The Devil and his bride are finally together

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: April 2, 2009

NORTH CAROLINA – On Tuesday, March 31st, 2009, Lucifer and his bride consummated their marriage to the sum of a eight-year, $35 million deal.

That’s right, the University of Kentucky signed former UMass and Memphis men’s basketball coach John Calipari to a long term marriage to lead their basketball program back to basketball royalty.

Calipari brings a legacy of Final Four appearances to a program that hasn’t made to that kind of prominence in well over a decade. But he also brings elements of lies, deceit, recruiting violations, a poor graduation rate of students, arrogance and anger among his peers.

This actually works for Kentucky because of their history of racism, exclusion and elitism. I guess you can say this is a match made in…………………….HELL!

Those at ESPN (Which stands for the Evil Sports Prick Network) like Dick Vitale, Digger Phelps and others would lead you to believe the hiring of Calipari is “The Best Fit” for Kentucky.

For me, the question is what does “The Best Fit” actually mean?

If it means Kentucky wants a coach with one of the lowest student basketball athlete graduation percentages in the country, then he is the best man for the job.

If it means Kentucky wants a coach who only recruits players who have great athletic ability, but poor academic ability, sign him up.

If it means Kentucky wants a coach who will make promises of success but leave the program before the high expectations are finished while also leaving the program filled with scandal, animosity, player departure and transfers, he’s the guy.


Lets take a look at Calipari’s college basketball career and trail of NCAA violations:

UMass: The Minute Men rose to prominence during the 1995-96 season when they were ranked No. 1 and made a run to the Final Four only to see it tarnished after it was reported that Marcus Camby took $40,000 from an agent.

It led to Calipari’s quick exit out of UMass to the south to take on another program with a history of scandal — Memphis (formerly known as Memphis State), who had their own scandal and violations back in 1985.

The Tigers’ basketball program turned in paperwork Thursday to report a possible minor NCAA violation after learning that Dave Bronczek, the president/CEO of FedEx and a prominent Tiger booster, placed a phone call to an employee whose son is being recruited by the school.

Though a FedEx spokesman said the call was “congratulatory” in nature and Memphis athletic director R.C. Johnson characterized it as an “innocent mistake,” boosters are prohibited by the NCAA from having contact with recruits or their parents.

Calipari said he had no knowledge that Bronczek was planning on making the phone call. Yeah ok. I guess he had no knowledge of Marcus Camby taking $40,000 from an agent too.

Now, he goes to a school with a pedigree of racial discrimination, hate, violations and scandal. A school that has a past of inequality and injustice that represents a state that supported the very same practice.

That’s ok for Calipari. He is like the medicine man going city to city with tap water, pretending to heal the sick only for the citizens to find out he or she was a fraud after he moved on to another city filled with more suckers.

He is the attractive man or woman you meet and fall in love with, only to find out the time you spent with them that felt so magical, was actually a one night stand or a short term feeling of passion…..on their part.

He cares about his success, his family and his money at the detriment of the black athlete that cares about the same things but is prohibited from those things unless he eventually left college to “play for pay”.

So if you are a school/university that wants the “quick fix”, the glits, glamour, the marquee name and a coach that cares more about kids with a basketball in their hands rather than a book, then Calipari, or other coaches like him are the best qualified for you which is very evident the Wildcats when making this shady person their leader of men.