Straight No Chaser: Distorted Diamonds

By Desi Cortez
Updated: February 13, 2009

DENVER — If Big Mac, Barry Bonds, Roger-the-Dodger and A-Rod represent all which is decadent, self-indulgent and unethical in baseball, with their reckless smearing of Superman grease on their hindquarters, then what is MLB, it’s fans, guilty of when they heap greatness upon the shoulders of those heroes and records . . . from an era when apartheid was as patriotic as Coke, Corvettes and Mom’s apple pie . . .?

What was Baseball if not as immoral, dishonorable, unethical and unscrupulous . . . as America was?

The grade school logic in these purist-of-the Pure’s pursuit of Disney World like Utopian perfection has been somehow able to disregard a simple fact – some of the best players in the all the land – were simply excluded, and the guys who would’ve backed them up, shamelessly turned themselves into heroes and icons.

All along the way, they were able to dismiss Black players as “not up to snuff.”

Oddly, once the diamond was made available for everyone – Blacks, Latinos and today Asians, are making their presence known, re-defining “wow.” Why not re-write, correct the record books?

Logically, and this has to fall in the Vulcan category of logic, if these men-of-color had been allowed to participate from the start, day-one, circa 1889, Abner Double Day, they would surely have to replace half the guys in the Hall of Fame . . . .

Can’t do that, must keep-up the smoke n’ mirrors.

Now there’s no shame in that? That exclusion doesn’t still today tarnish baseball? That exclusion is neither unethical nor dishonorable? If that’s not hypocrisy in its highest, ugliest form, then what in the Hell is?

There’s no legit desire to right that wrong?

Oh? I guess being forced to live in a separate and unequal America was an actual injustice, begrudgingly admitted to, nonetheless, the type of dual standards practiced by the sports world were merely . . . inconveniences?

Not really worth mentioning?

Surely not worth rectifying.

Outraged, Mad-cow mad over steroids, disinterested in decades of discrimination . . . .

Honestly, I’m mystified as to how baseball fans and sports writers can moan, bemoan, moan some more, bitch and complain about how this country’s official national pastime has been tarnished, when it was tarnished at its inception, by the institutional discrimination practiced, hell perfected by this nation.

Once more, following Vulcan philosophy, this is as simple as 1-2-3 . . . your out.

Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Marilyn Monroe’s Husband . . . Joe DiMaggio, how many of these idols wouldn’t have dominated the game had Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson – go down the rosters of the Negro Leagues – been allowed to compete?

Might the fear of Monroe or Lana Turner attracted to a Black baller be at the heart of this matter?

C’mon, am I to believe a fair, honest evaluation of sports in US history is not possible? Is it too complicated to determine those who were excluded – had the potential, the propensity to dominate the sport, any sport, pick a sport, baseball, football, basketball, boxing, track . . . Tiddly-Winks?

Is it too difficult to place as asterisk next to their names, the teams they comprised, to designate these victories and sports heroics as fake, artificial, White man-made make-believe achievements, done with the absence of their prime competition excluded from the competition?

An asterisk, you know a “*”, like *George W. Bush, *New England Patriots – Super Bowl Champions.

Ponder this — what competitor desires to win like this?

What guy wants a championship via being given it?

What competitor wants to win, by not playing the best?

Who want’s to be placed in a starting position without actually earning that spot, by beating out the best? Who? What type of fellow is able to justify such fallacies?

Who can defend a Hall of Fame – full of guys, who if open and fair competition was conducted . . . they very well may not have even made the team, let-alone stared?


It’s interesting those multiple-decades of imaginary domination can’t be questioned or contested: Rampant, widely enforced, deliberate segregation is meaningless when it comes to sports.

Sure this particular era of unbridled “just win baby win” greed has lent little credibility to sports – but it’s far from the first time we’ve had to hold our noses and pass the peanuts n’ popcorn.

Apparently wide-spread racial discrimination pales in comparison to eating 23 Oh Henrys, 15 cups of coffee and raw meat. The line must be drawn somewhere, but God knows – we can’t draw it at prejudice, bigotry or racial intolerance. Sports writers across the country can’t, or better yet, don’t feel the need to.

Decipher through the crap? Acknowledge MLB of yesteryear, your grand fathers . . . tarnished their own image?

What goes hand in hand with the media’s biases – just as they’re oblivious to the footmarks which are warranted throughout the record books, they’re just as blind when it comes to the blunders and failures of the Conservative Movement.

The press — Fox News to be exact — has ridiculed the first Family since Jump Street, while they’ve turned away, just didn’t want to actually talk about the thousand of lives and billions of dead presidents these two draft dodgers, Big George and Little Dick Cheney’s war is coasting this country.

Over the last quarter century, the Reagan Revolution decimated the working and middle classes, while tarnishing the image of America abroad . . . as the press sat by and let it happen, acting as cheerleaders as opposed to sentries installed to check and balance greed and corruption.

But the press, the so-called 4th estate, the eyes and ears of the little people, turned there cameras away as this President, and all his men, these bastards were permitted to bring home fallen soldiers caskets, hidden, without public viewing, the press was fraudulent in this treachery.

Today’s press let these chicken-hawk bastards get away with that – nevertheless they wanted to call Obama on the carpet for not brandishing an U.S. Flag pin on his lapel.

Whose betrayed the American people here?

I’m regularly baffled by this country’s selective high morals and values.

When they come into play, and when they are to be ignored.