Straight No Chaser: A Dog-Gone Shame

By Desi Cortez
Updated: February 11, 2009

DENVER — Must one have had a lobotomy performed, at birth – in order to join the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? What’s more important, winning the hearts and minds of Boxers and Bulldogs . . . or Black people?

Oh, ok, so it rolls like this; man, wo-man, specifically the American Kennel Club, their sophisticated breeding of domesticated wild coyotes and wolfs – is somehow akin to what many scholars deem was a slow casual form of genocide waged upon Blacks, well over a century of raping, pillaging and murdering innocent Black folks . . . .

All I see in common is, both were/are done – in the name of sport, and for profit.

So from PETA’s front porch; there’s some direct correlation betwixt the Klan and AKC, enough to prompt these asinine Lassie lovers to have two of its members dress in Ku Klux Klan garb – protesting outside Madison L7 Garden, where the AKC is conducting their annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

“Obviously it’s an uncomfortable comparison,” PETA spokesman Michael McGraw noted but, the AKC is trying to create a “master race” when it comes to pure-bred dogs, he added. “It’s a very apt comparison.”

“Uncomfortable!” But yet “apt comparison” you say? This must be a White dude . .

These monkeys passed out brochures implying the Klan and AKC – harbor the identical goal of “pure bloodlines”, thus the Klan robes and hoods. The Klan should be at home amongst such Puritans.

While it’s these man-haters who place animals on the same tier as humans – it’s also these Mowgli wanna-be’s who back the strikingly similar tactics PETA has supported, which parallel those of the KKK; PETA underwrites crusading fanatics, crackpots who cover their faces, set fires, and terrorize law-abiding folks they disapprove of.

The end goal may be different, but the means employed to achieve them, are one-in-the-same – PETA has supported Animal Liberation Frontwho utilize many of the same barbaric tactics.

But lets not get off the doggie trail.

These are the same Hush Puppies who went after Mike Vick. PETA pimped Vick’s mistake. They shamelessly maximizing, exploiting the Vick saga for every penny they could – treating every court date, newscast and headline as a free commercial.

These unquestionable extremist marked Vick as Public Enemy No. 1. Selectively demonized is the only applicable term for what Vick’s going through, in great part due to PETA’s efforts to tie Vick to Nat Turner or Stagger Lee, Sweet, Sweetback, Huey P. or Bobby Seale . . . the most “dangerous Nigger” in America.

If Mike Tyson was going to eat your family . . . Mike Vick was going to eat your pets. For whatever the reason, I’m not too shocked these same people would have as little respect for the animal like treatment Afro-Americans received in this nation . . . as to compare and contrast that horrific history with the handling of dogs.

You PETA people don’t see this as cheapening, degrading nor devaluing of Black America’s worst nightmare . . .?

Show dogs, as in Fi-do, Rex, King, Brutes and Butkus, Cuff n’ Link. Louie and Billie, Ella and Lena. D-o-g-s man, four-legged, eat’s their own vomit . . . dogs. Animals, who in all actuality, live a pampered, cushy lifestyle that millions of Americans, humans can’t.

Better food, better housing, better clothing . . .better health care . . . then millions of Americans, and these PETA fools commit their lives, resources, blood, sweat and tears for dogs.

Try “unfeeling”, “numb”, or “unresponsive” to slighting the feelings of Black people – this is the first thought most thinking people have when you come upon this story; how could these White boys be so naive as to try to equate Black people with Black Labs?

This is the same clowns who wanted Vick “skinned alive” . . . “tarred and feathered”, Water-boarded, starved and beaten like he beat his dogs . . . . Now I understand how PETA could be that cold and insensitive toward a human. He was just a man, a Black man at that.

No doubt since PETA thinks our collective group feelings are irrelevant, to be trampled upon, then clearly one individual’s life, Vick’s life . . . is meaningless to these eccentric, insane nuts.

They were willing to lynch Vick – to score points. Ruin a man’s life, take away his livelihood, damn him back to the hood, to save a hound dog. These fools honestly believe you trade a women’s life, for a Panda Bear.

It ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog . . . .

This donning of the bed sheets and dunce-caps should serve as vivid, graphic, examples of how disconnected from the real world PETA is, and answer why Ingrid Newkirk and her Klan could ask NFL Commissioner Goodell to ban, bar, exile, hang-at-sunrise Mike Vick?

Black people’s hell should be marginalized, compared to the trails and tribulations of Dobermans because after all, we’re expendable in the battle to save Bambi, Pluto, Goofy (he is a dog – right?), the Loch Ness Monster, Dumbo, on down the line.

Certainly if this rubs the everyday Black guy the wrong blinkin’ way . . . oh well.

Perhaps they brandish Nazi Swatstickers next – in an effort to make the same point. And if they do, the Proud Jewish folk, will be out on the Boulevards, putting a foot in the ass of these make believe Dr. Doo-littles.

How dare they defame, belittle and insult that horrific era.

These race insensitive jack-asses, and they probably take that as a complement – now want Vick to undergo a brain scan to see if he’s honestly remorseful he fought dogs.

Hey Commish’, maybe after this silly-ass insensitive stunt, you ought to reconsider who’s in need of a brain scan. Who is really disconnected with humankind. Vick, who breed, fought and slaughtered . . . dogs, or these fruitcakes who’re able to slight the savagery of the Klan, by comparing their actions to that of mishandling dogs.

Able to minimize, rationalize the Klans crimes against humanity with abusing animals. You can’t consider these people’s opinions any longer, because obviously they’re indifferent towards black Americans. They are much more than willing to exploit our pain, in order to make a point about dogs and cats.

Ain’t that a bitch . . .