Straight No Chaser: To Serve & Protect?

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 28, 2009

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Ryan Moats outside hospital

Ryan Moats outside hospital

DENVER — What else! What else could one of the Dallas Police departments finest, officer Robert Powell have had in mind when he detained and harassed Ryan Moats . . . one of the Houston Texans Finest? This weasel pulled his piece on Mrs Moats . . . and her aunt, two women running into a hospital.

How low can a man go? Have these bastards no sense of decency? Was Moats and his family merely “Gorillas in the Mist”, the popular term the LAPD use to describe Blacks . . . .

Thank God for technology, because, if this incident were not documented on video . . . then we’d have a case where “the big Black man scared me” or “I thought he was reaching for a gun, that’s why I shot him 6 times, point blank . . . in the back.” Another Rodney King defense .

And this young man handled this situation with class and tact . . . but was not as contrite as Powell wanted him. Moats needed to be as humble, as truly sorry and remorseful as the sports writers and PETA want Vick to be with Lord Goodell . . . begging, do a little jig maybe.

Welcome to America.

So evidently having a Black man in the Oval Office – does not change the national landscape. President Obama can’t legislate morality, nor change the hearts and minds of men like Officer Powell. Oh, I know, race had nothing to do with this – is that the company line? The Moats do.

Granted I don’t think cops like anybody really. . . and the poorer you are, the less they like you. But history displays the special rage cops maintain for Blacks. I see firemen as natural born helpers, while I see about 30% or so of police officers being in the profession to simply help. Most are there because it’s a license to be an asshole, exert the power they’ve never been able to garner in everyday life.

And the false authority to whip a Black man’s ass, to detain him while his mother-in-law dies a few hundred feet a way. Oh, I know, it’s just his baby’s momma’s momma, it’s not as authentic and legit as that of others.

Instead, the baton is an extension of their small penis, The gun, badge, uniform supply them with credibility and respect far too many of them can’t attain any other way. Sorry, but that’s how millions of Americans from all walks of life see this form of over-the-top authority.

Law enforcement attracts a certain kind of individual.

When I see this type of incident play out, and I couple it with the execution of Oscar Grant in Oaktown by another angry White . . . . law enforcement agent – it forces me to recognize the fact – this type of inhuman, evil, spiteful behavior, which seems to lie right beneath the surface, was “business as usual” 40 or fifty years ago. This would not be “news” in Dallas, circa 1959.

Restraint. That’s what Black Americans my age and younger have grown up in. White folks controlling this type of attitude and behavior . . . .because of societal pressure and laws which said you can’t do this to people. Officer Powell’s attitude was typical a half century ago, and I submit it’s more rampant now then anyone wants to admit.

This leads me to ponder, out loud, “How long can they keep it up?”

I don’t believe too much longer. Obama’s victory didn’t send angry White men into hiding, there not regrouping, trying to present a kinder, gentler image. No instead they are talking about “Tea Partys” gatherings where they can weigh and measure the most effective way to take back, get this -”their country” – by either the ballot . . . or the bullet.

Is it far-fetched to believe Powell’s on Rush’s side, and he wants to use bullets?

And I can’t help but wonder; the men in the posse after Mike Vick, the officers, Lawyers, investigators, judges – do they see the world like Officer Powell does? The guys in the Justice department, who want to tack Bond’s ass to the wall . . . do they see the world like Officer Powell?

Is the only good nigger . . . a dead nigger?

Is this the mind set of the Sin City Pigs? The legal system in Vegas which “got” OJ, do they see the world like Officer Powell? I know, call me cynical, but I just don’t see Powell as an oddity within the force, any force, from Fargo to Key Largo, Boston to Austin . . . this is the American police officer, the cop (constable on patrol) in the car, on the corner.

Yeah, Mark Furman, the cop who lied in the OJ case, the irrelevant, lesser criminal trail . . . he’s the average, everyday officer who really does not like people, and hates people of color.

To protect and serve who? That’s the question we all know the answer to. Moats and his family weren’t worth serving. Powell was protecting the community from their kind.

Now sit back and watch the Conservatives with a pen in their hand, the guys sitting behind a mic, maybe in-front of a TV camera – they’ll begin to rationalize, minimize, slight and ultimately justify this sad Tragic moment. They’ll dismiss race had anything to do with it . . .

Yet they’ll point out how in certain neighborhoods or with certain citizens . . . one has to exercise extreme caution . These apologist, who if they can defend Big George and little Dick Cheney, if they can declare they want this president to fail, the nation to fail, well then . . . they can defend this punk.

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