Bute wins by KO over Zuniga

By Tom Donelson
Updated: March 14, 2009

Boxing GlovesIOWA CITY — Lucian Bute defended his version of the Super Middleweight championship (the IBF version) against the Colombian veteran Zulgencio Zuniga .

In his last fight, Bute came within 15 seconds of losing a fight against Librado Andrade, as Andrade nearly knocked Bute out in the last round.

Now Bute found himself against another tough hombre in Zuniga, who not only can take a punch but is one of those fighters who throw punches in bunches.

The opening round proved cautious as both fighters felt each other out but as the round progressed, Bute’s right hand jab from his familiar southpaw stance found its target as Zuniga’s head caught a few jabs in the last minute of the round.

Bute appeared to have recovered from his near loss as he stood in Zuniga’s pocket. He stepped up his pace in the second round as he threw free shots after free shots.

Zuniga failed to get untracked in the second stanza as he failed to get out of the way of Bute’s punches and looked bewildered at how to counter Bute.

In the third round, Bute’s boxing skills started to take hold as he moved from angle to angle as he easily connected on his jab followed up with solid left to the head and body.

The most effective punch in the round was a Bute uppercut that snapped Zuniga’s head back. He looked even more confused as he rarely threw punches and never could get off any effective combinations.

He looked paralyzed against Bute.

Bute began the fourth as he ended the third as he boxed and moved effectively. Halfway through the round, he landed a body shot to Zuniga’s solar plexis and Zuniga went down as his face contorted in pain.

With 1:30 remaining, Zuniga struggled to get up and barely beat the count. Bute landed a five punch combination to Zuniga as he forced a retreating Zuniga to the rope.

Zuniga attacked with one last flurry including a wild right and a left hook to the body but none of the punches had any effect upon the champion.

Bute threw a volley of punches and once again forced Zuniga to the rope and this time, there was not escape. The referee stopped the fight.

The Super Middleweight division is not glamorous division but yet there are some fine fighters at the top of the division.

Mikkel Kessler is the best fighter of the division and his only lost was to Joe Calzaghe, an all time great. With 41 victories with the only one loss, Kessler is one of the best boxer-puncher in boxing today but below him are some young fighters.

The top fighters in this division are not Americans and that hurts its appeal in the states but all of these fighters fight in full houses outside of the states.

The good news is that there are some Americans fighters ready to take on these champions.

Jermain Taylor is a name fighter who is getting ready to fight for a championship against the undefeated Carl Froch and young fighters Andre Dirrell and Andre Ward are waiting for their turn.

Bute showed the talent that exist at the top of the Super Middleweights and if these fighters start to fight each others; we are going to see some great fights.