Straight No Chaser: Eight Out Of 119

By Desi Cortez
Updated: May 19, 2009

NCAA DENVER — Eight of the 119 head football coaches in Division I-A programs are minorities. Isn’t that odd? Don’t think I didn’t consider just repeating that line 700 times, for the simple-ass reason — how can that, that, that pitiful number be defended?

Such a pathetic percentage can’t be explained nor rationalized. Few fools would even try to speculate it’s due to “happenstance” or “coincidental” except perhaps that fat rat Rush Limbaugh or one of his mic-sniffing disciples like ex-ESPN jock sniffer Dan Patrick.

Not even 10 % of major collegiate coaching spots – is occupied by a person of color, or someone with a vagina.

Institutions of higher learning, where the Black athlete fails in the classroom, yet excels on the field-of-athletic competition, generating a positive cash flow for the predominantly all-white university, yet only a elf’s handful are deemed acceptable to coach.

That sound’s like, to me, the Black athlete is screwing himself, while simultaneously being screwed, no sodomized, gang raped by a fraternity of good ol’ boys . . . while spectators of all colors, merely sit and spectate.

Yeah, it’s that graphic. Cover your little ones eyes, this taint no G-rated Disney flick. It would seem we can attribute this obvious racism, sexism and nepotism to the WASP Neo-Con good ol’ boy fraternity.

The “network” which feeds and protects this fake, artificial, make-believe, pretend domination of an entire industry . . . Athletic coaching. It’s reserved for those whom the administration and alumni are impressed with and comfortable with.

Now think about it . . . most White males in America aren’t impressed with President Obama, or Nelson Mandela . . . . They used to sing the praises of Colin Powell, until he bit the hand that made him.

Michael Steele can’t hate his own at the height and depth of the Tea Baggers. And all sooo predictable . . . they love Clarence Thomas and Condaleeza Rice . . . the two lone house niggers who’ve yet to tell the truth.

What this say’s outside Uncle Thomas n’ Condee are standing by their owners. . . White America, and specifically White males are never “ok” with a Black person.

Despite your impeccable credentials, professional and academic achievements and resulting big-shot titles . . . you’re still just a Nigger, and they tend not to like niggers of any shape, size or shade.

Geez . . . however, back to sports. Yes, the same charges of discrimination and exclusion in the coaching ranks, practiced -to the point of perfection by White folks . . . is laid at the door-steps of the small colleges, at public high school leagues across the US and even at the door of Pee-Wee leagues from Fargo to Key Largo.

That constitutes the entire industry I’d say.

But BMFD, the same charges, accusations and piss-poor percentages run rampant throughout America, in all industries, all walks of life. Starting with education, the key to prosperity and stability.

Health care, law enforcement, banking, housing – name the industry, and there’s a stone wall manned by those who benefitted and prospered from the strategic rigging of the country for centuries.

Let me give it to you Don Julio straight, no chaser; Racial-ethnic favoritism, resulting in the deliberate exclusion of whole segments of society from just-about any damn occupation . . . is a devious practice woven into the very fabric of this country . . . from day-one.

And the only person allowed to have a needle n’ thread . . . to do any sewing . . . was the White man.

Nevertheless, there are a few good ones still, like Sam Sachs, a White cat in Oregon, and the motivating force behind a political and civil answer to this; have Oregon universities obligated, legislated to seek diverse applicants for coaching positions, with the hope other states adopt the same fair and decent standards.

Sachs got the ear of Rep. Mitch Greenlick, a Jackass (D) from Portland, who introduced the legislation crafted to dismantle the frat-house monopoly , SB 3118.

This dude is going up against . . . say the 60 million white men who think the NBA and the White House have gone to hell in a hand-basket. Millions of people who are struggling to maintain their dominance.

Let’s not forget that point; this nation is divided, and once more, ain’t nobody Black nor Brown got a cake cutter . . . . And, at the risk of being redundant, this is exactly what, angry, paranoid White folks want.

This is the desired feel and flavor that pissed-off white dude over in the corner wants. He is the one who has drawn the lines in the sand. The Neo-Conservative White guy has no problem opposing the planet, he’s fine with White men against . . . everybody who ain’t white.

The GOP, i.e., Big Redneck Rush n’ Little Dick Cheney despise the UN. They’ve a global version of “Segregation yesterday, segregation today, and segregation tomorrow and forever.”

And the folks who support this type of mentality, believe that segregation ought to extend to world of sports. They are striving to maintain their strangle hold

That’s not a Bob Beamon leap is it?