Inside Myron’s Wide World

By Iliana Limón
Updated: May 11, 2009

FLORIDA — Myron Rolle has completed his Florida State career, but the standout athlete and student continues his elite juggling act.

Rolle is working out with Tom Shaw at Disney’s Wide World of Sports this summer to hone his athletic skills. During the summer, Rolle also will be doing a wide array of charity work, writing his first children’s book and preparing to spend the next academic year at Oxford.

“I guess I always am pretty busy, but I’m happy to be doing all the things I love,” said Rolle, who earned international acclaim for being named a Rhodes Scholar while starting at safety for the Seminoles.

While he is pursuing numerous goals, Rolle is devoting a big chunk of his time participating in Shaw’s speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness training program in Orlando. Shaw has done offseason conditioning work with the past six Super Bowl MVPs, 94 NFL first-round picks and six No. 1 NFL draft picks.

Numerous members of the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, including MVP Santonio Holmes, join Rolle to work out regularly with Shaw.

“The best thing about being out here is you’re working here with professional athletes who push you and compete with you,” Rolle said. “I love the competition. I love the fact that I’m out here with a lot of other great athletes and that will allow my game to go to another level.”

Rolle never questioned his decision to put off the NFL for one year and use his Rhodes scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in medical anthropology, but he isn’t letting go of football completely.

He is taking calculated risks, choosing to pursue a one-year degree program instead of going for two years. He is working out with Shaw this summer and his agents have lined up other trainers to help him stay in shape while he is studying in England.

Rolle will be participating in an independent student program that includes two six-week sessions when he is free to travel throughout Europe. He has the option of using some of that time to return to the United States and train with Shaw.

Between workouts with Shaw, Rolle is working on a leadership and wellness academy that will be held in June for 100 foster children from throughout the state of Florida.

“I felt it was important to target the foster kids of Florida because a lot of times they feel left out and excluded, and so I wanted to let them know you’re part of the youth of Florida,” he said. “We all love you, we’re supporting you, we care about you and we want to see you thrive just like other kids who have two parents at home.”

Rolle also will find time to work on a children’s book that will encourage young people to embrace both academics and athletics in their lives.

All of this work has prompted a lot of people throughout the country to dub Rolle a hero. He grins and shrugs off that praise.

“I never really saw myself as a role model,” Rolle said. “I always thought of myself as a leader. But a national role model, a hero. That’s lofty praise. I just hope that my story can be inspirational for someone.”