‘I believe I can knock anyone out’

By Francis Walker
Updated: February 6, 2009

NEW YORK — The undisputed world super flyweight championship will be defended when Vic Darchinyan (31-1-1, 25 KOs) defends against hard-hitting Jorge Arce (51-4-1, 39 KOs).

The bout will be the featured 12-round main event at The Honda Center in Anahiem, CA.

Showtime will televise beginning at 9 p.m.


This fight between Darchinyan and Arce has been talked about for years. At last, Darchinyan and Arce have positioned themselves to battle in a nationally televised main event.

What makes this fight so special is the fact that both fighters can punch. Both fighters have combined for 64 knockouts in 82 combined victories.

However, the 33 year-old Darchinyan is the better technician and better puncher.

Although Arce, 29 Mexico, brings a lot of intensity and likes to fight, he has shown increasing signs of wear and tear and maybe slowing down.

Also, both Darchinyan and Arce really don’t like one another. In fact, Darchinyan has promised to punch Arce’s lights out.

“It’s my style,” Darchinyan said of his urge to knockout his opponents. “I want people to see excitement. I believe I can knock out anyone and Saturday night you will see a big knockout. No one can stay with me 12 rounds. If I catch him, it’s over.”

“Darchinyan added: You’re going to see big punches from me, fast and strong. [Arce's] dumb. I’m going to make him look dumb and stupid.”

Darchinyan has set his mark as a premier puncher.

He’s produced spectacular highlight reel knockouts of Dimitri Kirllov and Christian Mijares to capture the world 115-pound championship. Darchinyan, a two-division champion, compiled an impressive 7-0, 7 KOs record in world title fights.

Darchinyan’s unbeaten mark came a shocking halt on 07-07-07 after walking into a clean shot on the chin by Nonito Donaire in round five.

Since the loss to Donaire, Darchinyan has improved his technique and appears to be punching a lot harder at 115 pounds.

Arce has discredited Darchinyan’s recent surge.

“Vic’s been fighting people who have been smaller than him,” Arce said. “I’m not moving up, I’m coming down to this weight.”

“I’m a big guy, I work very hard and I think my strength will be the difference in this fight.

I’m looking forward to knocking him out.”

Arce is no fool though. He does respect Darchinyan’s power and ability, but Arce won’t be fazed much.

“I know that Darchinyan has a big punch, but he has to work to knock someone out,” Arce added. “He is not a knockout punch artist.”

“He can’t knock you out with one punch. It will take him a while. I don’t think he will knock me out especially since I’ll probably be 130 on the night of the fight.”

Darchinyan is as solid puncher as he is a good talker.

“From the first round, I don’t care.,” Darchinyan said. “I am going to slow him down and punish him every round. I’m going to play him like a cat and mouse and show how dumb he is. He is going to be covering himself after the first 20 seconds.”

Darchinyan added: “He’s just going for a big punch. He’s not a big puncher. I’m going to punish him. I want to thank his management because they don’t want him anymore. They just want to write him off after this loss.”

Arce promises a knockout finish.

“I don’t see this fight going 12 rounds, he said. “But for [Darchinyan] to knock me down he will have to work real hard. We’re in there to fight and one of us is going in there knocked out.”