The Time Has Come!!

By Yolande Lezine
Updated: January 5, 2009

Bowl Championship Series HOUSTON — When Texas Tech defeated the Texas Longhorns late in the season, the loss knocked the Longhorns out of contention for the BCS National Championship and into the Fiesta Bowl.

Mack Brown didn’t have a problem with Florida being in the game, the problem came because the Oklahoma Sooners were in there. Yes, this is the same Oklahoma Sooners who have choked in the BCS title games after having superb regular seasons.

Utah defeated Alabama to finish 13-0, USC took care of Penn State to finish 12-1, Georgia, the preseason favorite beat Michigan State, LSU dominated Georgia Tech, and the Texas Tech Red Raiders lost to Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl. Boise State and Utah have have one loss seasons for the past three years and they never even get considered for the title game.

It’s definitely time for a BCS Bowl Playoff System! The unbeaten teams need to play each other and the final two left, need to play for the BCS National Championship.

We have, for another year, been given a bad rap! USC won the Rose Bowl, which is considered “The Granddaddy of them all”, and Virginia Tech beat Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

The system is screwed up and teams play to win whatever game they get against whatever opponent. The momentum has shifted toward the direction of a playoff.

I think that after Texas Tech’s loss to Ole Miss, Red Raiders head coach Mike Leach would be in favor of a playoff. He was talking about it long before the game.

Coach Leach feels like he has a plan. And it goes like this. Have 64, cut the regular season back to 10 games. Go home-and-home for the first round. Have an off week in the middle for half the country, an off week the next for the other half.

And then have some NIT-type games for those teams who don’t make it so that they can have 12 games for the season. By doing so, teams could make their budgets.

Budgets are definitely a key, because most of the Division I collegiate football programs make millions of dollars during the season and especially during the bowl games.

If you don’t believe it, take a ride down to Austin and look at what all of the money that Vince Young brought in did to upgrade the Athletic Facilities for the Longhorns football program.

It’s really, really nice.

Hopefully, the BCS Bowl commissioner will reconsider a better plan that will work for all colleges. It won’t affect the amount of money they make, because the student body and fans will come out and support their team, just like they do now!