Straight No Chaser: Rasheed And The Bucs

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 18, 2009

DENVER — Well, I’ll be damned . . . .

If I recall, Tony Dungy was not the first choice, the prime-cut for the Buccaneers when he was brought on board, however, once in the captain’s chair . . . it was “Scotty, give me Warp-Factor 6”, and the entire Tampa bay enterprise took off. For the first time in the sad-storied franchise’s history, they were actually a team to be reckoned with.

Dungy, at least in my little mind, was dishonorably dismissed by the Glazer family. His hard work was given, and I can’t find a more appropriate word than given in my black word-smith shop – to describe the entire transaction.

Jon “Boy wonder/mastermind/genius/offensive guru” Gruden was given a team which promptly, as in the very next season, returned Tampa to the NFC Championship, where they’d been before with Dungy, and one step beyond… the Super Bowl Championship.

When the whistle blew, people were already talk’in’ bout Gruden winning with Tony’s team, and it was the burning-bush truth. I can only conclude . . . the Glazer brothers just came to that realization and made the little tyrant walk-the-plank.

Think of Pat Boone being given Little Richards Tootie-Fruity, or the Beatles version of Twist and Shout being touted as “the best” when to anyone who’s been out of Vanillaville knows the Isley Brothers original is the true classic.

Or here; Credence Clearwater Revival’s version of Proud Mary over Ike n’ Tina Turners soulful interpretation . . . It was as obvious as these pale imitations just who should have been given most of the credit to for that championship.

Now it seems Tampa’s taken a bold move, hired a young Black man to take the helm. Rasheed Morris – no relation to Mercury – and this man appears ready to warm-it-up in Tampa, ignite a fire under a team which appeared to be weathering thru the Gruden firestorm. Morris appears motivated enough to heal the sick, and . . . raise the dead, get those guy playing out-of-their heads.

These Glazer guys have really learned their lesson, haven’t they?

I’ve no complaints nor grievances to air, I’m happy – I got my way.

This franchise, in hiring a 32-year young Afro-American man as head coach – translates into; They’ve studied, investigated, examined, analyzed and psychoanalyzed, if not extremely scrutinized this young mans life, and after removing their heads from 3 feet up Morris’s ass . . . ascertained he’s the best man for the job.

This is not about placing blind faith in a guy, wishing and hoping – this is a calculated move. Let’s view it as such and regard Morris in that light. He’s the answer, not the hypothesis.

For those of us equipped with a public K-12 education; hypothesis> a supposition made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

This represent’s an strategic investment, trust and complete confidence -faith, if you will, being placed in a man, a Black man.

Let’s see; this nation has just handed the reins over to a Black man, (granted, we’re on fire) and you’ve got two young Black men as head coaches in the NFL. It must be snowing in Hell . . . the Devil’s serving Disaronno hot totties the mercury dropped so low.

These examples of humanness – force people of color like myself, a Black man for the last 45 years to go back-over, restudy, reinvestigate, reexamine, re-analyze and psychoanalyze, if not re-scrutinize my conclusions about White folks . . . I guess they’re not all bad.

I’m having a Archie Bunker/ George Jefferson epiphany . . . .

My pops always told me to never trust White people, they’d smile in your face, and stab you in the back. Never pay any heed to what they say, but monitor what they do, track they’re actions and deeds – as opposed to that forked-tongue he’d say. So, that perspective . . . has never left me. And more times than I like to recall, tragically, my dad’s been proven right.

Yet, I’ve always understood my dad looked at himself as a Black man, and I view myself as a man – I’ve never permitted white people’s limitations and nay-saying, the so-very-low expectations of me to limit my thoughts, goals, wishes and aspirations, and I’m apart of an generation of like-minded Black folks who refuse to allow, what is in all reality – the opposition, to define us, nor assign us back door privileges only.

We don’t know our place.

Nonetheless, I’m still in shock this nation elected Obama, it’s left me with no other option then to redefine my opinions – to accept not all White folks define a black man by what FOX News depicts as a black man.

Not all White men are paranoid when it comes to Black folk, we’re not all going to lie, cheat and steal our way thru life, simply because we don’t know nothing else.

So, you can only imagine the daze I’m walking around in right now, it’s like I spent the last couple of days with Louie Armstrong, Rick James and Ricky Williams, three tremendous Mary Jane smokers you know . . .

I was backhanded and blind-sided when the motorless Motor City Lion’s didn’t hire a brother. I just knew they’d bring in Morris or Frazier, pay them pennies and provide them with what is the laughing stock franchise of the league, so when that team was awarded to Jim Schwartz, I turned white . . . .

Maybe it is a new day, a new world, white America, as separate and unequal as it still is, are becoming more able to judge people . . . not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character, by the summation of their experiences and accomplishments.

It’s about goddamn time . . .