The Good, Bad, and Ugly: Super Bowl XLIII

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: January 29, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly NORTH CAROLINA — Last week, we broke down the teams match ups at quarterback, offensive line, running game, receivers and special teams and so far the teams are tied at 2-2 with one push.

This week we will break down the the Cardinals defensive line vs. the Steelers defensive line, the Cardinals secondary vs. the Steelers secondary, the Cardinals offensive coordinator vs. the Steelers offensive coordinator, the Cardinals defensive coordinator vs. the Steelers defensive coordinator, the Ken Whisenhunt vs. Mike Tomlin.

Super Bowl breakdowns

(Breaking down the match ups and figuring out who has the advantage)

Cardinals defensive line vs. Steelers defensive line

This is an easy pick. The Steelers D-Line has helped the back eight stop the run, control the line of scrimmage, pressure the quarterback and even drop back into pass coverage. The Cardinals D-Line has played better especially in the playoffs in stopping the run and rushing the quarterback but they haven’t been nearly as consistent in doing so. They will have to step up and play big if the Cardinals have a shot at beating the Steelers.

ADVANTAGE: Steelers.

Cardinals secondary vs. Steelers secondary

This will be a battle of youth vs. experience. The Cardinals have talented players in the secondary like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Antrel Rolle while the Steelers counter with veterans like Troy Palamalu, Deshea Townsend, Ike Hilliard and Ryan Clark. Both secondaries are fast and athletic but the Steelers are more physical and I like their experience although they have the tougher task in stopping the Cardinals passing attack.

ADVANTAGE: Steelers.

Clancy Pendergast (Cards def. coordinator) vs. Dick LeBeau (Pitt. def. coordinator)

No need to spend much time on this one. has his defense playing well especially their front seven while Lebeau and his defense has been number one all year and have played that way.

ADVANTAGE: Steelers.

Todd Haley (Ariz. off. coordinator) vs. Bruce Arians (Pitt. off. coordinator)

Well, one offense plays to their strengths and the other one tries to trick the opponent. I believe you should play to your strength rather than try to run trick plays to confuse your opponent. The Cardinals play to their strength. Bruce Arians can learn a few things from the future head coach Hailey.

ADVANTAGE: Cardinals.

Ken Whisenhunt vs. Mike Tomlin

Both these guys are coaching in their first Super Bowl and both have done a great job getting their teams to this point and ready to play. Much has been made of Wisenhunt’s time as a coach for the Steelers and the advantage he has going into the Super Bowl because of it but to me that’s combated by all of the Steelers who have a lot of experience in the Super Bowl after playing and beating the Seattle Seahawks three years ago. but he does have the experience of being the offensive coordinator for the Steelers on that Championship team. I love Tomlin’s ability to get the Steelers ready for a game, face adversity during the game but keep his calm and the game plan in tact without panicking. I like that Wisenhunt knows his personnel and plays to their strengths and has the ability to adjust his game plan during a game to get the victory. Both of these guys motivate their players and their players love to play for them and I think they are evenly matched but I give Wisenhunt a slight edge only because of his familiarity with the Steelers although the players still have to execute the game plan on the field in order to get the win.

ADVANTAGE: Cardinals

Super Bowl prediction: Steelers 23-20

I just feel the Steelers can slow down the Cardinals offense enough to keep the game close and late in the game, Ben Roethlisberger will lead the Steelers offense down the field to set up a game winning field goal by Jeff Reed. It should be a great game with lots of plays by both teams.

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