Believing In Themselves

By Yolande Lezine
Updated: May 6, 2009

NBA Playoffs HOUSTON – The Houston Rockets knew that they could meet the challenge. They got out of the first round of the playoffs since 1997 winning the series 4-2 over the Portland Trailblazers.

Yes Portland was young, but that didn’t mean anything, because it was evident that they will be a team to recond with in the future. But the daunting task of facing Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers seemed to be impossible; at least that’s what some thought.

But just like Houston did in Portland in Game One on the road, they stole the first road game too against the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a bloody battle from start to finish, but in the end the Rockets prevailed and are taking a one game at a time approach entering Wednesday night’s Game Two.

The Lakers sent the Rockets Yao Ming to the floor grabbing his knee.

Hearts stopped as they saw Ming taken off the court; however, the leader told the trainers that he needed to be brought back on the floor and that he did and led his team with 28 points and 10 rebounds.

No one gave the Rockets a chance!

Go ahead and admit it, you were probably thinking just like I was that they would be sent home soon, but I saw a different drive and determination that is telling me something else.

The Rockets’ quiet confidence could take them right to the Western Conference Finals and a date with an Eastern Conference opponent in the NBA Finals.

Houston believed and they didn’t care if anyone else on earth believed, because they all believed in each other. They believed that they could steal a game and then take care of business at the Toyota Center.

They have grown and are still growing. Defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 100-92 in Game One of their best-of-seven series at the Staples Center was huge.

Maybe this series will end the way the world thins it will end. The Rockets will remind us all that it’s just one game. But it was a game that no one expected them to get.

It was one that gave them a huge shot of confidence.