The Great American Baseball Trivia Quiz

By Tony McClean
Updated: April 25, 2009

Baseball NEW HAVEN, Ct. — If been a few years since we here at BASN reached out to our baseball fans with a trivia quiz. Well, now your long time fears and worries are over.

Here are 10 questions that will hit all different aspects of baseball. Some are easy, some are hard, but most importantly — they should jar your collective baseball knowledge and provoke some memories.

Here we go………And no peeking at the answers!!!!!!!!

1. Entering the 2009 season, which player has the longest active consecutive games played streak?

A. Ryan Howard

B. Miguel Tejada

C. Ichiro Suzuki

D. Justin Morneau

2. Which one of these Kansas City Royals wasn’t named AL Rookie of The Year?

A. Lou Piniella

B. George Brett

C. Carlos Beltran

D. Bob Hamelin

3. What pitcher allowed Hank Aaron’s last National League homer?

A. Don Sutton

B. J.R. Richard

C. Randy Jones

D. Rawly Eastwick

4. Who is the only Houston Astro to ever lead the NL in stolen bases?

A. Gerald Young

B. Cesar Cedeno

C. Craig Biggio

D. Joe Morgan

5. Two players hold the AL record for the most Gold Gloves by an outfielder with 10. Seattle’s Ken Griffey Jr. is one. Who is the other?

A. Dwight Evans B. Al Kaline C. Torii Hunter D. Carl Yastremski

6. Who is the winningest pitcher in MLB history of Cuban descent?

A. Mike Cuellar B. Camilo Pasqual C. Diego Sequi D. Luis Tiant

7. Who is the only Chicago White Sox ever lead the AL in RBIs?

A. Dick Allen B. Frank Thomas C. Bill Melton D. Albert Belle

8. Match these baseball movies with the main actor.

1. Don’t Look Back A. Paul Winfield 2. One In A Million B. Danny Glover 3. It’s Good To Be Alive C. Lou Gossett Jr.

4. Angels In The Outfield D. LeVar Burton

9. Which one of these players never won an NL batting crown while with the Pirates?

A. Bill Madlock B. Dick Groat C. Al Oliver D. Freddie Sanchez

10. In Anita Baker’s 1987 video ” Same Ole Love (365 Days a Year)”, what historic ballpark is featured in a clip?

A. Fenway Park B. Tiger Stadium C. Wrigley Field D. Yankee Stadium


1. A. As of August 16, 2008, Ryan Howard has the game’s longest consecutive games played streak. Entering 2009, he played in 237 straight games.

2. B. The Hall of Famer hit .282 during his rookie season of 1974. Mike Hargrove of Texas was the AL’s Rookie of the Year that season. Brett finished third behind Chicago’s Bucky Dent.

3. D. In the seventh inning of an eventual 13-0 Atlanta win, the Hammer connected off Eastwick for his 20th homer of the season and 733rd of his career.

4. C. In 1994, Biggio led the NL in steals with 39 during the strike-shortened season.

5. The Hall of Famer also collected 10 Gold Gloves during his 22-year career with the Detroit Tigers (1953-1974.).

6. D. From 1964 through 1982, “El Tiante” won 229 games for six different clubs, most notably for the Boston Red Sox.

7. A. During his MVP season in 1972, Allen drove in a league-leading 113 runs.

8. 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b.

9. C. Despite a career .296 average in 10 seasons in Pittsburgh, “Scoop” won his only NL batting crown while with the Montreal Expos in 1982 (.331).

10. B. Raised in the Motor City, Baker filmed some scenes of her video from Tiger Stadium.