Straight No Chaser: I got mine . . . you get yours!!

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 26, 2009

DENVER — I just got wind of a very telling comment made by Hall of Famer “Joe Cool” Montana, who was recently interviewed by Dan Patrick. In that jock sniffing moment, Montana empathized with LaDainian Tomlinson’s perplexing predicament in Paradise when San Fran gave Steve Young the helm.

Montana was pissed because there was no fair and open competition for the starting job. He believed if he’d competed… and lost, he would have remained a 49er. That didn’t happen in his estimation . . . so the Montana Kid took the 9:15 to Topeka.

Now this is where it gets interesting; Montana alleged he didn’t help Young prepare for games. ” That wasn’t my job.” He was competing for the starting job. Why would he help the guy who wanted his position? In the Fighting Irishman’s own words “That’s not a competitor“.

That statement troubles me because it places a spotlight on Joe’s “every man for himself” selfishness. An attribute we all must admit appears to be a registered trademark with our generation.

It represents the single element President Obama is confronting, because it’s the centerpiece of Reagan Revolution: Destroying the middle class, labor unions, public schools, exploiting the world’s resources for the profit of a few.

Mr. Webster says selfishness is: Concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure at the expense of consideration for others.

Here, just so we’re all on the same page – I’ll roll out the chalkboard, only because – what Joe’s missing here, is what you learn in Romper Room 101; teamwork – working together, a collection of individual’s with a common goal – if the team wins, we all win.

If Joe throws for 327 yards, 3 TDs no INT’s, and still we loose, we’re out of the playoffs? If Joe goes down, and Steve has to come in, wouldn’t it be fantastic if we all knew, over the long season, steel …had been sharpening steel?

Together Everybody Achieves More

Granted, to attain the heights Joe did, one must be a phenomenal competitor… but if every team member embraced this “me~ism” as their personal philosophy – I don’t believe we can grow as a cohesive group.

We are clearly not of one-mind, one-purpose, because our main-man, our main -man . . . is most concerned with his starting position, more then he’s concerned with the teams ability to win with him, or without him.

Silly-ass me, my Black ass thought, assumed, only Black athletes were this selfish. I by no means, based on what I’ve read all my life in the American sports world, had any inclination that a Canton Haller would maintain such a black hearted belief system.

By no means could a kid advance from the abandon steel mill towns of Pennsylvania to . . . the top – thinking like a black man allegedly thinks. Apparently assuming does make a jackass out of you and me.

Am I wrong here, but is this “me/I” mentality not a Black thang? TO, Antoine Boldin, Ocho Cinco, Keyshawn “Give me the goddamn ball” Johnson; this is supposedly a uniquely black outlook – which can only be crafted in da-hood.

Everything that is good and decent, i.e. WASP suburban/rural – runs totally counter to this selfish mind-set. Joe could not have possibly picked up this spoiled-ass brat attitude from his family, his church, his school, his neighborhood…

It would appear obvious – by placing one’s individual accolades above and beyond those of the very team that individual is a member of is . . . a Black thang, flying against all that is good and white.

Right, boys?

Wait, allow me to wipe the slate clean.

Dig this; Such a self-centered statement should have produced an outcry from Dan Patrick, his friend Rush Limbaugh, commentators on all the established sports websites.

Where’s the outcry gentleman? This is not what we want to hold up as the path to glory, and I think we all know this, but Montana gets the nod, the wink-e-dy wink-wink, because yes…he’s a Great White Hope – who actually could play the game, and evidently didn’t care if his immediate backup, as in next-in- line could.

There’s no shock effect with the sports writers turning a deaf ear to this Me-Phi-Me mentality, because they also failed, miserably so, to focus even a blind eye on the well discussed drug use of high-profile NFL golden boys of the late eighties and the nineties.

It was off limits. All the big name QB’s were mentioned with words like “orgy” and “Coke.” But the press behaved like giddy male cheerleaders, the way they did with Mantle, Ruth, DiMaggio, Hornung, the original Golden Boy, Namath . . . they were to be emulated, rather then denigrated and handled with contempt as players are today.

Lets not delude ourselves, the sports press no longer plays the pom-pom girl jocking the jocks jock, but today they’re assassins. The way they take out Black athletes reminds me of Clint Eastwood in Where Eagles Dare.

Richard Burton and Clint are on a mission to . . .

Sorry, this is not the time nor place for this, go rent the flick.

This seek and destroy state-of-mind has something to do with the ridiculous amount of money sportsmen generate and walk away from the chop-block with, the fact they’re predominantly Black, and, they’ve commandeered all the White Girls . . . .

Warren Moon, a HOF frat member also – could not have made this type of Home Coming Queen comment, and not have had his ass tacked to the wall. Pin the tail on the . . . . And, had he been referring to an up-and-coming strawberry blond kid who’d he not enlighten to the nuances of the gridiron. . .

I can’t even begin to phantom the hard hits Moon would receive if he uttered the same thoughtless words. There’s no way, this side-of-hell, McNabb could pontificate such grandiose ideas, and not have good ol’ boys from the open plains to the majestic peaks on his tail, huntin’ Donovan down, sharpening their pens.

If a Black QB offered that “it’s all about me” BS, it’d be a direct reflection of his environment, the home and no doubt da’ hood he grew down in, his school, his culture, his race. But with Montana … it’s a trait to immolate, and that in itself is a goddamn hypocritical shame.

I’d no idea Joe Montana’s career was conceived from, and rooted in such a individualistic perspective.

Lastly, and please note, this is not in an effort to reinforce my damnation of the sports media industry as a two-faced, jaded accomplis in maintaining racism in the US, but to more-so point-out Joe Montana’s belief system is, despite his pigskin wealth, what’s wrong with America.

His ” I’m here to make me a better me so we can win, not make us a better we” mentality is what plagues the US , in virtually all industries and categories, along Wall Street, Main Street, Washington, it’s been all about what’s most important – “I get what I want, at the expense of everybody else . . . .

Montana’s selfish attitude not merely reflects the US of A, it helps to facilitate the exportation of breadwinner jobs to Mexico and China? Why do you think Nixon went to China?

Not only so we could today import/buy cheap lead-infested toys for our children . . . but the cost of production is so cheap, the product can still be shipped here, and the manufacture still makes a greater profit then had he left his operations in Michigan or Mississippi and paid a living wage to workers.

Why are the boarders wide open along the Mexican border ? The investors class needs someone to wipe their pampered asses. Cut-rate nannies and lawn boys for America’s new rich, or at least they were rich when their home equity line-of-credit and the credit cards were mythically inflated . . .

Group selfishness is one of the cornerstone reasons some schools are over-funded, while others are hardly-funded. We want our kid to get the best, we’re not to worried about the guy across town, especially if he’s of-color, and poor, let him stay that way, we don’t want their schools to over due it . . . create a educated class to vie for the American Dream.

It seems Montana ‘s viewpoint of only worrying about his preparedness flies in the face of that ole adage ‘your only as strong as your weakest link . . .”

It matters how you play both the game of life and football. As much as I love all the machismo the Oakland Raiders – who’re emblematic of, the just win baby win credence, it’s not the bottom line.
It matters how you obtain power and wealth. And ever since the Ronald (666) Ray-Gun upheaval of 1980, this nation has adopted the mantel of all that glitters . . . is gold.

Montana’s perception: personal success is omnipotent, has been symbolic of the footprint, the lasting impacting impression my peers have carved out over the last quarter century

I got mine . . . you get yours.”.