them, this court decision would be a no-brainer.

Are the powers that be unfamiliar with terms like “remorse” or “retribution?” What about “shame” or “repentance . . . .” Maybe even “justice.”

This is an argument I simply don’t understand why White folks wage. Who can, who could, who would argue, but “White folks” if the term “Redskins” offends American Natives, and they are “Indians,” then the term must be considered offensive. I can only guess this attitude is what fuels White America to ponder why they can’t call Black folks “Niggers . . . .”

I don’t give a damn what some descendants of pioneers think, this land is not your land, you took it . . . by any means required. A seventh grader in Wyoming even understands that.

Is it no wonder the White man disregard’s the perceptions and feelings of the remaining remnants of the Red-man? He’s done the same thing to . . . well, everybody, From Africa to Asia, to South America and “The Land Down Under.”

Call it European Expansion, call it global colonialism, call it US Manifest Destiny. Call it the raping of a land and its people. Call it no respect for your fellow human, call it . . .”the American Way.”

Perhaps, once again, this comes down to the simple question; whose side would you have been on – Crazy Horse, or General Custer? Who was the hero, and who was the victim? Who was defending their homeland against invading . . . savages? Who was deliberately, premeditatedly, Hell, strategically carrying out a reckless plan of genocide?

Who and what side does history now understand and explain was the bad guy?

The class act, would have been for Mr. Snyder to simply concede the term is insulting in the eyes’ of the very folks supposedly it is glorifying, and change the team’s name.

But that type of respect is not something you see White dudes exhibiting. We just got thru with George W., who couldn’t even say he was “sorry” for anything. Could not, and would not admit he could be wrong, and do wrong.

And, most importantly he was supported by his peers . . . other White dudes, rich or poor, urban or suburban – with the identical frailties and insecurities, because we all “get” it takes a big man to admit he’s wrong.

How tall is Danny boy. . . ?

Forget the laws . . . this is about what’s fair and decent. Quite clearly Snyder, like Dick Cheney, in Snyder’s heart and mind, he has little empathy for his fellow man.

“We’re hopeful that case will lead us ultimately to a ruling on the merits,” said Philip Mause, attorney for the American Indians. “We’re very confident about our position on the merits. We think this term is disparaging of Native Americans.”

Well there you have it . . . .

Tell me this’ How can this, undeniably a nation of “invaders,” who came with a bible in one hand, a firewater in the other, and a gun in their back-pocket, have the audacity to stab a race in the back, offer their freezing children measles-infected blankets to keep them warm . . . ’round them all up and force them onto . . . reservations, and then tell those folks “how loud to scream”, and when to scream .”?

The only good Injun . . . is a dead Injun! Guess if you will – who coined that phrase?

Raskopf said it’s all too late. “The time when the case could have been brought was 1967,” he said. “So it’s not going to get any easier for anybody to bring the case now.”

Ain’t that a bitch? It’s “too late” to be offended by a character saturated in stereotypes, a depicting of you, and your people, of which, you and those people are insulted by? It’s too late for justice? Too late to “right a wrong?” Too late to treat a man with respect and dignity . . . ?

Let some “Indians” who own a few casinos and oil wells, pumpin’ more Texas Tea then Jed Clampette – have them purchase a NFL or MLB team, and change the name to the Fightin’ Rednecks, the Hungry Hunkies or the . the White Cannibals . . . with a picture of Ricky Bobby or George W. as their logo . . .