Brothers In Arms

By Tom Donelson
Updated: March 22, 2009

Boxing Gloves IOWA CITY — This weekend merely confirmed what I wrote recently, the best heavyweights are the Klitshcko brothers. Vitali Klitschko took care of Juan Carlos Gomez with a dominating performance.

Klitschko had suffered through nearly four years of injuries before coming back against the hard punching Samuel Peter in his last fight. After making mincemeat of Peter, Klitschko took on the Cuban Gomez.

In the first round, Gomez won the round with three clean lefts but he was simply being led into a trap. Klitschko is one of those tall fighters who fight tall and he throws out his jab in a pawing fashion while waiting for the right time to unleash his powerful right. Gomez eventually felt the full blow of the Vitali’s right.

Gomez, knowing the power of that right hand, fought in a cautious matter and this cautious method of fighting gave Klitshcko all the edge that he needed. By the second round, Gomez started to clinch more and Klitschko landed more emphatically and by the fourth, Gomez’s right eye began swelling.

At beginning of the fifth round, a Klitshcko’s right open up Gomez right eye into a bloody deluge but Gomez continued to move forward only to get nailed by more Klitshcko’s sledgehammer.

By the eighth round, Klitschko took final control of the fight as he staggered Gomez near the end of the round. In the ninth round, Klitschko landed a left and a right that shook Gomez, forcing Gomez to clinch. Bleeding from both eyes, Gomez faced his demise.

A Klitschko right put Gomez down for the count of seven but this only delayed the inevitable. Klitschko assaulted Gomez one final time along the ropes. With Gomez hanging on the rope, the referee stopped the fight at the 1:49 minute mark.

This fight proved that there are the Klitschko’s brothers and there are the others.

Wladimir is the best heavyweight and his older brother, Vitali the second best. It could easily be argued that Klitschko’s brothers are just one fighter since both brothers have already indicated that they are perfectly willing to share the various heavyweight divisions.

There is no real threat to the Klitschkos’ domination at the moment. Nicolay Valuev, the big Russian, would be nothing more than target practice for either Wladimir or Vitali and the other Russian champion Ruslan Chagaev is not a serious challenger to the Klitschko’s brother.

Alexander Dimitrenko, Alexander Povetkin or former Cruiserweight champion David Haye are future challengers but right now they would be the underdog and American brawler Chris Arreola is not quite ready for the challenge. So for the moment, the Heavyweight division is the property of the Ukrainian brothers.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic Ocean in Pensacola, Florida; Roy Jones, Jr. proved that against lesser opponent, he can push back time and look like the champion of old.

There was a time that Omar Sheika was a contender for the Super Middleweight title and Roy Jones, Jr. was the best pound for pound fighter. At the age of 40, Roy Jones, Jr. is still a top ten light heavyweight but as his last fight against Joe Calzaghe showed, he is no longer the great Roy Jones.

As for Sheika, he is merely an opponent with his best days long past him. Even though he was the younger fighter, he looked like the older fighter as Jones showered Sheika with quick combinations.

Jones had too much speed and power for Sheika. The fight was stopped in the fifth round as Jones won his 53rd fight. On the same card, Cruiserweight contender B.J. Flores won a easy unanimous decisions over Jose Luis Herrera.

In other key fights this past weekend, the very dangerous Edison Miranda hammered Uganda fighter Joey Vegas with the dream of fighting the winner of the Carl Froch-Jermain Taylor bout. Miranda sent Vegas down twice in the third round before ending the fight in the fifth.

Miranda did what Miranda likes to do, search and destroy. His two defeats to Middleweights champion Arthur Abraham has sent the Colombian fighter north to the Super Middleweight division where he hopes to fulfill one of his goals; fighting Jermain Taylor.

(Of course, this is dependent of Taylor beating the undefeated British fighter Carl Froch.)

This weekend saw clarification of the heavyweight division as the heavyweight division is merely the property of the Klitschko’s brother and Roy Jones, Jr. is still a good fighter but the days of Jones being a great fighter are now past.

Roy Jones, Jr. promoted a combination boxing and Mixed Martial Arts bouts and showed that his future lies not in what he does in the ring but outside the ring as a promoter.