Straight No Chaser: Mad As Hell

By Desi Cortez
Updated: April 18, 2009

DENVER — Well, here we go, from this day forward the term “Tea Party” has a new meaning . . . as does tea-bagging . . .

From my perspective; the USA’s pastimes ought not be packaged, bundled, grouped nor wrapped in the same radio station lineup as . . . tea bagging Texas Governor Rick Perry.

This clown announced, on Tea Party day, his state could/should leave the union, in protest of the downward direction they loudly and fanatically proclaim President Obama is taking the country.

Of course my opinion is tossed in the asshole category, because everyone’s got one, and mines to be ignored. Ain’t that a bitch . . . .?

Alas, I’m just another ass, my thoughts are irrelevant to the NBA, the NFL, Major League Baseball and the NCAA. These American sports establishments could care less if their products are tethered to specific propaganda machines which propel this type of Benedict Arnold message of hatred to millions, via AM talk Radio.

Some of the same media-stages which host their products . . . are the same media monopolies who also give life to a fabricated movement of disgruntled angry White folks who can’t accept their side, their man . . . lost in the last political derby.

Instead they’re talking . . . civil war? Secession, breaking away from the Empire.

This connection, on a kindergarten level, an unethical working business relationship between America’s official pastimes and the major corporations in sports media – who, for their day-time duties, amplify the gripes and complaints of the hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity and Glen Beck – who’ve one n’ all endorsed Tea Parties.

Rush is buddies with a few NFL owners, I wonder which ones support Rush and his Tea Parties?

True be it, there are a few stories coming hot off the sports press, but, behind the scene, there’s a scene, this scene, which goes unseen, and, what’s “hiding – in plain sight,” is un-seemingly seedy and sinister – the sports world, complicit, in-bed-with the anger-filled Tea Party movement.

Tea Parties you say? What are they, Junior Klan meetings? A Klan Lite rally? The anti-people-of- color viewpoints shared between Klansmen and these patriotic Minute men . . . all that’s missing are the sheets, burning crosses and KKK decoder rings.

Here, I’m just kidding, kind of, sort of, in way . . . nonetheless, all the video of these Tea Party rallies appeared to resemble the Republican convention . . . lily White.

Tea Parties were once a grass roots effort – legitimately opposing taxes and big government. But today, this movement has been co-opted by Neo-Con-artist , who now have the helm.

Disgruntled FOX News orchestrated and manipulated these pretend parties to oppose the president, and the majority of Americans who voted for him.

These are White people who don’t like, trust nor respect most colored Americans, of any color. None of us are true-blue Americans, don’t turn your back on us.

Integration, diversity, equality -all bad words; they’re still not ready. Reverse Discrimination is a big issue with them. As well as they are mortified that the culture of America is changing . . . for the bad, very bad.

These Tea Parties are, nothing more then a cloaked objection to a “Black man . . . of-the people” leading the USA. A continuation of the 08 Presidential Games.

A punk-ass effort by sore losers to organize those who were in opposition of Obama, many who hated liberals and the notion of a liberal led nation, but now, because of Obama, playing Con-Funk-Shun, Lakeside, The Isley Brothers . . . Maybe even a little vintage Parliament, Chocolate City late at night . . . they now truly hate “big Government.”

If you fear and hate Obama, is it not a given – you fear and hate the people who brought him to power?

Tea Parties are a “we don’t like . . . anybody but . . . white people” sentiment come to life, comprised almost entirely of . . . angry White people, who’re horrified this nation is no longer Country n’ Western 24/7, 365/52.

Alarmed Elvis can never be propped up as “king” again, certain there will never be another Larry Bird . . . they’ve camouflaged their Trojan Horse, dipped it in red, white n’ blue and stuffed the Good Book in her saddle, their shared group thought . . . “this Nigger must go. “

They shudder the thought of James Brown blasting out of the west wing library . . . Get up on the good foot. How did they coordinate and orchestrate these Tea Parties?

The internet, AM radio and Fox News. Don’t take my word; check out the station you catch the game on, any game during the week day mornings, mid-days and after noon drive home hours; I flippin’ guarantee, behind the mic, it’s an angry Euro-American male . . . bitching about all the irreversible damage Obama’s done to America, in less then 90 days.

Complaining about his socialist / fascist / pinko-commi black militant 1968 agenda. And these little get-togethers are their first step in taking back their nation.

These Pied Pipers are pissed at the peace-nicks who oppose the police action in Iraq, deeming them weak, one and all, now keep in mind, this comes, more times then not, from a Chicken -Hawk.

This cat also hates illegal aliens from Mars-i-co, he see’s little Brown people, the people here before the Europeans . . . discovered them. They belittle the inner-city, and despise the United Nations. Today they are having fits because Obama has been gracious and courteous overseas with a world the Republicans look down on.

Yes, AM Talk radio is where Real Americans go to vent their dissatisfaction with the gentleman in the White House.

The guy on the Radio six hours before the Chiefs and Browns game, want’s abortion to be a hangin’ crime, least for the wench . . . and prayer mandatory in school.

He’s fanning the kitchen flames by catering to another slice of White America – those scared sheet-less a piece of their pay-check is paying the Cadillac note every month for some “Black welfare princess” whose man is in jail for raping a White women . . .

Sorry, my dad said tell the truth, he didn’t say a damn thing remotely close to . . . “and be polite.”

Here it is, in a nut-sack, or shell; Well paid, Black male athletes underwrite hate radio, they make it possible, if not lucrative for wealthy, conservative white men, who get-out their message, on the backs of Blacks.

Uniformed Black tools . . . uninformed prostitutes, the money-makers for the corporate station owners. Physically gifted puppets, who’d never bring this obvious point-up, it might cause a disruption in their personal cash flow.

So instead, they’re going to allow themselves to be used to advance a movement which has as a unspoken goal . . . civil war, a “taking back” of America by the true blue Patriotic Rednecks, and I employ that term with . . . some measure of respect, think Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis in the “Defiant Ones” . . .

NASCAR Dads who honestly think they’re fighting for “Joe Six- Pack”, but instead, they’re being pimped and exploited by the upper-tier of the “Investor Class”, the aspiring to be The Donald or Thurston Howell III.

Diabolically, their ranks are littered with White guys who hate . . . everybody. The thought, just the visual of the first lady in the Black House, gettin’ her grove on to “Say it loud . . . I’m Black and proud . . . .”

Adding a swift kick to the crotch of the sportsfan of color, on top of this spitting in the face and stabbing in the back, the same sports radio station holders, like Clear Channel, which has direct ties to conservative politicians, has struggled against putting out the “other side of the argument” the viewpoints of the other side of the city, state . . . country.

Yes, Black athletes make possible angry white guy propaganda. Sports are the bread and butter for many of these broadcast companies. If players objected to performing on the same stage as men who are fanning the flames of racism, presidential assassination . . . they might shine a light before someone points a rifle. . . .

They could recognize this conflict of interest, approach their respective player unions and point out it pains them to be personally responsible for fattening the wallets of men who enthusiastically amplify a message considered standing-on-the-edge of advocating a armed bloody revolt.

They can request that the league they play for, and make highly profitable . . . feel likewise, and take their business somewhere else, where advocating racism and sexism and classism is not the foundation of a national broadcasting company.

If not . .