Straight No Chaser: Snap Judgements

By Desi Cortez
Updated: February 26, 2009

Carl Eller

Carl Eller

DENVER — Barry Bonds . . . they’re going after him – making an example of him. Same thing goes for Vick. And the same for OJ this 3rd time around. Plaxico, same thing.

Jim Brown, they had to try to take away the elder statesman/gladiator’s dignity. They damn near took away Joe Louis’s manhood . . .

To be made an example of . . . .

Same for Jack Johnson – Uncle Sam tried to take away his manhood. Redd Foxx – IRS, same thing. Any occupation, any time or place a Black man who’s attained his goals, and with that – success, notoriety and acclaim, and, he happens to stumble – like all people do, there’s a maximum effort mounted by angry White folks to embarrass, defame and shame, matter-of-fact let’s go with destroy that individual’s worth and value . . . .

See Emmitt Till. Another form of throwing the book . . . at a Black 14 year old boy. Rodney King, had the book thrown at him by the LAPD. Oscar Grant, this New Years eve, executed, he was but 21, shot point-blank in the . . . back, by Bay Area Transit pigs.

Excuse me, cops. Street justice – throwing bullets at a Black man. The Big Apple cops have abused more then we’ll ever know, and murdered, in cold blood young Black men – played judge, jury, book throwers.

You can only have so many examples.

It’s as if this nation, the racist, elitist, sexist establishment persistently and relentlessly deals with people-of-color by utilizing the Powell Doctrine: overwhelming retaliation, extreme retribution, severe punishment . . . throw the book at the nigger – that’s the USA motto.

Can we call this the Bernard Goetz small penis, weasel mind-set?

This nation has a deep yearning, anytime, anyplace it see’s a Black man cross-the-line, some driving need to put us back in our place. And to do it in a exaggerated, enhanced, amplified manner. Throw the book at the nigger.

Extreme comes to mind

Now it’s a 64-year-old half-drunk Carl Eller, who man-handled a few of Minneapolis’s finest a few days ago. As I understand it, Mr. Eller, he of the noted Purple People Eaters of the 70’s has had the book thrown at him by Judge Dan Mably. It appears the judge has invoked those exact words, making an example of.

What I find burns my already Black ass, we never find these hanging judges when it comes to Wall Street or Washington DC. Steal a car off Main Street – jail time; steal life savings, dreams, the well laid plans of both men and mice . . . you can retire to Dubai.

Madoff has stole billions – he still sits in his New York, New York (so nice, they named it twice) Penthouse, Fed Ex-ing million dollar trinkets to family members, while Cheney, as in Dick, as in George W’s brain – has exported his companies headquarters to Dubai, set up headquarters in a nation where the power that be . . . grabbles with allowing a Israeli tennis player to participate in their international tourney.

The glaring, flexible, contradictions in the total complete doling out of justice, of high standards – is insulting.

When it comes to the law, you get judges like this imbecile – who go far beyond the city’s own prosecutors, in a give a little man power move, and he throws the book at the Hall Of Famer.

They wouldn’t do this do Conrad Dobler or Dan Dierdorf.

Judge Mably either has a issues with jocks, or dislikes Blacks, because this is not an logical application of the law, and the sentencing defies logic . . . . And, it’s been done under the shadow of Eller has a counter suit; i.e., crocked, over-aggressive cops.

There’s reason, evidence for a lawyer to pursuer a counter case . . . .Maybe Eller should have taken his ass whuppin’ without a fight?

Oh Yeah, that’s right, these guy’s might be trying to make an example of this ol’ chief, send a message to all the young braves and warriors . . . . ol’ man, don’t throw my men around like boys . . .

Carl Eller is getting that type of over-the-top justice reserved for Black men. I see it working in the public school system, in inner-city Denver, even the White missionaries, who luv them some black folk – are very quick to . . . throw the book at Black kids, specifically Black boys.

Empathy, understanding, sympathy, even unwanted pity regularly takes a back seat to . . . suspend them, expel them, throw the book at them . . . call the police.

Let me tell you why White Folks do the voodoo they do; I don’t think White guilt or shame related to slavery, Jim Crow or separate and unequal. No, none of that plays much of a role in how the Conservative Reagan loving Right view Blacks . . . because we’re not really human.

I’d don’t conclude Caucasians treat everybody else as inferior, force particular groups to adhere to the minute aspects of the rules-of-law – based on their feelings of superiority.

No I believe, with all my spider-senses, they lash-out so very viciously – based on feelings of absolute inferiority – which revert back to childhood, their youth, even early adulthood, when they realized some of the most talented, well-rounded people they’ve encounter in life . . . are Black, or Latino, or Asian, and they realize as White people . . . the supremacy myth . . . is just that, mere myth.

White folks have no monopoly on morals, ethics, values, ideas, smarts, integrity, common sense, honesty, physical beauty, truthfulness, physical abilities, gifts to artistically express ourselves. . . you name it.

Furthermore, it’s painfully clear White people don’t dominate much of anything unless they’ve rigged the process.

Don’t confuse my bluntness with anger, I’m not angry about anything, I’m distressed and disgusted by the duplicity and hypocrisies in America. Carl Eller goes to jail, while Karl Rove refuses to be held accountable for stealing ga-zillions and having a direct hand in the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

It’s seems, as a bottom line, if there we’re true equality in education, if we could eradicate, cut out the Nigger/gangster/thug/hooker/ho Cancer seeds planted by the KKK . . . cultivated by BET and MTV.

If . . . we could realize how strong and accomplished we are, that we’ve more than survived, we’ve thieved, against all, and I do mean all odds.

If the rules, standards and laws were fairly applied, as it was in the military, when Buffalo soldiers saved Teddy’ Rough Riders soft asses on San Juan Hill, as Black Bird men did over the sky’s of Germany – Tuskegee Airman, escorting, and never losing bombers on their escort-leg of the missions.

As Black sergeants from the University of Hard Knocks did with punk-ass officers from the U of Vermont, dragging their behinds out of rice paddy fields during Viet-Nam.

Yes, if it were all even-steven, Black folks would more then represent, we’d more-so pull our own weight . . . and be willing to help-out others.

All for one . . . one for all.

Naively, innocently, Black people believe in such feel-good Disney gibberish. Conversely, it’s highly debatable how much White American’s concur with that sentiment. Surely history beg’s, like a big dog . . . to differ.

And the Republican Party is making it abundantly clear they’d rather see the empire fail, then see a Black man, with the approval of both the country, and the world, lead us out of this Great Depression/WWIII..

These bastards want to not just throw the book at President Obama, they want to shoot bullets at him. Toss bombs towards his family . . . throw the Confederate States Bible at the President.

Carl Eller is a full grown man, despite his indiscretion, he’d need not be made an example of or have any book thrown at him. And the only message it sends to the people . . . there different strokes for different folks.