Any Questions?: Pac-Man Wins

By Tom Donelson
Updated: May 3, 2009

IOWA CITY — In the biggest boxing event of the weekend, Manny Pacquiao showed why he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world and this generation best fighter as he demolished a very good Ricky Hatton, the previously best junior welterweight.

Hatton was the bigger of the two men, but this did little good. In the opening seconds, Hatton tried to rough up Pacquiao, but a sharp left hook by Pacquiao reddened Hatton’s nose and then a straight left and right hook hurt Hatton.

He forced Pacquiao on the ropes but a Pacquiao flurry off the rope forced Hatton to clinch. Pac-man nailed Hatton with a right hook and straight left hook sending Hatton down for the first time.

With 45 seconds left in the round, Pacquiao proved too fast and strong for the bigger Hatton and to show that the first knockdown was no fluke, he sent Hatton down a second time.

This fight started similar to Pac-man’s first fight with Juan Manuel Marquez when he knocked the Mexican down three times. But in that fight, Marquez came back to make it a close fight. Hatton lacked Marquez’s boxing skills and he was doomed.

Hatton began the second round by boxing on the outside, but this made him vulnerable to Pacquiao quicker hand as Manny simply carved him up. Hatton tried to hook but couldn’t land it against the faster Pacquiao.

A Pacquiao left hand at the 10-second mark ended the fight and Hatton went down for good as he was counted out.Which brings us to the future.

Floyd Mayweather is reported to have a fight signed with Juan Manuel Marquez and now we will see battles of the best pound for pound fighters. If Mayweather gets past Marquez, then we will see the biggest PPV event yet with Pacquaio fighting Mayweather, which is what boxing promoters and fans really want.

A Hatton victory would have put this bout on hold, but a devastating victory by Pacquaio over Hatton all but points the way to a Mayweather-Pacquaio bout in the near future.


Irving Garcia faced a do or die battle for his career. Just a few years back, he was a prospect but now he has morphed into a trial horse for the other prospect to beat and on SHOBOX , The Next Generation, he faced undefeated Luis Abregu.

Abregu had 21 knockouts in 26 victories and this was his introduction to an American audience. In the first round, Garcia sent shock wave into team Abregu when he sent the Argentinean down with a right hand.

Abregu spent the rest of the round surviving but in the second round, all appeared to be right with the world as Abregu pounded Garcia from one corner of the ring to the other.

Even though Garcia did not go down, it could easily been a 10-8 round. The third round saw both men hurt each other but Garcia finished the round with better accuracy and the round.

With half of the round left, a Garcia left hook sent Abregu reeling and down. Abregu rolled around the canvas and barely beat the count. Garcia had his opportunity to save his career and provide Abregu with his first lost.

He pursued the stunned Argentinean around but with 10 second left, Abregu nailed Garcia with a punch from nowhere and Garcia hit the corner of the ring hard. With his nose bleeding, Garcia’s eyes merely rolled as he was counted out.

In a fierce firefight of a fight, Garcia showed that he still had something left for a trial horse but in the space of 10 seconds left in the fourth round; Garcia’s career ended with a bang as he went down hard.

For Abregu, he served notice that he is a prospect to be watched as he had many of the qualities that made his mentor Carlos Baldomir a champion. Abregu is a tough fighter just like Baldomir and that toughness allowed him to survive a Garcia onslaught.

The real question is whether Abregu toughness will be enough to become a contender in the welterweight division, a division that is one of boxing deepest. As for Garcia, he has his own decision to make for he is no longer a prospect nor he is a contender.

Boxing is a tough way to make a living and even tougher when all you are fighting for is table scraps while you are nothing more than cannon fodder for others to beat on their way up. Garcia has to ask him, is it worth to pursue boxing as a career?

In the first SHOBOX bout, Mexican prospect Marvin Quintera made his second appearance on the series against the wily Wes Ferguson. Ferguson was an experienced boxer with little pop in his punch but boxing ability to challenge the hard charging Mexican.

In the first two rounds, Quintera looked confuse and had trouble getting into a rhythm as Ferguson right often found a target against Quintera and in the second round, showed the young prospect a few tricks.

But after the third round, this became Quintera’s fight as he simply wore Ferguson down. From this point, it was Quintera who forced the pace as body shots forced Ferguson guard down and Mexican pounded Ferguson.

Ferguson lost one round after another as Quintera showed the ability to adapt to Ferguson’s boxing skills and forced him to fight his fight in the end.