Straight No Chaser: One for all, All for one

By Desi Cortez
Updated: February 23, 2009

DENVER — Doesn’t surprise me that Niners boss Mike Singletary would welcome MICHAEL VICK . Its the BROTHERHOOD relationship here. The 49ers are LOSERS. This thought, if you want to call it that, comes from a typical angry White guy on the ESPN website.

I’m so damn proud of Mr. Intensity, he’s on the verge of inviting Mr. Excitement to the land of Fruits n’ Nuts. This could be the beginning of a beautiful, prosperous relationship, a father/son type relationship; yes perhaps Black brotherhood; the White man’s nightmare.

Mike Singletary and Mike Vick together, defying the critics – a combustible black head coach and a . . . running quarterback . . . wow, there’s no way they could win a prize, even in a box of Captain Crunch, let-along the NFL.

You would think, if any city was open enough to accept a guy who’s been ostracized, expelled, shunned . . . Black-balled – it would be the Rainbow City.

The heart of Liberalism and Progressivism. The folks who supposedly don’t condone the death penalty – so, to take away Vick’s trained-for-profession, in-addition-to . . . years behind bars and millions of dollars – is invoking the death penalty.

Can I pull your coat-tail, tell you what’s really going on in the sports world?

The sport press, vastly composed of mad, frustrated, envious conservative ex-jock White guys, and the guys in the mirror, the identical, interchangeable ex-jock White guy fan-base they write for, together, this group of mad-cow insane spoiled crybabies are feverishly struggling to convince the world – Vick sucks.

Note, this is the identical tactic applied when a beautiful Caucasian chick walks into the room with a Black guy . . . she’s devaluated, immediately degraded, cheapened . . . demonetized – despite her obvious physical beauty.

Why? For the simple reason; fear of the competition.

White guys are threatened and intimidated by Black men. This one in particular. This powerful sports lobby, call it a cheering section – is hoping to convince every NFL city, if you bring this guy home to mom n’ pops . . . you’re done, branded.

Once you go Mike Vick black, the good, decent, wife-beatin’, animal-killin’, god- fearin’, beer-drinkin’, cheerleader ass-pinchin’ fans – will never come back.

Just as, once Barbie spends the weekend in Cabo or Sedona with a Black man . . . dingo, The Ken . . . Dorsey in-action figure will never compare. Nor will Gus Ferrotte or Alex Smith.

Vick, in a consistent system, conducive to his skills, not restrained – but under-control, throwing for 227 yards, 0 INT’s, 2 TDs, running for 108, on 11 carries, 69 of that on 3rd down, destroying the backbone, the will of the defense . . . and doing it with style.

Striking fear in the heart of a defense.

Singletary will mold Vick into a better Field general, better man . . . .

I’ve come to accept it’s the “doin’ it with style” aspect of Vick’s game which ignites a flame to the asses of these Woody Hayes/Lombardi lovers. Doing it with flavor and color. Vick pissed-off white sport fans because he was doing things . . . they can’t.

There, I said it. When you see Eli fly like Vick . . . call me. I’m in the book…..

What do the crows sing in Disney’s Dumbo . . .

I seen a peanut stand And heard a rubber band I seen a needle that winked it’s eye But I been done seen about everything When I see a elephant fly I seen a front porch swing Heard a diamond ring I seen a polka dot railroad tie But I been done seen ’bout everything When I see a elephant fly.

These meat-eaters don’t won’t Vick banned from the league for killing canines, they don’t want him let back-in because he’ll kill their wet-dreams of Stone Mountain-like statuesque qb’s dominating the NFL for the next half-century.

The same reason they hate McNabb, and equated his success and growth with becoming more like Peyton or Brady — but come playoffs, the cry is . . r-u-n!

If I remember what my pops told me . . . There’s at least nine ways to skin a cat.

The inflaming aspect of the story in the mind’s of Vick haters; this Black devil-dog will have the door opened for him by a Black head coach. The under-the-table lesson here to be learned; this is what happens when you give control, decision-making power to a Black guy – there’s a great possibility he’ll go against your Redneck wishes – do the fair, decent, right thang.

Damn, damn . . . damn!

Mr. Intensity – Singletary, rightfully believes Vick has paid his debt to society, 23 months in Leavenworth – more then enough punishment. You ask me, and nobody has, but, Vick’s lynching is the greatest sports tragedy I can think of since Ali being banned from the ring – because he correctly announced “Ain’t no Viet-Cong called me nigger . . . !”

Granted the levity of these two situations differ dramatically – one implied risking human life in the name of oppression, capitalism and imperialism, the other one – we’re talking about dogs, killin’ dogs, gambling on the outcome of dog fights.

Yet, in both cases, it’s more about the uppity defiant nigger who needs to be sent the direct and deliberate message – “Boy, get back in your Tonto place.” You scare me, do things I can’t, do it with ease and flare.

Not to mention, my wife thinks you’re sexy.

I can’t compete.

Recall the President, that would be Obama, walking into the Gym in Iraq during the political primaries, being tossed the ball, and nailing a Ol’School NBA 3 pointer. That did it. That broke the back of many a Republican hater when he did that. Can’t compete.

Occidental, Harvard, well traveled, classy/ brassy Black wife, walks/talks like a black man, can dance and do Calculus . . . . Can’t compete.

The Party of Troy Aikman and Quinn Brady . . . can’t compete. The nearest thing the GOP has . . . Sarah Palin – a women being pimped and exploited by a party which really just fantasizes over bending her over the kitchen counter.

She’s better seen, then heard.

Sorry, I’m not going to avoid the truth to pacify and placate unconfident, unsure-of -themselves little Danny Patricks’.

Don’t call it hate, just call it Desi Cortez, giving it to you straight . . . no chaser.