Could It Really Happen??

By Richard Kent
Updated: February 10, 2009

CONNECTICUT – The UConn men and women are currently no. 1 in the country. That has never happened before during the regular season. In 2004, both teams won their respective National Championships and ended up as no.1

Can both teams do it again?

The women seem to be a lock. There really isn’t a great no. 2 team in the country. Oklahoma is decent as is North Carolina and Duke. Conventionally, North Carolina was the second best team in the country but UConn destroyed them by 30 points at their place so they are unlikely to beat UConn later in the season.

The trio of Tina Charles, Renee Montgomery and Maya Moore are probably each best at their respective positions in the country and that has never happened before. It looks like coach Auriemma will pick up his sixth National Championship in 23 years at the helm.

For the men it is far more complicated. There is much more national competition. North Carolina is probably the most talented team top to bottom. Duke is very strong but does not have a strong inside game.

Pittsburgh is great but until head coach Jamie Dixon shows that he can get beyond the Elite Eight there is no reason to pencil them in to the Final Four. Louisville is quite strong but UConn beat them easily at their place last week. Oklahoma is strong but somewhat untested. UConn will play Pittsburgh next week at home and that should say a lot.

The question remains as to why UConn basketball is so strong. Storrs, Connecticut is not exactly the hub of the world. The one lane road into Storrs from I-84 is tedious to say the least.

The answer is simple. It’s all about the two head coaches hired by a very wise Athletic Director, John Toner. Geno Auriemma and Jim Calhoun are two of the best in the business and are both Hall of Famers.

If UConn wins, one or both credit the coach or coaches.