Straight No Chaser: Done, over, end of story…

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 4, 2009

DENVER — Just because she loves to make love to you . . . doesn’t mean she really loves you.” And, just because they cheer for you, sometimes . . . sure-as-hell doesn’t mean they love you either.

It’s over. Donovan McNabb has gone far-beyond the call-of-duty, far-beyond his draft class peers, far-beyond the very low expectations of small-minded sportsfans who believed he’d never be able, capable to read defenses, settle down in the pocket, check down, look-off or ever grow-up even.

I need not drag in some gridiron stat geek to make the argument; McNabb’s numbers – as good as the best. At his current pace, if he never slips on a Super Bowl ring – he’s Canton bound.

If he, God willing, leaves Philly, goes to say the Vikings, and brings with him five, six maybe seven playoff appearances over the coming seasons – he’s in Canton like……. And, if he does when a Super Bowl – Canton is an after-thought.

What I’ve lightly laid out, his body of work – it’s the truth, the Hall Of Fame is No. 5’s destiny. Yet, noting the disrespectful way he’s been treated by the fanatical fans and the mean and hateful sports writers in Philadelphia, you’d never guess he was a QB of that caliber with a grade A- resume.

This season has, at least for me, I don’t know about McNabb, but for me . . . this was it, I don’t need to be called Boy or nigger to realize that’s what people in the erroneously title town of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Luv think of McNabb.

Yes, Yes, Yes, that is exactly what they call him in backyards and bowling alleys across the town, and I could give a damn about the denials that sharp sentiment will garner.

The Benching of McNabb was a slap-in-the-face. The detached manner in which way Reid dismissed his boy to the bench was . . . bitch-like.

But, most significantly, this paternal reaction, the sports media’s version; Reid knew how to handle his horse/man, intuitively knew all McNabb required was to be settled down, for No. 5 was on an emotional roller-coaster.

He just needed to be put back in his place, told who’s running the show, that whole great white plantation grandfather crap which still feeds insecure white guys fragile egos, strokes them while saying ” you’re still the man, you’re still in control.”

Surprise, surprise, surprise – I’m not going to accept that theory . . . .

Hang on, ponder it from this perspective; Jay Cutler, the temperamental southern belle here in Denver is vexed – his name has been possibly mentioned in trade rumors . . . A couple of years in the league, you’ve lost more then you’ve won, and you’re offended that your name may be being bantered about behind closed NFL doors . . .

How do you think McNabb feels?

I guess in Cutty’s mind, trade rumors, benchings may happen to McNabb . . . but he’s different. Gee, even I was somewhat surprised to see his name pop up in trade rumors because the press and fans have already sanctified this kid as the Golden Boy.

“They want me to come in and talk to ’em but I’m not doing it right now; I’m going to lay low,” said Cutler. “The [Broncos] deny everything. That’s a problem. We know for a fact they tried to trade me.”

Damn, it’s as if he’d better not go to Bronco headquarters or he might kick somebody’s ass, starting with Josh “Boy” McDaniels or Ol’ Man Bowlen.

“I’m upset. I mean, I’m really shocked at this point,” Cutler told The Denver Post. “I could see why they want Cassel. I don’t know if they think I can’t run the system or I don’t have the skills for it. Or if they don’t think they can sign me with my next contract. I just don’t know what it is. I’ve heard I’m still on the trading block.”

If Jay Cutler is bitching and moaning, about being Jay Cutler, I submit he couldn’t walk 50 yards in a Black Quarterbacks skin; Vince Young was the league’s Rookie Of The Year, he did lead his team to the playoffs, and now he’s an after-thought in the minds of all the talking heads. They’ve dismissed him, demoted him to a non-thinking position – Tight End, or, the Ha-Ha Hotel for Unstable Superstars.

Daunte Culpepper and Byron Leftwich . . . now gleefully described as disgruntled disenfranchised ex-franchise players by condescending sportswriters and fans – who devalued them from the on-set of their careers.

Respect? Cutler’s crying about being disrespected . . . give-me-a-blinking-break son. Go win a couple of Division Championships, get to the conference title games once or twice . . . and then have your abilities and toughness questioned constantly as McNabb has his.

The game has dissed, disregarded and dismissed better that Jay Cutler.

This is the NFL, not Pro Tiddly-Winks, Twister nor Battle Ship. This is not an X-Sport like Extreme Badminton or Extreme Kite Flying or Extreme Marbles. JC had better take some of those millions given a Great White Hope of his stature – and go purchase some thicker gator-skin . . . another testicle perhaps or a chest plate.

It’s as if Cutler’s insulted. As if . . . he thought himself anointed, above such gamesmanship. Might Jay have gotten spoiled after just a couple of seasons, got use to . . . preferential treatment?

Yeah, McNabb is on target, leaving an imprint with his lingering comments related to the “double standards” and the gauntlet Black QB’s have to scramble thru.

More-so, McNabb, whose been treated much worse then Cutler, yet achieved much more, at least ought to pack his Samsonite . . . give the people of Philly what they want . . . a QB the fans are a little more comfortable with.

What’s wrong with the BYU Mormon Tabernacle choir boy they drafted last year , he’ll fit much better.

Hey, with Brain Dawkins and Correll Buckhalter now here in the Mile High Metropolis, maybe McNabb ought to think about reinventing “The Three Amigos” . . . . Cutler for McNabb. It’s a lopsided trade . . . and I don’t think the Denver fans could stomach it.