Taylor Shows His Support Of U.S. Troops

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: January 7, 2009

NEW YORK — To start the New Year off in the spirit of giving, Olympic track and field star and 2008 gold medalist Angelo Taylor is embarking on a tour of Kuwait and Iraq to bring goodwill and support to many troops and bases throughout the war-torn region.

“I have always felt a phenomenal respect for our troops,” says Taylor, reigning 400 meter hurdles and 4×400 meter relay Olympic gold medalist. “Each day, they risk their lives, so that others may be free. While I represent our country in the arena of track and field, they represent in the arena of freedom.”

In a continued effort to show his support for the troops, like many celebrities and athletes before him, Taylor seeks to start 2009 by encouraging and lifting the spirits of soldiers.

While in Iraq, he will conduct meet-and-greets with the troops, discussing his experience at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and the feeling of patriotism he shares with the troops, having had the unique opportunity to represent his country.

Taylor also hopes to see the often-underreported face of war, visiting hospitals and touring the war-torn areas of Iraq. Joining the Olympian for the Pro Sports MVP “Olympic Heroes Tour” are several superstars of sports: seven-time gymnastics medalist Shannon Miller, speed skating champion Joey Cheek and gold medalist and diving champion Laura Wilkinson.

The athletes will journey to the Middle East beginning January 14th and will visit several military bases until their January 25th return.

Tentative Goodwill Tour Schedule:

Jan 15 – Arrive in Kuwait Jan 16 – Travel to Iraq/Recovery Day Jan 17-23 – Tour Day – Base visits Jan 24 – Return to Kuwait Jan 25 – Depart