Pro Bowl moving back to United States

By Yolande Lezine
Updated: February 15, 2009

HOUSTON — The National Football League’s Pro Bowl will be moving back to the United States starting with the 2010 game in Miami, Florida.

The Pro Bowl will be played one week before the Super Bowl on Sunday, January 31, and both games will be played at Dolphin Stadium.

“We are looking at alternatives to strengthen the Pro Bowl,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “We will continue to make it a great event and will evaluate this concept after the 2010 Pro Bowl.”

The site and date of the Pro Bowl games after 2010 will be determined at a later date and will include playing the game on a rotating basis in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The current AFC-NFC Pro Bowl format, which began in 1971, rotated annually between host sites until 1980 when it moved to Honolulu. The 2010 game also won’t be South Florida’s first Pro Bowl.

The 1975 game took place in Miami’s Orange Bowl. The game has been held in Tampa, Seattle, Dallas, Kansas City, New Orleans and Los Angeles on three occassions.

It’s not a new notion to have the game moved up to take place between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. The NFL has discussed it multiple times in recent years.

The initiative to experiment with the Pro Bowl schedule and location was discussed over the past two years with NFL club owners, the NFL Players Association, the NFL Player Advisory Coucil, and other players, and it received wide player and club support.

In addition to the Pro Bowl’s annual ticket subscribers, tickets to the 2010 Pro Bowl at Dolphin Stadium will be made available to Dolphins season ticket holders, as well as to fans across the nation.