Straight No Chaser: Not Just Another Bob

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 10, 2009

DENVER — The NFL’s Hall Of Fame snubbing of the late great Bob “Bullet” Hayes brings to mind terms like hypocrisy, duplicity, deception and ultimately two-facedness.

I imagine the irony is that few of us are surprised by such arrogance exhibited by the American sports writer. Paul Zimmermann stands alone as the only one with integrity. Due to the slighting of Hayes, he’s resigned the selection committee.

Otis “my man” Taylor, No. 89 from the old K.C. Chiefs is still shut out…

Get the hell out-of-here… right!

Now, the hypocrisy comes into play when you consider the not so obvious — Washington Redskins founder/original owner George Preston Marshall, is the individual credited with instituting and maintaining the NFL’s color-line, who was regarded as the most blatantly open racist owner in the league, and this cat is a, dig this — founding member of the HOF.

I guess when you name your squad the ‘Redskins” that may very well be an insight into a guy’s …insight or lack of.

Marshall had enough clout to influence both Rooney and Halas, who’d suited up Black ballers – to cease that practice, so from 1934 until 1945, the unofficial yet official NFL company line was …

No Niggers.

Yes, niggers. You can’t exclude a whole race, for frivolous and ridiculous reasons, and then refer to us as good, decent, proud negroes, we must have been niggers in these exclusionary men’s minds.

The NFL began allowing blacks in after WWII, and actually drafting blacks out of colleges in 1949. This racist bastard, Marshall held out until 1962 before signing a black player.

More significantly the long overdue inclusional move only came when then Interior Secretary Stewart Udalllaid down as ultimatum – unless Marshall signed a black player, Uncle Sam would revoke the Redskins’ 30-year leaseon the year-old D.C. Stadium which had been paid for by government money and was owned by the Washington city government , i.e. it’s a federal thing.

Marshall’s token gesture was to make the late, great Orangeman Ernie Davis,Syracuse‘s all-American running back, his top draft choice for 1962. Davis, however, having both a spine and a brain, demanded a trade, saying, “I won’t play for that S.O.B.” Marshall accommodated Davis and sent him to Clevelandfor All-Pro Bobby Mitchell.

“We’ll start signing Negroes when the Harlem Globetrotters start signing whites.” That’s a quote from a guy who’s a charter member of the NFL HOF… I can only assume he was unaware that the Globetrotters were formed in a large part due to the racism which prohibited blacks from making a living in the NBA.

My thought here is – it’s odd how Marshall could have, and clearly did alter the game, which translated into scores of Black men were denied an opportunity to play a game they loved just like the White players did.

Those men lost income, fame, recognition, options and in-life possibilities which might have lead to …only god knows what. And despite this foregone obvious conclusion – Marshall was admitted.

The belief is today Bob Hayes did a little coke, landed in jail – for 10 months. He’s not worthy. Gee, Bobby Lane is placed on a pedestal for damn near the identical acts of stupidity.

He was known to play the game drunk, hung-over… How so? Paul Hornung did a lot of the same, and gambled on the sport he played, yet… both in the HOF.

Hayes is the only man to have a Super Bowl ring and Olympic Gold medals. His speed on the football field led to the adoption and refine complicated zone defensive strategies, since no other player could catch him in man-to-man defense.

Include his team records, hey, the man changed the game…forever. The man was a Pro Bowler the first three seasons, and should have been for his fourth and sixth seasons. He scored 10 plus touchdowns in five different seasons, has greater career numbers in receiving yards and TD’s than Lynn Swann…

Need I say more? Hayes discretions were off-field issues nonetheless….

Consider this; George W. Bush was an addicted to firewater, snorted up half Bolivia, was AWOL during the conflict of his era – abandoned his fellow soldiers, let some poor kid from Tulsa or Wichita take his place in Viet-Nam.

Charged with a DUI. As Gov. of Texas, he put coke-heads behind bars, threw the book at them – for what he was doing behind closed Kennebunkport doors. And now as president he’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens, and in the face of this travesty, the SOB gets a second term after he steals the first.

The nation’s ok with such hypocrisy, but the nations sports writers just won’t have a guy like Bullet in their HOF. The societal contradictions are amazing. Perhaps there is a desire to Blacklist Dallas Cowboys, especially Black Cowboys? I guarantee you there’re sports writers who voted for George W., but won’t vote for Bob “Bullet” Hayes…

Ain’t that a bitch!

Racist in Canton, coke headed male-cheerleader in the Oval office, but Hayes is tainted to the point he can’t go in the hollowed halls of Canton….It appears there’s some selective, non-objective application of the rules. Different strokes for different folks. High standards for some, low standards for others and no standards for certain folks.

The further obvious insult is….all, and I do mean all the NFL players who suited up during the American Apartheid era, really don’t have a legitimate claim to HOF immortality status.

They’ve been anointed by this nation’s sportswriters – who can’t confess there ought to be an asterisk attached to these players’ names and their claims to fame…because their prime competition was deliberately, strategically excluded.

If I’m lying…I’m flying.

Yes, these high standards are a joke. There flexible and lucent, depends on who you’re talking to and who your talking about. A racist is accepted, a guy who snorted the same substance your President did, and he can’t get in the Hall Of Fame.

Ain’t that a bitch?