With Love From Kentucky (Part Four)

By Michael-Louis Ingram
Updated: April 9, 2009

Kentucky Wildcats PHILADELPHIA — The numerous responses to a column by BASN’s L.A. Batchelor are still rolling in; so we intend to roll them right on out to reveal our commitment to intelligent dialogue.

All responses are verbatim, and reader discretion is advised…

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 10:41 AM, darren farrar <dfarrar31@hotmail.com> wrote:

One would think that someone who had a occupation of writing would do a little bit better job of stating facts. The truth of the matter is, this is a simple opinion article by someone who really has no clue about the state or the university. I typically don’t respond to articles like this because they are so far off track. However I thought that maybe I would motivate you to do a little studying and history searching of a great state and university. <

Darren, when you are going to be motivated to produce some facts?

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 11:08 AM, gene booth <genetbooth@hotmail.com> wrote

From reading your article on the Calipari hiring, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are the racist. Ftr starters If there were such a thing as a “White Athlete” website it would be considered a racist site. Therefor you are promoting a site that seperates your race among all others and creates barriers between blacks and whites. YOU ARE THE RACIST!!

As a Kentuckian, it’s such a shame that someone from L.A., a city known for racist gang violience, would talk about our citizens being racist. Just keep spreading your ignorant views to all the dumb people that believe you and you might manage to make this county an even worse place to live.

Gene, I’ll remember to mention your comments to the white colleagues which contribute to our site; and, FYI, Cheez Whiz – the man’s name is L.A. Batchelor…<

On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 9:31 AM, Cigar Seller <habanos09@gmail.com> wrote:

I was wondering several things.

1. When you lay down at night, do you honestly believe that you’re a journalist?

2. When will you drop the racist attitude? Did you know that Virginia was the last state to fully integrate public schools, does that mean the entire state should be blasted for actions that happened several generations ago? Probably not since we have voted for a black Gov. and Obama in this last elections.

3. What proof do you have of violations. Please spell them out. When the NCAA comes down on Calipari then you have some evidence, until then you are an idiotic journalist, oops did I say journalist. I’m sorry, a retard who knows how to turn on the computer.

4. Finally please, its easy to make blanket accusations but can you actually name one of these instances lets say in the past thirty years.

“Now, he goes to a school with a pedigree of racial discrimination, hate, violations and scandal. A school that has a past of inequality and injustice that represents a state that supported the very same practice.”

You’re as fucking useless as that shitty looking website you write for, enjoy having a readership of 8 people.

By the way, we are laughing at your stupidity here, http://kentucky.rivals.com/ showmsg.asp?fid=1383&tid= 126908946&mid=126908946&sid= 888&style=2

Well, Lucy – you got some splainin’ to do. The fact that UMass was penalized for the NCAA monies and games won by Calipari’s team (with Marcus Camby) while Calipari spirits away unscathed to the NBA (where the athletes there read his phony ass like the New York Times) is directly linked to Calipari; so while you and your rivals.com cohorts play grab ass, the $41 million Kentucky pays for Calipari could well be coming from the stimulus funds for your state – is that change you can believe in? Hate? Hell, we don’t hate Kentucky or Kentuckians – but we do feel sorry for what’s heading your way…

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 11:33 AM, Trevor Huff <trevor@wkcb.com> wrote:

really nice articel there you homer. whom woke up and pissed in your cherios? and let me guess,, you either pull for looserville, puke or unc? just think,,, in 2 years UK will be the only thing that you can write about,, unless you like writing about loosing teams thats ass has been kicked by whom other,, Calipari. Looser.

Marty C.

Really intelligent response, Marty, Trevor or whoever you are. You’d better hope the other teams you’ve mentioned aren’t whippin’ UK because your talented players Calipari will eventually have as his hired guns won’t stay long enough to care…

On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 8:22 AM, b b <fastaslife@gmail.com> wrote:

SUCKED you RACIST basters your shit is a discriminate and should be brought down. . its just like the KKK you idiot.

If there was to be a site called white athletes you would cry foul such babies its people like you that give us black folks a bad name . . . get out of the 50s loser., . .

Another magna cum loudly…

From: Tom Gribbins <Tomgribbins@insightbb.com> Date: Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 7:00 PM Subject: Calling names..


Man what gives you right to call “‘ALL” the good people in my state names.

Let me guess, you’re black and hate it, and want to be white!, so you take it out on other people cause you can’t be..

I bet you would give your last dollar to live right here in Kentucky with all the rest of the country bumpkins if YOU COULD BE WHITE!….I hope they lite up your site, I posted a letter from you on the T . C P, one of the biggest sports webs sites boards in the state.

sorry dude, but yes some of us black folk like it here…

oh and send this, I guess it makes me a uncle Tom….

Damn – and I thought Uncle Ruckus was only on “The Boondocks.”

On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 10:53 AM, Seth Davis <sethdavis_5@hotmail.com> wrote:

Alright, listen up. I am so sick of you and your racist bullshit. It is blacks who are more racist in the modern times. I am friends with almost all ethnicities, but when I read an idiotic article such as yours, I cringe. If you know oh so much, please explain to me why the alligations from UMASS were never proven? Also, how does Coach Cal going to Memphis ten years after all that stuff make him a cheater? Your ideas are moronic, your views are simplistic, and the name of your website says it all…

Sounds like little Seth needs a time out…

From: Craig Foscardo> <craig_foscardo@hotmail.com>> Date: Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 6:03 PM Subject: RE: Wow!!!!!!!!!! Come on man.

