Running With Brooks

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: February 22, 2009

SEATTLE — I don’t like running, short or long distances, but at this stage of my life it’s the one thing that I can still do without making a complete fool out of myself and I like the results from this exercise.

It just may keep me around for another 40 plus years.

I complain about running all the time but if I miss a scheduled run it just throws my day into complete chaos. I’ve been told that I’m a tab bit grumpy around the house on those days so I get plenty of support and encouragement from the family to stay on task.

During the winter months I prefer to run cross-country trails and I finally found a pair of shoes that are tough enough to handle the workout. Running is just like any other sport and having the proper equipment is the key to success and minimizes potential injuries.

At this time, I’m running in the Brooks Cascadia 4, it is the ultimate cross-country shoe and specially designed to give you all the necessary traction on those wet, muddy days.

I put the Cascadia 4 to the test on a little trail in Fort Warden Washington and the results were amazing. The comfort was unbelievable and I almost forgot that this shoe was designed for the trails.

For the first time that I can remember, I didn’t feel everything that I ran over.

The bottoms of these shoes have a thousand little gripping teeth that provide you with enough traction to keep running at a steady pace and the confidence push yourself a little more.

Do you remember when we were kids and we would run down a hill as fast as we could until we fall on our faces? Well if we were wearing the Brooks Cascadia 4, we would never have fallen.

Now, if you’re running around Lake Merritt, Central Park or just around the block you will want to try out the Brooks Switch 2. They consist of breathable mesh uppers with comfort and stability that you can depend on.

These shoes take a lot of pressure of your knees and with the heel to action they almost do all the work for you. The Brooks Switch 2 is great for the treadmill or your aerobics workout.

Brooks has a shoe for every foot and it doesn’t matter if your running, walking, hiking or competing in the Olympics. Check them out at and get start to a healthier lifestyle.