Straight No Chaser: How ‘we’ feel boss??

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 29, 2009

DENVER — I just received my official certified letter in the snail mail, 666 Seal and all from Rush Limbaugh declaring, if the Steelers win, as they will – this is the year America erects a tombstone, with the word – racism carved across it.

The age-old biases , the eternal practice . . . laid to rest. End of Story.

I’m starting to see this wishful thinking come to life in my “screw you nigger” emails.

If Mike Tomlin prevails on Sunday, then America wakes up Monday – to both a Black President and yet another Black head coach celebrating a Super Bowl victory . . . I need to shut the hell up with all this “racist rhetoric” I’m spouting here at the burning bush – BASN.

That’s a good one Mr. Rogers, a Burning Bush, on the website, fades away to the top story . . . sorry I got carried away.

This “new day” will be ample evidence here, in the ol’ US, people are weighed and measured – no longer at slave auctions, but instead by Mr. Even Steven, on a level field of evaluation.

A country that no longer see’s skin color. We are a sightless nation when it comes to interracial dating and worshiping together on Sunday – outside of angry, bitter black men like myself who refuse to get in line, tote and tout the color-blind company line.

I’ve never heard such authentic, genuine, frontier gibberish, and I live in the Rocky Mountains.

I refuse to be grateful, at long last in this nation – the people were permitted to speak, and obviously the best man for the job of President was allowed to compete – his victory not overruled by the few, the elites, who really do run this corporation, oh, forgive me, country.

Taking the sports fans next logical step; I refuse to thank the NFL, for giving Black sports fans token gestures, as opposed to – fair, descent proportional representation in the front office, we should have had since the Fritz Pollard era.

Tomlin, is one of a fluctuating smattering of Afro-American headmasters in a league, predominated and dominated by Afro-Americans. I find that . . . out of the ordinary. Not honestly something I should be appreciative of.

If Tomlin wins, I must entertain the thought “gee, how many other Black coaches might be better prepared, more able to communicate and motivate . . . other Black men to follow them into battle?

If not for the glass ceiling which the good ol’ boys maintain, there might be 15, 20 Black head coaches in the league, perhaps a black fellow winning the championship every other year, or maybe year, after year, after year, for a string of six or seven, you might have a Black guy leading his team to the holy land.

Speculative? Yes, possible, plausible, doable . . . most certainly.

But, we all know . . . not acceptable, not the preferred outcome all the NASCAR, NRA, GOP Knights Of Columbus, John Birch guys want to see, so there’s a concrete effort made to limit the number of offensive and defensive coordinators of color who’re permitted to rise up thru the ranks, less we overrun the entire operation.

Turn the NFL into the NBA.

I’m sorry the truth, or at least my version of the truth stings, and so many of the readers of this column are infuriated by . . . my black outlook. How would you have me think and speak . . . boss?

How we feel . . . boss? We sick . . . boss?

How should I feel about a Black President who’s already, day what? 7? Already being demonized by the Right in this nation? Slighted and insulted.

President Obama has faced a gauntlet of opposition from day one, of such an magnitude it’s unparalleled in Presidential history; his little girls and mother in-law . . . in the rifle sights of more nuts then any of us would like to fathom. And please note, it’s been at an astronomical level since day one.

From Jump Street , he’s had to walk around in a titanium bubble. Granted security is always a concern of the highest magnitude with a President, but all the experts, insiders and historians conclude . . . they ain’t never seen no you-know-what- like this, ever.

During the inaugural parades, when the President and the nation’s First lady walked amongst us, the little people, millions of people held their collective breath, afraid for their safety.

The political assassination attempts have been leveled from every angle. He’s a terrorist; he’s not a natural-born American. His wife is a closet Angela Davis militant. He’s not black enough. He’s too Black. He’s stumbles over his words, sounds like Jimmy Stewart.

He’s too much of a smooth talker, sounds like Gary Grant or Billy Dee Williams. He’s too much of an intellectual, unable to connect with the man on the street. He spent way too much time hanging on da’ corner with the boys, smokin’ and drinkin’.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Under-qualified, overqualified, not assertive enough, too aggressive. Adversarial, too passive.

Why not tell the truth? Too Black. Be it; the walk, talk, the look, feel or flavor, it’s too much for the rank-and-file rednecks individual taste, but, understanding how trivial and childlike that appears, White folks hide behind terms like “good fit” or “comfortable.”

These are the oddities of this nation, that’s why Tomlin’s hiring and Raheem Morris in Tampa is so earth shaking. It had to be a Rooney family member. Tampa already had a track record of daring to hire “one of them.”

Now, with Tomlin even being in the Super Bowl, only leads me to ask “gee, how many guys like Jon Gruden or Josh McDaniel are chosen as the golden boy – when it ought to be the few Tomlins’ of the league who get a break?

How many times have qualified Black people been deliberately overlooked for decision making positions of control, influence . . . power?

Mean Joe Green? Why didn’t he rise thru the ranks? Where’s Denny Green? 9 years he took the Vikings to the playoffs and he sits, while who’s the guy in Buffalo getting his 2nd, 3rd chance at taking the wheel of a NFL team. How long will Herman Edwards have to wait till’ he get’s another shot?

As long as Art Shell did? Hell, Shell forgot how to coach it was so many years before he got a second shot. While Norv Turner get’s and another. Jim Fassell will get another shot. Mike Holmgren will get another, and another, and another . . .

Congresswomen Shirley Chisholm was indisputably more qualified to lead then Tricky-Dick Nixon. Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, the Big Cat from Harlem , Sugar Hill that is . . . might have been as good-a President as Eisenhower, LBJ, Ford, Carter or Clinton . . . who’s to say?

With this history in mind – why should I be “happy”


Malcolm X refused to express his personal gratitude for this nation giving Black folks something – our human and civil rights, which were already ours . . . . “How can you thank a man for giving you something – that was already yours?”

Something Archie Bunker had no ability to bestow, no power to bequeath nor ordain . . . a man . . . a man. If I understand the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, these are inalienable rights given us by the big guy.

No man has the authority to give and take away ones humanness.

So when I wake up the day after Super Bowl XLIII and Tomlin’s orchestrated yet another a victory against yet another brilliant, somewhat young Nordic tactician, I won’t be thankful nor surprised . . . .