Dirrell wins, Hearns upset

By Tom Donelson
Updated: March 29, 2009

Boxing GlovesIOWA CITY — Andre Dirrell went into his SHOBOX fight with Derrick Findley with visions of future championship dream and the muscular Derrick Findley was the obstacle in his way.

>Dirrell began the first round with jabs after jabs and near the end of the round, Findley got nailed by a Dirrell straight left. He then retreated under a barrage of punches.

>Dirrell smoked Findley with vicious body shots and he barely made it back to his corner. Findley felt that his nose was broken but he decided to fight the second round.

>In the early second round, another straight left staggered and Dirrell moved into a orthodox stance as he unleashed combination of punches including a ferocious left hook.

>Findley fought the second round with his hands up and no desire to throw a punch; least he gets nailed by a Dirrell’s barrage. Round three and four saw Dirrell played with Findley as a cat plays with a mouse as he jabbed, move around and then pot shot his opponent but there was no doubt that Findley had no business being in the same ring as Dirrell.

>In between rounds, Findley told his corner, “I am getting the crap beaten out of me.” A >s the sixth round began, Steve Farhood observed that there is no evidence that Findley will win but he decided to move forward and give it a go as he charged Dirrell, including rapping him with a series of body shots.

>But as the round progressed, Dirrell righted the ship and the patterns of the early rounds resumed with Dirrell easily getting the best of it. The fight ended when Findley did not get off his stool for the seventh round.

>Harry Joe Yorgey job was to be the opponent to more known Ronald Hearns and while he was the underdog, he had as many wins as his opponent and no defeats on his record.

>Not blessed with great power, Yorgey goal was to get inside of Hearns and force Hearns to fight backwards. The first two rounds, Ronald Hearns looked like his father, Tommy “The Hit Man” Hearns as he nailed Yorgey with left jabs after left jabs.

>Yorgey could not move inside until the third round when he finally turn the fight in his direction as he caught Hearns with right hands from the inside position. Hearns retreated and looked uncomfortable fighting on the inside.

>In the fourth round, a Yoregy right hand sent Hearns sprawling on the canvas but Hearns got back up and as the round ended, he not only recovered but he even managed to send Yorgey down with a left hook and salvage the round,keeping it from being a 10-8 round in Yorgey’s favor.

>The fifth round was Yorgey as another right sent Hearns face down and Hearns barely beat the count. He had the momentum in his favor but in the sixth and most of the seventh, Yorgey did not press his advantage and Hearns jab allowed him not only to stay in the fight but capture the rounds.

>The eighth was a round in which both fighters had their momentum but the ninth round saw Hearns return to his jabbing form. For most of the round, Hearns’ jab kept Yorgey at a distance and it appeared that he finally had the momentum in his favor.

>With 20 seconds left, Yorgey’s right hand slipped over a Hearns left jab and Hearns was caught going straight back. Hearns spin around and Yorgey left hook sent Hearns reeling.

>Hearns’ legs wobbled and another combination sent him to the canvas. As the bell ring, the referee continued to count, “five, six, seven, eight” and as the referee reached ten; it was over.

>For Yorgey, this was a big night for he had a big name on his record. There is no evidence that either fighter are elite fighters but only time will tell if that is the case. Hearns has impressive knockout record but he is not his dad.

>A fighter who has been brought along slowly, Hearns showed that he had much to learn. One loss does not end a career plus many great boxers learn from their losses and move up to the next level.

>Will Hearns learn from this lost and move to the next level or has he reached his level? Only the future will tell but Yorgey now has made a name for himself and earn some bigger fights.

>Dirrell showed his brilliance at times but there was time when he simply looked satisfied to simply box and move against an inferior opponent. It was hard to judge Dirrell on this fight since he easily outclassed his opponent but one got the feeling that he could have stopped this fight anytime.