Straight No Chaser: Sports and Pot

By Desi Cortez
Updated: April 1, 2009

DENVER — Apparently America’s national anthem ought to be Slick Rick’s Mary Jane

I’m in love with Mary Jane.She’s my main thing.She makes me feel alright.She makes my heart sing.

Legalize Marijuana . . . the drug cartels, the war they’re now waging along the boarder – will lessen greatly away. Not to mention, the NFL’s and NBA’s drug problems are reduced by what – 75%? Perhaps 80%?

And, this nations prisons . . . loose a significant amount of there minority population. Police forces have one less tool to utilize in search and seizure operations, one less reason to stalk, hassle and harass the rif-raft. Need we also forget . . . it helps you to swim . . . really, really well, like Aqua Man, or Olympic Champion Mike Phelps . . . . . Legalize weed, we create a pipe line, really, for Team USA to recruit from. Legalize it, let Phelps do commercials promoting it . . . we couldn’t fit them all in the pool.

Once again, silly-ass me, I thought, seriously, after they busted this Golden Boy, weed would be legalized the following day, because he could not be dragged down off his pedestal . . . just because he made love to a women named Mary Jane.

There’s a few reasons why that didn’t happen, because Herb-bus Ker-ner-bus is an excuse for a lot of people to profit from; first and foremost is the incestrious relationship between the gun manufactures, who have homes on Wall Street, who arm, and are in bed with organized crime – have bought, lot, stock and barrel, a number of US politicians, infiltrated and co-opted vital government departments and agencies – in order to maintain their green streams.

Pot is California’s number one crop . . . That can’t be by happenstance. More than three boarder guards on the take, at the boarder – look the other way. This can only occur if it is . . . by design, strategic, the best laid plans of both men and mice.

Weed is profitable for many, at a number of tiers and levels. . . . Consider it a consortium, a Card carrying or not formal/informal syndicate – which will not permit that legalization to take place.

The repeal of prohibition and the re-legalization of firewater undercut organized crime’s orchestration of the Black market. It would do the same here.

Alleged legit business people, supposedly illegitimate gangsters, and known crooks – politicians . . . meeting the demand of the little people.

Next, the sports establishment, the good ol’ boys will frown upon it, in-part because they understand weed is a tool in reducing the ranks of potential Black players and stars.

It’s no secret that weed usage provides the leagues with a way to weed out a certain type of player, because right or wrong, legal or illegal, weed is the drug-of-choice for most young people, most young Afro-Americans.

Not crack, not Heroine, not Coke, LSD, Meth, or mushrooms.

Mary Jane and Margo Malt.

It’s a cultural thing I think. Just like White kids want to be the Devil, or Vampires – Black kids want to be Tony Montana or Al Capone . . . dipped in chocolate. Hollywood, Death Row Records took the stereotype and made it a “characteristic” of an entire race. Racist White men planted the seed, we, us, Black folks – helped grow it into a giant Sequoia.

Still, despite a White boy, an Olympic champ being cold busted, with a bong strapped to his face – the face of weed is Black people.

The Vultures, in five grand suits and Tiger-Shark skin loafers, America’s “investor” class, would go insane if they thought prison population would plummet, and prisons would be closed.

Yes, wealthy people are betting on the incarceration of working class (poor) people to be busted and over-charged with throw-the-book-at-them Pot laws.

Last but not least – the puritans, the tight-assed better than you, holier than thou abstainers, who abstain from any Heathen pleasures, the prescription pill-poppin’ addicted prude – who want to dictate what grown people do because ” their ” father or ” their ” God told them so. You can’t have a glass of wine without being a drunk, nor can you have anal sex with your willing wife . . . . if they had their way.

My god, and what if your wife were Little Kim . . . .

As we all know, there are individuals, institutions, nations and organizations that greatly benefit from the illegal Marijuana market. What they reap is far greater then the high from a $5.00 Purple Haze blunt. The illegal drug trade has helped construct the American Empire.

And when I’m feeling low,She comes as no surprise.Turns me on with her love.Takes me to paradise.

Now, if you believe that I’m attributing way to much to Mary Jane, she does not have this type of power, influence or clout – I’d ask you to open a college text book and examine the history of Mary Jane in the US. Once more, nobody has to hide the truth, its right there in print.

William Randolph Hearst, the Newspaper tycoon, the Rupert Murdoch of his day . . . looked upon Black folks as coons, as I believe Murdoch does, nevertheless Hearst had no qualms about utilizing the racism which was blatant and rampant in, and across the US in post-WWI America.

He did it once with the Spanish . . . remember the Maine. Hearst lost 800,000 anchors of untouched forest in Mexico to the Spanish. He used his, and this nation’s dislike of darker skinned humans to start a war.

Clearly he could pimp national prejudices against Blacks too.

In an effort to ensure his personal pine forest in the US remained in demand, and the producers of everything from magazines to toilet paper didn’t switch to Hemp, which was becoming popular based on its practicality and price, Hearst had a hand in creating “Refer Madness,” the classic film produced to scare White America – the message; smoking weed prompts Black and Latino men to rape Snow flakes.

Hearst didn’t have to stir-up racism, it was already there, firmly rooted in the very fabric of the nation. Note, Coke took Coc out of Coke cause they thought it made Black men rape White women too . . . .

The conclusion I came to, and am coming to now, America’s vested in weed. Mary Jane is in to group sex, orgies, the more who want her to hang around, for whatever the reasons . . . the better.

Sure Mary Jane, just like prostitution or gambling could make even more mo-lah if it were legalized, thus taxed – she could build schools and roads, hospitals and homes for the homeless.

But if that were the case, the wrong people, everyday people would benefit, and rich people, from the Pot-pushers to the pediatricians who use it and sell it on the side . . . would not profit as much from pimping and exploiting its illegal status.

I’m in love with Mary Jane.I’m not the only one.If Mary wanna play around,I let her have her fun.She’s not the kind of girlthat you can just tie down.She likes to spread her loveand turn your head around.

The NFL could not demonize players like Mike Vick. Having a joint would be no different than having a shot of firewater. If that were the case, an invaluable tool, which is used to darken players and specifically Afro-American players would be taken away.

Marijuana is a tool, knowingly welded by the conservative establishment to tag, label, paint and taint people who tend to be much more liberal, free, open, relaxed and down-to-earth then them.

Bill Maher is right and real to be saddened by President Obama’s early rejection of the populist argument for legalizing it, it was the No. 1 question ask of the Prez during his historic Internet Conference.

The nation understands Cancer sticks and firewater do much more damage to people, but that’s fine and dandy . . .

because the right people are getting fat off it. This president, of all the presidents will feel a backlash if he steps up and does the logical thing – legalize it.

Sit back, smoke a joint, hang a minute, let this economy continue this pre-planned free-fall, at some point, the tax revenue will make Mary Jane too logical and lucrative to ignore any longer, and you’ll be able to make luv to Mary Jane . . . in public.