Straight No Chaser: Let’s light this candle

By Desi Cortez
Updated: May 31, 2009

Susan Smith

Susan Smith

DENVER — I’m so god-damned tired of listening to those who’ve managed to lie, cheat and steal their way to the top – crying about reverse discrimination . . . it makes me roll my eyes and grit my teeth.

Take a gander at what the unwashed masses have to say on the AOL-Sports message boards; ” Yeah….each team should be required to have at least one white guy at running back, receiver, and defensive back. I agree . . . if they are going to try to make it a more racially diverse sport . . . you’re right . . . why stop at coach & GM. They should try to eliminate all potions that are dominated by one race.”

As if the “reverse racism and discrimination” being claimed by White dudes . . . isn’t a reaction to what; Perhaps the 400 years of unequivocal, explicit, overt, and in-your-face racism perfected by White men?. . . . As if there’s not a “good ol’ boy network” within the NFL, the other major professional leagues and collegiate sports.

There’s a “Ricky Bobby Country Club” with-in every occupation, from trash men to astronauts. I can’t up but ask you to look at the position of President of the United States ; one out of a 44. Do you see that as happenstance, you know, luck at work?

I see it as a reflection of a pipeline, where only cats like Bill Clinton; poor White trash. See 1970’s TV variety show Hee Haw, Green Acres or Petticoat Junction, Harry S. Truman; not a college grad.

Or, Barack Obama; the product of a Black brut who dirtied a wild snowflake, a half-breed, a working class mulatto who with the aid of White liberals was able to galvanize the little people and the intellectuals.

White men, who’re going progressively mad, routinely send me “screw you nigger” hate e-mail inquiring why I’m so racist. They pull up their sheets to ask: “Why do I still think race matters in America . . .”

I can only ask them to look around at this country, there’s only a couple of plausible reasons to explain or rationalize the extreme discrepancy we see in educational attainment, annual income, life expectancy, home ownership etc., etc., etc.

And that’s either – people of color are born inherently inferior to Euro-Americans in every single relevant aspect of life . . . or, the centuries of breaking, branding, and belittling of a whole people, a stripping of their cultural standards and values – has clearly taken a grave toll.

I, and most of this nation believe it to be . . . the latter.

Matter-of-factly, most of the world, and that includes Europe , the “Motherland” to the angry, paranoid, bitter, insecure Republican agrees, the world, in harmony, wholeheartedly believes the reason you see White guys dominating every position – from President to Plumber – is because the game has been rigged. Not because the Gods blessed Dick Cheney with more of every critical element which matters.

No, that’s not it, instead, guys like the Bush crime family and Ronald Ray-Gun, stole the reins of power, to keep that power in the hands of a few American Aristocrats, to use that power for strictly personal gain and profit, at the expense of . . . everybody else.

Let’s get back out on the field; the American sports-fan understands the reason you don’t see White Running Backs or Defensive backs on the major collegiate level and in the pro ranks – isn’t because they’ve been excluded, it’s because they can’t compete on a level playing field.

Need I circle the block slowly? Drag-out the chalkboard – the reason you don’t see White Running Backs or Defensive backs is not because they’ve been excluded, it’s because they can’t compete.

Note, this is not my opinion, it’s a Burning-Bush truth, the numbers bare me out. The visible facts are on my side.

Boxing is a rainbow, and the color least represented is White . . . . I could say it’s purely a physical inferiorty issue, but no, I’m not a racist. Boxing is a Blue collar endeavor, most Boxers are poor, living in the economic crotch of the world.

White men have crafted a system where they never really start out at the bottom . . . . Seldom if ever do they have to fight there way up from the bottom of anything but their college Fraternity house basement bedroom.

In a huddle; they, those people – don’t have the athletic, mental nor emotional credentials to get their foot in the door to even be weighed and measured at these positions.

Nobody, no rule, is excluding them but their mommas . . . deep Suburban culture can’t mandate the Brady Bunch put little Bobby in “extreme badminton classes ” or, force him to put on a safety helmet . . . just to take out the trash – then wonder why these half man, half-sissy . . . tom-boys with penises can’t step onto the field with the big boys.

Extreme Marbles, Extreme Tag, Extreme Four Square . . . .

I understand, in-part, via guys like Uncle Jason Whitlock who’s toted n’ touted the NFL owner’s company line for his bosses – aspiring Black coaches haven’t amassed the laundry list of coaching camps, classes and achievements as some of their caucasian coaching comrades . . .

They’re not as over-qualified as some others, but, it’s hard as 42 DD’s to swallow a Josh McDaniels or lane Kiffen both haven’t grossly benefitted by the good ol’ Boy network, hell Kiffen’s dad is a good ol boy, even if he did work for Dungy.

Josh acquired his reputation with a team, the Patriots, sportsfans still have to pause and ask; How much did these lying mo-fo’s cheat? How much of the myth is real? Have they perfected cheating to a science, might Bellecheck have still been cheating last year after Brady went down . . .?

What kind of guy quietly goes along with cheating? New England was cheating, right? That was established, right. Josh could have been the last Boy Scout – walked out of a meeting, wore a wire, resigned, but he didn’t.

Josh went along with the cheating . . . . And that’s perfectly OK with Pat Bowlen. Character clearly is not central when hiring a head coach.

Nevertheless another Great White Hope is given an “un-earned opportunity.”

The little gridiron mastermind elf now on Monday Night Football . . . (go figure) won with Coach Dungy’s team . . . we all know that right, but there’s a legend to be made here, a Great White Hope.

They should have hired Barkley . . . America would have turned-in, part’s of the world would have tuned in.

Mr. Intensity, Mike Singletary, will out-coach and out perform both these boys this season. The Super bowl ring, the Hall of Fame name and game, the coaching experience he’s acquired, like most Black people who accomplish anything in this country . . . it’s against all odds. Singletary’s earned what he’s got.

I can’t say that much for these two, or for the scores more like them.

This mock outrage, the complaining about reverse discrimination if owners adopt this Rooney type Rule is laughable when you consider the owners, the league . . . is an industry makinga gold mine off the back’s and knee’s of Black men.

Yet, somehow the conservative pigskin establishment hem-haws, all but refusing to entertain the thought of allowing a Black man, or woman in a decision making front office position . . . . Just because.

Or, is it as we all know it is; they naively think, or arrogantly believe Black folks to be, as a entire race – not intellectually able or cable. So they don’t want to waste their valuable time being forced to interview a group of people, they already know can’t be qualified for the position . . . none of them are.

Additionally, and it really matters a few NFL owners – Rooney is a member of the Obama team. The franchise endorsed Obama – you do understand the Rooney Family are branded “Sell-Outs,” who sold-out, “Nigger-lovers” in the eye’s of the owners who break bread with Rush Limbaugh, the noted Redneck fat-cat millionaire who wants his own NFL pigskin plantation.

This means owners, some who’ve hated the family, some since the short era of Joe “Jefferson Street” Gilliam, hate Rooney because of his politics, because he did give a young Black student of the Gridiron Game, Mike Tomlin, an opportunity . . . and he produced a Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Steeler mantle.

Tomlin’s victory makes the unspoken racist rule practiced for nearly the last Century – # 666; Never give a Black man a chance . . . unless you have to, unless you dramatically benefit at the end of the day . . . obsolete.

Perhaps emotional hatred, like the kind the founder and former owner of the Washington Redskins George P. Marshall . . . held for Blacks . . . that lingering, festering dislike of people not like you – is not justified, fair, decent, honorable, wise nor even profitable.