A New House Of Memories

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: May 29, 2009

LOUISIANA– Grambling University has spawned many great athletes who have made a significant impact on the world of sports. These extraordinary sports legends have set many records that still stand to this day.

The Grambling Legends Sports Hall of Fame, spearheaded by James “Shack” Harris (former NFL Pro Bowl MVP) and Doug Williams (former Super Bowl MVP), is dedicated to ensuring that these legends, their memories and accomplishments are cemented into historical posterity.

On July 18th, the first group of 25 legends will be inducted into the Grambling Legends Sports Hall of Fame at the Monroe Civic Center in Monroe Louisiana.

The 25 inductees are; Willis Reed (Basketball), Tommy Agee (Baseball), Ernie Ladd (Football/Wrestling), Henry Dyer (Football), Ralph Garr (Baseball), Charlie Hardnett (Basketball), Robert Hopkins (Basketball), Lane Howell (Football), Stone Johnson (Football/Track), Willie Joseph (Football), Leglian “Boots” Moore (Football), Bo Murray (Football), Helen Richards-Smith (Basketball), Richard Stebbins (Track), Hershell West (Basketball), Willie Young (Football), Tank Younger (Football), Ralph W.E. Jones (College President and Coach), Eddie G. Robinson (Coach), Collie Nicholson (Sports Information Officer), Fred C. Hobdy (Coach), Willie Brown (Football), Buck Buchanan (Football), Willie Davis (Football) and Charlie Joiner (Football)

The induction ceremonies will also be broadcast live and will be available to fans and alumni worldwide on Pay per View. In addition to honoring these great sports legends, the event will also have an element of local community involvement through a national non-profit organization Youth United for Prosperity and the LEGENDS & KIDSâ„¢ mentoring program.

Some of today’s finest sports legends will mentor local youth to excel in business, sports, education, and community endeavors. The event will reinforce the importance of sports through education and education through sports.

NOTE: For more details, visit www.gramblingsportshof.com.