Straight No Chaser: Man to man, Eye to eye

By Desi Cortez
Updated: April 23, 2009

DENVER — Philly can sign as many major appliances to the “O” line as Maytag has models, like Jason Peters, added to the City of Brotherly Love warehouse to keep McNabb’s blind-side dry, but if Andy Reid does not understand how to treat the franchise QB – as a man . . . stabs the signal caller in the back, as he did this past season . . . then what’s it matter?

I don’t think Reid’s attitude is bizarre.

White men have a legacy of not knowing how to treat people, specifically people of color. Let’s stick with American History, which is replete with actions that underscore this well documented inability to treat people . . . like people.

America is an Empire based upon imperialism, colonialism, unleashed predator capitalism and the belief the world, its resources, including humans – were for their taking. Expendable and disposable . . . .

Any argument?

History 101

At this moment; furious White guys are blowing their tops, livid, because the President, having gone abroad, treated corporate America’s enemies . . . with respect.

But, dig this, not the American people’s enemies, but the enemies of American aristocrats . . . with mutual respect . . . . The Archie Bunker mentality, of which the Republican Party exemplifies, simply can’t comprehend that type of mind-set.

This arrogant view of the world is where Rush, Bush, Cheney, Beck, Hannity and McCain and the rank n’ file they speak for stand, firmly rooted. They maintain this pompous and condescending attitude, and, they believe it to be appropriate

Whoa Tex, hold your horses . . . is this not exactly how White folks treat Blacks and Latinos here, at home? They talk down to and shun genuine, authentic viewpoints of both the intelligential and the little people – in favor of moderate thought.

Irate White men prefer people of color to accept the subordinate, inferior, passive role . . . with no questions ask. Obama should maintain the pompous perspective of angry White men and treat Latin world leaders as . . . boys.

It’s this perspective which permitted Andy Reid to feel no real inclination to pull McNabb aside and say, eye-to-eye, man to man, “I don’t think you’re getting the job done, I’m pulling you” which in-it-self was wrong, but still, at least it would have been treating someone the way you want to be dealt with.

Rush Limbaugh, here in Denver , on the same station which showcases the Denver Broncos , said the President was in Trinidad/Tobago . . . ” kissing ass “.

Can you imagine the tears from these clowns had people on the “left” said those type things when “W.” kissed the asses of the Saudi Royal family, Russia’s Putin or when he sucked up in China during the Olympics . . . you’d have to strap Tampons to their cheeks to catch the tear-fall.

We would all be betraying President Bush and this nation. I honestly believe Reid’s handling of No. 5 is a vivid example of White male arrogance at work – just outside the domain of politics are business.

Clearly, without speculation or reservation, McNabb is an elite QB in this league; he’s earned the right to be treated like a man, not “the player.” Nevertheless, despite his accomplishments . . . he’s just a nigger to millions of sports-fans . . . .

Black astronauts, Quarterbacks, doctors, scientist, pilots and Presidents . . . still merely ” Niggers ” in the eye’s of Rush and the Redneck Brigades.

Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez, two characters, who I wouldn’t trust an estate to, forget a country, nevertheless, they were elected by the people, we should treat them with the same respect we treat China . . .

But instead, despite they were voted-in – under less controversy then Little Lord Flat Bush in both his presidencies, ’00 and ’04 . . . they are just “spics” in the eyes of the “Right.” Pat Buchanan, the day the story hit the fan, referred to them as “those boys down in Latin America “

Ain’t that a bitch . . . ? Yes.

But more significantly, it’s a reflection of how snobbish ol’ fearful and bitter White guys see the world, and that haughty perspective is no under-the-table secret.

Asian boys, Black boys, Spanish boys, little Indian boys . . . and gals. That’s how we people-of-color are viewed, as adult children, simply because we beg-to-differ with the belief “the sun never sets on the American Empire”

Manifest Destiny . . . is dead-on-arrival at the gates of the 21st century.

These “boys” are to be shunned. President Obama should have turned a deaf-ear and a blind- eye to these gentlemen, insulted, put them in their proper, lesser, inferior place . . . . The Republican Party is openly telling America that’s the problem . . .

President Obama treated them like equals, and, after all, there’s a measurable portion of White America . . . which struggles with treating people, especially folks they perceive as poor and of-color, you ain’t got a balloons chance at a porcupine convention.

And I think that’s it. Who is the USA to “put people in their place?”

Come the you-know-what-on. Please don’t tell me we’re not going to admit this nation has a sub-culture, daring to call it-self the “Silent Majority” struggling to stay alive, relevant and impacting . . .

The extremist among Red necks, who want to know why the Confederate Flag is an insult to Black Americans, or “why can’t we call them niggers, they call themselves that?” What’s wrong with calling President Obama the “magic negro?”

The world wonders where this country gets off telling folks who has creditability and merit – based on corporate America’s guesstimation of them.

Whether or not we’ve installed puppets who allow Coke and DuPont to pimp and exploit their resources. Just as many of us wonder who gave guys like Reid the audacity to treat grown men like children or property?

Well wonder no more, Reid’s actions mirror how most White guys see the world, as mindless subordinates, whom you can treat any way you want.