Boostmobile Is Taking The Lead

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: February 17, 2009

SEATTLE — Choosing a cell phone is as about as complicated as picking the perfect tomato. The industry doesn’t make it easy with all the particular specifications to the plan you’ve chosen.

Folks, I’ve got great news! The team at Boost Mobile has just made making a phone call easy again. They’ve completely redefined how the wireless industry defines value.

Boost Mobile has a monthly unlimited plan which includes unlimited talk, text, web and walkie-talkie for only $50 per month. Oh, and did I mention that there’s no contract?

You now have the option of paying by the minute, day or month and with this tight economy that we are facing this will allow you to bring a little easier.

The next question that you’re probably asking yourself is, “do they have a phone that I’m going to like and does it work?” The answer is yes.

During the NBA All- Star game I was using the Boost Mobile i776 and it was flawless. I was a guest on the “Batchelor Pad” with L.A. Batchelor and the “Weekend Sports Rap” with Tony McClean and the clarity of the phone couldn’t have been better.

I was hoping not to hear from my Editor so that I could blame it on the phone but no, it didn’t’ happen. I even received a call from him while in the elevator.

This phone comes with several features such as digital camera which I used right away. Many of the photos seen in our NBA All-Star coverage were taken with the Boostmobile i776.

It also has Bluetooth, speaker phone, caller ID, GPS enabled, wireless web, ringtones, phone book and multi media & text messaging.

The Boostmobile i776 is an attractive phone that conveniently fits into my pocket, easy to navigate through and keeps me in touch with my colleagues.

The biggest misconception that I had about Boostmobile phones was that they were all disposable. I assumed that just because they were more affordable it wouldn’t provide me with the necessary functions that are important to me.

Before you sign another two-year contract that is going to cost you money to break, check out . You will be excited to see all the options that will fit your lifestyle.