Straight No Chaser: Please, Please, Please….

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 6, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although Desi Cortez didn’t get his wish of seeing Tony Dungy stay on as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, we here at BASN feel that his poignant writeup that appeared on the site on January 7 speaks to what many football fans and officials feel about the now retired head coach. It’s our little way of celebrating his decision.

DENVER — Good day, Mr. Dungy.

As I understand it, you’re considering retirement, contemplating if it’s not time to move-on, perhaps devoting much more of your time to family and your commendable desire to take the good book into Big Houses across the countryside, where today resides more young, gifted Black men..than in the colleges across the nation. Yeah, more behind bars than behind a classroom desk.

You’ve a tough decision to make….I wouldn’t want to be you.

Here’s what I’m asking nonetheless — please, please, please consider the consequences and repercussions of your final decision….. It will have a broad-ranging impact on the NFL.

Evaluate the effect of Denny Green if he were to still be coaching; he’d still be planting assistant coach seeds…some chocolate,watching them grow into coordinators and head coaches. The same ripple effect will occur when you leave, because Caldwell is doing the work you’d be doing, nothing additional.

I know you’re a nice guy, super nice guy and that means you give people the benefit of the doubt, until they prove otherwise to you.

I’m not that nice.

If it were not for you Mr. Dungy, your success, Lovie wouldn’t be heading up the Bears, not that he’s not qualified, but he’d have never earned the chance. Same goes for Herm. Your decade of playoff appearances, two different teams, one you brought long-sought-after respect to, the other a Super bowl victory.

These feats have forced an doubting Archie Bunker element of the sportsworld to accept a Black man could win, and win the “big one.” If not for you, some of those racist bastards who just happen to be NFL owners…. would continue a unspoken policy of White Only.

Let’s face it sir, the horrifically low number of Afro-American head coaches is not so-low…by mere happenstance, accident or chance. The number reflects a cultural bias, a philosophical belief system as old as this nation.

As importantly, you provide men with a warm, cozy spot to sharpen the swords for battle, a place to learn and grow. You give them opportunity to shine.

That’s the key here – opportunity. Without you, that’ll be one less place where a position coach can horn his skills, become coordinator qualified – the damn-near mandatory experience one must have to take the helm of an football enterprise.

If you leave sir, 22-year-old man-cubs won’t have you, or the men you place in a position of leadership to imitate nor emulate. They won’t have a place where their manhood will be cultivated. Young coaches won’t witness your particular preparation and how you function under-fire, when the odds are all against you…

The game itself, it’s very feel and flavor will change without your input. We’ll see more of an attack, punish mentality coming from the league’s good ol boy coaching establishment, and one less voice to contest ” now boys, before we tar-n’-feather this kid, lynch him, we need a process of fair deliberations to play out.”

Is Herm ready to step into that position? Gee, is Herm still a head coach in the League? Does Lovie want the job? Is Tomlin ready? He did welcome Obama to the team, presented the then-Senator a Steeler jersey…..

Nevertheless, my humble thought is….they need you more at San Quintin then they do in Indianapolis. Jim Caldwell will carry on, no doubt. He’s earned the opportunity, and if you don’t provide him with the Colts, these aristocratic skin-color conscience SOB’s who comprise the NFL’s owners square-table will never feel comfortable enough to hand over the keys to their franchises.

Excuse me sir for the vulgarities, I’m a practicing, to the point-of-perfection heathen, and I just don’t think God gives a damn…if I say damn. He’s not preoccupied with man’s phoney sanctimonious religions beliefs.

In the long run, I feel less compassion for what 1400 black men, of that number, over half passed on a college education. No, they hardly passed a class, instead – they walked right-by class. Dey don’t be needing no ed-u-men-k-shun. (that’s a quote from the Titans gum-chomping during an interview Chris Jackson)

Like I said, self-made, willing idiots…. Yeah, now that I put it like that I really do have less empathy for these well dressed, well payed Winter Festival queens than I do some guy locked up for stealing a car, or two, or even seven….

Inside those prison walls – are kids I see and deal with everyday – I work in a urban middle school…

We’ve got sixth graders walking around displaying their ankle monitors… the cultural they live in gives props’ for earning one. So, by age 12, we know where at least a 40% of our young, gifted Black and Brown youth are headed…..

The young victims of these realities; babies having babies having babies, pretending to be parents when they’ve no conception of the task.

Low expectations by both liberal missionaries and conservative harsh taskmasters who’s whole mission is to term black knowledge seekers ’round, back to the streets, the alleys… the gutter.

And clearly my generation, those of us getting out of high school when Michael Jackson was Off The wall, not out of the closet, standing in the middle of the living room in vivid technicolor…..

Coach, you recall when Michael was a young Black boy and not an old white women…?

We’ve failed young Black kids miserably so; sat them down in-front of the idiot box to watch BET 24/7, play Miami Vice, watch the Adult channel all night. We’ve not gone into education to make sure we were watering the seedlings, we’re not a generation of teachers, we’re a generation of low-end corporate salesmen, mortgage and loan hustlers, entre-per-Negroes pushing everything from video phones to personal travel agency websites because we wanted to eat, without learning to fish, without getting our hands soiled.

We drink well, very well, from a well – we did not help dig. Wouldn’t want to get our hands dirty, we’re now above being teachers, cops, nurses… maybe Booker T had something?

Hey, I’m apart of an era where men get pedicures, manicures and facials…. My dad, my uncles Ferdinand, Virgil and Grandville, over in Riverside and Pasadena wouldn’t believe their eyes.

Mr. Dungy, you’ve planted a tree in the gridiron garden, which will continue to bare fruit.See if you can take a lump of rejected, dejected, segregated, and subjugated suppressed and now apparently depressed black coal and turn it into a diamond.