To: >labatchelor@blackathlete.com

Tons of corn in Kentucky dumbass! This isn’t Nebraska. And yes you are jealous because you wouldn’t be bashing a good program, coach, and what this coach is going to do here. You’re assuming shit that isn’t true. Maybe you should take up sports instead of writing. That’s all you black mother fuckers are good at anyway. Your good for our entertainment and that’s it. Modern day jesters.

I definitely got the point of this stupid article. Your mad because Kentucky is bringing in a coach that you think has a troubled past. Get over yourself and live with the fact the Kentucky is going to be back on top in the very near future.

I guess the black motherfuckers, er…basketball players coming to Kentucky will be coming for your entertainment, Craiggy. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your kind words; and we will be happy to convey those desires to them. On behalf of the black motherfuckers, we merely reply that you should have been left on a picnic blanket…in a Kleenex; you are clearly a distinct waste of seminal fluid…

On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 1:45 PM, Dustin Salyer <jdsal8@gmail.com> wrote:

L.A. Batchelor ,

Please Do not make general summations about the University of Kentucky or the people of Kentucky. The arrogance and lack of truth behind your article makes you seem very unintelligent. To say that Kentucky is nothing more than a bunch of racist people is really offensive. Our past may haunt us, but the fact that we are striving for equality and striving to become better people and this needs to be dually noted.

You Attack the University? Why is this? It was one of the first schools in SEC to hire a black basketball coach. It will be one of the first schools in the SEC to have a black head Football coach. I cannot speak for everyone in this state, but I think Joker Phillips is a great coach and and a great person. Someone that will help build on the recent success of the Kentucky Football program. What Rupp did was very terrible and I ashamed to have to be apart of that history. But that was a different generation. My generation does not care about race or color, my generation wants sucsess and to find the best man or woman for the job

Finally, you may not like John Calipari and that is fine with me. But please do not use this state or the University of Kentucky has a spring board to fill your readers with more hate.

In a world already filled with so much hate, why are you perpetuating more hate?

There’s no hate on here, Dustin; you made some good points. The real issue here is character; had Calipari gone somewhere else, we would’ve focused on that school. Your school just spent a shitload of $$$ trying to get Kentucky back to prominence; for your sake, we hope it is money well spent – but we doubt it.

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 5:13 PM, <markcreech@bellsouth.net > wrote:

The article concerning the hiring of John Calipari at Kentucky.


Why don’t you come to Lexington and talk that shit, faggot.

Mark Creech

Another Lexington scholar…

From: A J <aj10509@yahoo.com> Date: Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 5:04 PM Subject: You racist son of a bitch To: >labatchelor@blackathlete.com

Are you serious, you sir are the racist, get a freaking clue and stop being such a white hater and pro black man everything. We get it your black, you have been opressed for 200 years. You have never been opressed and neither have i. You dont face any discrimmination and neither do i. You are just as racist toward whites as some people are towards blacks. Get a freaking clue and stop wanting people to feel sorry for you because your black, i dont give a shit your black and you truely hate white people, your a dumbass writer and thats all.. Nice article you racist asshole, i am not racist towards blacks, you shouldnt be towards whites and calling a coach to devil, who has children and is a great family man, you have something seriously wrong with you. I hope you stop writing articles and just go live alone somewhere, where no one has to put up with your dumbass racist remarks and horrible views. You truely are a horrible person and you need to looks at yourself in the mirror and find out that, you truely are a horrible racist person. Great article you prick

I guess the Devil made him do it…<

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Alex Johnson <ubigal5k@yahoo.com> wrote:

What words did I misspell, retard? Haha…

I know you probably went to college for “FREE” and I guarantee I make more money then you. I am smarter. UK pays the most $$$$$$$$ for a college basketball coach. In this economic times…

P.S…get a job.

P.S…you’re getting yourself laughed at by all of Big Blue Nation.

P.S…people won’t go to your site.

P.S…failed attempt at internet traffic.

The only thing bigger than an asshole…is an asshole that would come back for seconds; I guess your idea of a vacation is an ego trip…

From: Jerry Tyrrell <J.Tyrrell@insightbb.com> Date: Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 8:01 AM Subject: RE: The Devil and his bride are finally together To: labatchelor@blackathlete.com

I thought this article was very shallow, not to mention it is littered with lies and a hint of your jealousy for the program. I guess you need someone or something to direct your anger and animosity toward, and that’s ok.

There’s no anger, Jerry – and apparently, very few sensible arguments for discourse, either…

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 1:41 AM, <cybersins@aol.com> wrote:


Don’t let the fact that Kentucky was the first school in the SEC to have an integrated football team cloud your vision! In 1966, Kentucky introduced the first African-American student-athletes in the football-dominated SEC.

No mention of Orlando Tubby Smith as the UK basketball coach of 10 years (1997-2007), also leaves you with low marks on the fact totem pole!

Your article is complete BS and slanted towards ignorance!

Please Print That!

And don’t let the fact Texas Western had to whip your ass on national television to make you have a “come to Jesus” moment change that thinking…

This is no indictment on Kentucky or its people. In spending the enormous amount of money you have in choosing Calipari, you have already decided where you wish to go; we’re merely hoping for minimum collateral damage on the way there…

The struggle continues…