Straight No Chaser: Just Another Reminder

By Desi Cortez
Updated: February 21, 2009

DENVER — More times than not, Black America, that crumbling empire, within a crumbling empire . . . we refuse to believe our own beautiful brown eyes.

We prefer not to believe, to accept, the land of freedom, equality and liberty – is infested with anger and hostility towards us . . . folks who hate us, despise Black folks – with all their heart and soul.

Some – without much reason other than . . . we’re Black. To never have shook a Black person’s hand . . . still; you can see thru the slit’s in the sheet . . . the only good nigger is a dead nigger.

No, everybody not’s doing cartwheels because Obama’s the man.

Remember, this is the starting point for me . . . So I don’t find a New York Post cartoonist depicting President Obama as an dead ape – unbelievable, far-fetched nor unlikely.

In a city which police execute Black men . . . while the press sits on the fence.

Honestly, I think it’s just the beginning of a Redneck backlash which will be incomprehensible in the eye’s of the world. I don’t think Black folks understand the malice, the spite, the plain ol’ nastiness millions of White Americans harbor for Black people.

It’s as if we enslaved White folks, treated them like red-haired step-children for decades after. It seems we’ve all forgotten the atrocities heaped upon us for centuries.

And the only and I do mean only reason they’re not . . . is because we fought back. Otherwise, we’d still be in da’ fields choppin’ King Cotton for massa, and if you think he’d have had it any other way . . . you’re a fool.

If you don’t believe there’s millions of Republicans who want to return to Negro Baseball and no Negras in the NCAA or NFL/MLB/NBA . . . you’re a fool.

When Jack Johnson beat Jim Jeffries for the heavyweight championship of boxing . . . there were race riots. Now, what can we anticipate will be the actions of today’s angry white man to the fact, he didn’t wake-up with a Black guy living next door, nor did he walk into work to find he has a new boss – who’s black.

No, instead these cats are waking up, everyday now; to the horrific fact . . . they’ve got a Black man as they’re President, of their United State’s of America.

How long before this generation of “forced to be good white people” revert back to their traditional habits, begin to behave like their parents and grand parents? With the economy in near-ruin . . . it won’t be long.

I’m very familiar with the mis-belief’s of Euro-Americans . . . far more of those people then I could ever count . . . maintain a strong dislike for Black people; which explains US History – why there’s been no Black presidents till now.

Why there’re so few Black head coaches in the NCAA and the NFL, so few GM’s in MLB, so few Governors and Senators, so few doctors and lawyers – because, in great part, this nation see’s Black folks as sub-human.

This insulting interpretation of Obama as a ape, is why so many of us were dismayed when King James willingly allowed himself to be depicted as King Kong on the cover of . . . . I’d rather not say.

No better example is the sports page; most Black sports fans easily recognize the success of Black athletes is attributed to – we’re closer to animals. In code language – we’re the missing link. Have Dan Patrick or Rush Limpballs elaborate; We excel at non-thinking positions . . . .

Sadly, my old ass remembers it was a big deal Willie Lanier called the defensive signals. Black guys couldn’t play defensive QB – Safety or Center. Point Guard nor Pitcher. The inferences, the alluding to we, as Blacks, are mentally not up to snuff . . . besides being bullshit, it’s insulting.

Tiger’s domination, the Williams sister’s success – impossible according to White popular opinion of the last few centuries. Black folk had all the physical gifts, because we were more animal like, but these country club endeavors which required skill, cunning, plotting abilities, we didn’t have the mental capacity to play, let along excel . . . dominate . . . force the good ol boys to redraw the course . . .

A small slice of me . . . starting to seriously entertain the thought of getting the hell out of Dodge . . . before the angry mobs take the whips out of moth-balls and start trying to crack that whip across black children’s backs.

Yes, I whole-heartedly believe millions of White Americans see Black folks as merely animals, and depicting us as monkeys is something their grandparents had no qualms about, and it’s just the tip of their bayonet.

Note this cartoonist is well educated, came from the right side of the tracks, went to the right schools. How scary is that?

If you read any history, you certainly understand the worst race riots in this nation took place before the turbulent 60′s; Chicago -1921, Harlem -1935 Detroit -1943, Tulsa -1921, Rosewood -1923, were White folks randomly killing innocent black women and children . . . because allegedly a Black man raped some White women . . . this is what this nation has done, and will do again.

Katrina gave us a glimpse into what this nation is capable of doing to Black citizens; they’ll lock down and lock-up women and children if they deem it called for. We’ll be looting if we take bread.

Can you say Gaza Strip?

God forbid anything happen to this president, or let there be a terrorist attack – on multiple cities, let law-and-order break down . . . it will be OPEN SEASON on Blacks, Latinos, Arabs. A reason, an excuse to clean house for Red Necks.

I think Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, the GOP base – would rather have bedlam and pandemonium, revolution . . . then live under the fair rule of a Black President.

So in understanding the past, it’s not so much the traditional painting and tainting of the first Black President as an ape, it’s the after-math, the Right which wants to minimize, trivialize, rationalize, justify, unlimitedly defend the artwork . . . as just that . . . some form of artistic expression.

The denials are so child-like, so lightweight. But, for a nation which still believes Black men can’t play quarterback or be a astronaut . . . because we’re too dumb, then I can safely say I expect that same guy . . . to equate the Harvard educated, quad-lingual, calm, cool, collect, suave law professor/ Senator/ President . . . with an ape.

Envy’s a bitch aint it. . . .

The world’s impressed with this mellow fellow, but not the rednecks in Boston, Idaho or Kentucky. Ask me if most inhabitants of this planet gives a damn if these cats are unhappy with our selection as leader of the free world.

For a nation with a past like ours, casually depicting the president as a ape, is a first step back down a road we’ve traveled, and don’t need to go down again. If we, as proud Black Americans don’t put our foot down now, then we don’t know where this will go, nor when it will stop.