A Review Of Baseball Stadiums

By Richard Kent
Updated: May 21, 2009

CONNECTICUT – I recently visited three of baseball’s newest ballparks over a two-week period. Here are my humble thoughts and opinions on them and the atmosphere surrounding them.

The New Yankee Stadium

Loads of food options which is certainly a plus. You can find the Hard Rock Café, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ and the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar. Don’t be so certain you can get into these food specialty places without a ticket. The sushi is quite good and the farmers market is interesting and surprisingly not that expensive. The ticket prices are a joke.

Even with the highest price of $2,650 a seat being reduced and cut in half it is clear that only Mr. Madison Avenue can afford the really good seats. The employees of the new Stadium really don’t have much of an idea about the demographics. The Stadium is built for offense and most people come to a baseball game to see a 10-9 game. They will see plenty of those games this season.

Washington Nationals Park

Gimmick is the key word here. There are all kinds of games on the fields between innings and little leaguers run on to the field before the actual players do. That has all the hallmarks of a minor league park. The food is excellent and not that expensive.

The sight lines are very good as the seats are tilted so you can see home plate from nearly every seat. It is a good baseball park and the quality of the baseball has improved and if some of the gimmicks are taken away, is a very enjoyable experience for a true baseball fan.

Comerica Park.

This is a beautiful baseball stadium in the heart of Detroit. It seats 40,000 and was built at a cost of three hundred million dollars which is less than a third of the cost of Yankee Stadium. The food is excellent and the prices for both food and tickets are not outrageous at all. The parking is good and the attendants are quite helpful.

The Detroit Tiger memorabilia from the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s is very interesting to look at and quite aesthetically pleasing given the way it is situated. The fans are knowledgeable and anything but rude, even to opposing team fans. This is the top stadium experience of the three mentioned in this critique.