Straight No Chaser: PETA vs. Mike Vick

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 23, 2009

DENVER – So Ms. Ingrid Newkirk, the reining head of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — that eclectic collection of Ellie Mae Clampette critter lovers — it now appears you PETA people are demanding Mike Vick to be psychoanalyzed – to see if he is capable of remorse . . . .

I believe you specifically employed the term “brain scan.” Ain’t that a female dog .

Before we conduct some Tuskegee experiment, I’d like to probe the minds of Republicans, because I believe – despite the horror’s of Slavery, Black Codes, Jim Crow and a national policy of Separate and Unequal, a era of which we’re just now exiting – most conservatives (code for; elitist, sexist White racists) refuse to even apologize.

Screw a actual mental and emotional state-of-remorse, shame, dishonor, repentance or regret – for these well documented, premeditated, calculated and deliberate acts of violence and hatred. Such a search for . . . humanity would be going way too far.

Now, ain’t that a bitch President Newkirk. . . .?

With Vick, we’re talkin’ bout dogs. Dogs. Dogs Ms. Newkirk. That’s right, the animals which millions of humans kill and eat – for the hell of it. America, a nation of leather-clad, cow eatin’ hunters – now want’s to be outraged Vick fought dogs.

A nation which abandons, abuses and “puts to sleep” hundreds of man’s best friends . . . every damn day. Too bad you folks aren’t as outraged your elected government just killed hundreds of thousands of actual people in Iraq.

Not Quick-Draw McDraw or Foghorn Leghorn , but actual humans, of the two-legged variety. You know people – Iraqis . . . nonetheless people, those beings, that if you’re in need of a human organ, they’ve got one just like yours.

No, instead you’re pissed some red-nosed reindeer named Rudolph, and his crew had to work one night of mandatory OT last month.

Back to Republicans – the well educated, well heeled, well traveled, and allegedly well informed individuals . . . have them tell it. More than liberals, this sector of the so-called United States refuse to offer any regrets concerning this country’s barbaric ruthless animalistic history.

Acts their linage engaged in to put and keep millions of Africa slaves in bondage and servitude, and there see no moral motivation to say “gee, we’re sorry.”

The hypocrisy in this is all so very Caucasian of this nation.

Can we apply some manner of perspective to your whims?

This is a which-hunt, which is, in all actuality – a coon hunt, which means it’s an ole fashion lynch-mob, one which appears to be hell-bent on destroying Mike Vick -the man. You people actually do want his dreams, because he mistreated and killed . . . dogs.

Ms. Newkirk, is a man’s life worth a dogs life? Is that a fair exchange?

Let me tell you Dr. Doolittle’s something, if Far-Left liberal fools were peeved when Black folks didn’t support gay marriage out in the land-of-the fruits and nuts during the last election cycle, you animal lovers who’re also a fixture of the Far Left . . . are going to have your little paws stepped-on when you find out there are plenty of large, urban (Black/Latino) NFL cities which will not quiver in adding Vick to their team. Give it up, turn it loose, vengeance is not yours’ Ingrid.

Revenge is the poor delight of little minds . . . .

Side-bar in all this: you nuts who converse with canines – do tend to be on the political Left, Liberals if you will, supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton during the Democrat’s primaries, and I’ve to be honest here with you.

The way they attacked then Senator, now President Obama – is something I never let diminish in my little mind, because the attacks, did not differ then some of the ones leveled by the dressed-up Klansmen who hide in the Republican Party.

Translation: I don’t know if I can trust “liberals” as far as I can throw them. But let us move on. I understand PETA is an extreme fanatical cult, kind of like Green Bay Packer fans.

Obviously you nuts place Flipper, Lassie, Smokey, Yogi, the Yeti and Rosie (Michael Jackson’s pet python) – on some pedestal, with these animals lives and rights parallel, if not above that of . . . people, but this ill-conceived human safari you’ve mounted, aimed at Vick, it’s gone too Goddamn far.

Do you people really taste Alpo dog food so you know what your child . . . sorry, pet is eating?

Is it you desire to what, look into Vick’s heart and mind, soul search, probe his inter- being to see if he’s fit to . . . play football, return to society, a society where murderers, robbers, rapist and child molesters are set free, paroled, placed on probation and permitted to return to the greater population . . . everyday?

But not Mike Vick.

He should be instead . . . treated like a, pardon me please, a dog.

Ingrid, fess’-up baby.

This is about making Vick a scapegoat and demonizing a man in order to create a poster child for a movement which is in dire need of one. One who could scare and disgust people into coughing up cash.

Well you’ve done it. You’ve taken who is already Public Enemy #1, young Black males, and now made them into zoo and farm enemy #1. Good Job. Pimp and exploit Vick for all you can, right?

Once more, why don’t you guys mount an attack against the out-going, gone administration? These SOBs’ have waged war against the land your precious animals inhabit.

To enrich themselves and the American aristocrats they do the heavy lifting for . . . they’re trying to drill in the Grand Canyon for gods sake, destroy how many animal’s natural habitat . . . go lose your flippin’ mind over that, take on those heavyweights instead of kicking a damn near broken and beaten-up man when he’s down.

Why not level appropriate charges against the corporate fat cats? Get up on your high-horses, excuse me, high . . . people, and go after these diabolical bastards?

At the rate we’re going in this country, it won’t be long before we are eating both horse and dog meat, because it will be all we can afford, or worse yet, scavenge for.

Attack a true enemy of the paw, or is too difficult?

Going after a Black NFL Quarterback, who was, and still is – despised by most angry White male fans of the game, that’s a lot simpler to accomplish. You’ve got folks joining your posse . . . just because he’s a Black signal caller.

But I understand – that’s a dark aspect of the Vick story which is not discussed . . . the hate factor. I question just how many outraged folks are actually angered over the dog fighting, and how many really just wanted to imprison a man (who before this incident – had no police record) because he has the abilities to set records so far out of reach for the typical White QB, redefine the position where little Peytons’ can’t play it.

The exact morphing of the running back, wide receiver and defensive back positions – Vick could redraw the QB job description, and not to mention . . . he was too Black – in every way.

Darker then the darkened O.J. on the Time cover.

On Sundays, you enlighten man-i-mals are standing naked on some street corner in front of a Fur Shop, screaming about saving giant rodents . . . you’ve no real conception of the ire this man Vick generated amongst the rank-and-file red necks who want to save the game of pro football from . . . Black players.

These folks couldn’t wait to jump onto your hate band-wagon, and you uniformed saviors of dogs – were none to willing to accept help, even if one could see their white sheets under their team Jerseys.

You tree loving, dog kissing flower people, you’re suppose to understand what Black Americans have to face in this country. Vick will have hard enough-a-time trying to regain his name, and even play the game considering the good ol’ boys who’re dedicated to keeping him out of the league today – as they were committed to demanding he be switched to a non-thinking man’s position like running back supposedly – two years ago.

All you people are doing . . . is making these racist bastards job a little easier.