Straight No Chaser: Speaking in Tongues

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 22, 2009

DENVER — Pat White, former field general at West Virginia, may well turn out to be the best Quarterback in the 2009 NFL Draft, make no mistake about it.

What’s in question – the guts of the teams who’re in dire need of a signal caller, but yet may pass on this Alpha-Male because he’s an athletic quarterback.

Here, I speak Red-neck-lish, translation – he’s Black.

“Athletic” is code for Black. Check your NASCAR decoder Watch. So White’s ability to play other positions on the field . . . somehow negates his ability to play the position he’s chosen and excelled at?

His vast abilities . . . now turn into a liability? How?

When the pocket breaks down, which they do, Pat White can actually make a play with his running skills. And it is a skill to run. Not just any and everybody can do what . . . Mike Vick will be doing. Most non-athletic (White) QB’s can’t.

I think the game of pro football had better get used to the reality – most black quarterbacks – are going to be well rounded athletes – who can play other positions and other sports even.

Apparently that’s how god made some of us. And forgive me, but I detect a hint of envy, spite, resentment, hostility even.

I think the term most befitting of a player like Pat White is “multi-faceted” – equipped with all the tools. The ability to multi-task; organize, communicate, execute, then improvise, adapt and over come, and usually with style, flavor, and a-little color.

Versatile, resourceful, flexible.

Mike Tomlin, Head Coach of the best team in the NFL, not to mention, but a friend and supporter of President Obama, “I think sometimes we penalize athletic quarterbacks by projecting them potentially in other spots. There is nothing that this guy has done in four years that’s proven that he can’t play the position.”

Once again, since I’m multi-tongued . . . translation; The league steers Black signal callers to other less prestigious, visible, central positions on the team. Why? Marketing, selling the product, which is the team, how easy/difficult is that with a Black QB as the face of the organization?

How’s that play with fans and sponsors?

Let’s try again today to lay this argument to rest; no, White is not a White QB, which means he has the ability to play the game – beyond the typical talent levels of either a QB or kicker.

Yes, Pat White could play Receiver in the NFL, and he could provide a team with a threat when in the Wildcat formation, but that’s no reason to assign him the over-used Kordell Stewart “Slash” label.

“Once you’re labeled by the press or people as a runner, then they want you to be Antwaan Randle El or Kordell ‘Slash’ Stewart,” says West Virginia coach Bill Stewart. “This guy (White) can play quarterback. … This guy is a quarterback.”

As Malcolm X said; “Don’t let anybody label you – labels can kill you.” They can surely kill an NFL career. At West Virginia , White set an NCAA career record for quarterbacks by running for 4,385 yards, but he also threw for 6,049 yards.

Consider what young Mr. White has done to illustrate that he can play the field general position in the NFL. In December, he hit 26-32 passes for a career-high 332 yards and three TDs in a 31-30 win vs. North Carolina in the Meineke Bowl. Game’s MVP.

The year opened with Jack Frost in Town, the Senior Bowl, White led two touchdown drives, one concluded by his 39-yard pass. Game MVP.

February at the NFL get-together, he brought the heat with him and pin-point accuracy on a array of passes, under, deep, and across the field throws. Last week when West Virginia seniors worked out for a couple dozen NFL teams, White had another impressive day thru the air.

There’s no reason to penalize White for having an arsenal of weapons, there’s no reason to limit his options and possibilities in the league. Honestly, who would do such a thing?

Who . . . ? Well, sports writers, fans, sponsors, owners . . . this country, this sports nation inside America has had documented issues with Black QB’s.

Rush Limbaugh Ditto-Heads, or rather Dumbasses, who happen to love to watch the leather-heads throw the pigskin around, and are determined to see the game of football not become totally blackened, NBA-lized by Afro-American players.

Just as they’re not “ready” for a Black President, they just can’t wrap their arms around a Black QB. And who wishes to debate the barefaced truth, about 35% of this nation is not ready.

President Obama is taking on at least a half-a-dozen of this nation’s headaches; education, health care, the economy, energy, the war and the environment . . . and the ol’guard, the Republicans are attacking him for biting-off more then he can chew.

I’d suggest they’re publically underestimating Obama, and privately they fear him, they understand he eclipsed the low expectations they had for him . . . when he didn’t end up dead or in jail 30 years ago.

Obama understands; a man . . . without a plan – is not a man.

Like Pat White, No. 44 Obama can run and throw. He can bull it up the middle for a first down, he can stand tall in the pocket, behind the podium, read the defense, and deliver the message with pin-point accuracy. He has the mobility to roll out, break and scatter the defense – connect down the field. He has the rare combo of both speed and power . . . and it scares his opponents.

Not Obama or Pat White can heal the sick, nor raise the dead. But . . . what the haters refuse to grasp is . . . both men has the “will” to do so. They’ll go much farther than the low-expectations some folks have for them.

Like a number of NFL head coaches, the President’s planned out what he was going to do in the first quarter of his term. He’s no more just “throwing up the ball for grabs” then Culpepper was when he connected with Randy Moss . . . that summation was just the below-the-belt jab writers and fans took . . . just because they could.

The accusation Obama is “trying to do to much” is just the slow-jab delivered by Republicans because they can’t stop this guy. They know they don’t have a plan, a man or a Palin who can compete with President Obama.

The Republican Party, a mere collection of antiques which looks like America – circa 1940, no women or colored people allowed, is in a desperate search for a political “Great White Hope” to dethrone Obama – it is just that simple.

At the moment, weighing in at 336 pounds, about a 6.6 Forty time, benched his weight – well he can’t. Vertical 6. Worth a quarter billion dollars . . . . the angry white guys champion . . .

Can I tell the truth? Women and children love Obama, old people love him, the Germans, Jews and Arabs love him. The world loves Obama. He’s pretty . . .

he’s a b-a-d m-a-n! He’s a b-a-d-m-a-n. He shook up the countr, he’s gonna shake up the world.

And he will continue to shake up the world if . . . Rush, Beck and the Texas Ranger fail to gather a lynch-mob outside the White House. If the assassination attempts remain political and not physical, but alas, this is America.

Obama brings to the Oval Office that rare ability to both walk and chew gum at the same time, something guys like McCain and W. can’t do. The man’s obtained a Ivy League education far superior to most Americans. He’s got street sense, a degree from the U of Hard Knocks, which means he can run and throw with equal precision. He’s not rattled easily.

Pat White has proven he can beat you with his arm, legs, mind and heart, what more does he have to do to convince the GOP, er’ sorry, the nay-sayers, who remarkably just happen to be . . . white guys, Republicans, who question if he has the mental aptitude to play QB

Well, hold up – why does this kid have to convince the sports establishment he can play the position of Quarterback? A element which has resisted the evolution of the Black player, specifically Black QB’s.

Who thinks he’s just does not fit at the QB position? Who’s not comfortable with him behind center?

Hang tight, this is critical, because this argument is rooted in the pre-Civil War conceived notion – “Black men don’t have the facilities to lead . . .” To play such a thinking alpha-male position.” Therefore, these doubts are clearly, undeniably a reflection of this country’s overt racist attitudes of yesteryear, which seem to be lingering, like a gray and red confederate funk . . . .

So who has to get beyond those perceptions? White men? How long will this growth and maturity take? When will they judge other people by what they bring to the butcher-block?

And not the color of their skin? Are the same individuals who aren’t ready for Obama, cut from the same white sheet as the ones not ready for Pat White?