Sanchez squeezes out a victory

By Tom Donelson
Updated: April 11, 2009

Boxing Gloves IOWA CITY — Puerto Rican prospect Hector Sanchez came into his fight with Demarcus Corley as a fighter with much to show and DeMarcus Corley was simply fighting for his career.

Corley has fought best fighters in the junior Welterweight but the reason that Team Sanchez picked Corley because they believed that he was a finished fighter at 34.

Having lost six of his last eight fights, Corley faced a career spiraling from being a contender to a mere opponent.

Corley’s problem was two-fold. The first was that Hector Sanchez stood over six feet and had a big reach for which Corley needed to penetrate.

The second problem, Corley was a boxer and not used to be the pursuer. He had to change his instinct and stay right on Sanchez’s chest.

In the opening round, Sanchez fail to use his height to its fullest advantage as Corley found that he could penetrate the taller Puerto Rican fighter defenses and showed Sanchez that he wasn’t quite finished as a fighter.

In the opening minute of the third round, a right hand hook sent the younger Sanchez sprawling on the canvas. Sanchez spent the next two minutes running and Corley chasing.

From this point, Corley appeared to have the advantage as he repeatedly sat on Sanchez’s chest but he made a crucial error.

He would trap Sanchez on the rope or pound him with body combinations but he would retreat before starting the process all over.

Those moments that he moved out of Sanchez’s range, he allowed Sanchez to stay in the fight and use his height to counter Corley.

Both fighters essentially connected on the same amount of punches, but Corley was the more active whereas Sanchez more accurate.

Corley fought the fight on his term, but he did just enough to allow the judges to award the decision to the undefeated Sanchez.

In fights of this magnitude, prospects get the advantages of close rounds against the grizzly veteran on the down side.

Sanchez got the benefit of the doubt in close rounds and every round from the fourth round to the final stanza were close rounds.

Corley may have won the fight in the ring but by occasionally retreating, he gave Sanchez enough opportunity to counter attack.

As for Sanchez, he showed that he had much to learn as he failed to use his height to its fullest advantage. He has an excellent uppercut which proved to an effective punch but he needs to use his jab more effectively plus he appeared confuse at times by Corley’s southpaw stances.

As for Corley, he had his opportunity to take control of the fight but he allowed Sanchez off the hook. Sanchez won his 18th fight but he still showed that he is far from being a contender.

In the main event, David Lopez fought Ossie Duran in a battle of top ten Middleweights but it was not a battle of elites. This fight featured an ironic twist.

Lopez, the bigger fighter with more knockouts, played boxer and Duran, who had only nine knockouts in 23 wins, was the considered the slugger.

And both fighters played those roles to its perfection.

Lopez moved side to side and often confused Duran. When Lopez stood in front of Duran, he allowed Duran to nail him with straight rights.

While Duran was the lighter puncher, he was the aggressor throughout the fight and it was Lopez who feared Duran power; not the other way around.

Sometimes statistics don’t tell the whole truth and sometimes what is on paper will not be reflected in the ring.

Lopez fought as a Middleweight most of his career and even fought as light heavyweight. Duran began as a junior welterweight and he was fighting at his highest weight.

With these stats in mind, it would be assume that Lopez would win by knockout but never in this fight did he have Duran in trouble but then Duran never could seriously threaten his bigger opponent.

Lopez won a unanimous decision and his goal of fighting for a portion of the junior Middleweight division within reach. He moved down to the junior Middleweights for he felt that a junior Middleweight title could be more easily obtained.

In the Middleweight division, he did not have the firepower to beat either Kelly Pavlik or Arthur Abraham, the two best fighters in the division.

As his fight with Duran demonstrated, he is not bringing increase power against the smaller fighters that he will be facing. So it will be up to his boxing skills to win that coveted championship.